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Tutorial in Real VR Fishing

Is there a way to move the tutorial screen? Everytime I do the position of the fish moves and I can't see what I am doing? The developers haven't responded to my question in the FB group (most likely asleep and weekend) but I want to move on with the...

Interesting piece on 'phantom touch'

BBC - VR Phantom Touch Anybody experienced this? It's where your brain tricks you into feeling something when the experience get's immersive. What they're doing is developing a VR app that explores this effect and attempts to enhance or sustain it. I...


Oculus quest 2

I’ve recently bought a icicles quest 2 from Walmart I’ve tried setting it up and only got past the Wi-Fi then it started asking me for a business email

Is eye tracking available through Link?

I use VR exclusively on the PC. I do not play Quest native games or use any Quest native software other than Link or Virtual Desktop to connect to my PC.Eye tracking is a really great tool for future games.Is this feature accessible for PCVR develope...

Rtx 4080 Glitch on Cable Meta Quest 2 - PC

Hello everyone, I have an issue with the rendering on Cable on RTX 4080.If I ran any game in Air-Link, the glitch is not there.So the issue is that one quarter of the screen seems to not shot correctly the image, this happens on VR lens because if I ...

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Dut29 by Level 2
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Fallout 3 or older

As a disabled veteran I have limited movement but with the vr games I am able to play a lot of games that fall in line with my physical therapy program. I know everyone has their favorite games and mine is the fallout games up to the 76. 76 is fun bu...

Live-stream comedy event for people using VR headset - HELP

Hi allI have the Insta360 ONE X2 which can be used to livestream into Facebook, YouTube, Kwai Live, and RTMP.I've tried doing this during one of our nights for people at home to tune into via their VR headsets, however the bandwidth seems to cutout a...

VR gets hot why?

Bought the quest 2 in Sept 22 and when the last update took place it corrupted the headset, Meta was good and replaced it immediately, the new on came and it glitches and got hot at the front, contacted them and they replaced it ,great, got the 2nd r...

hazbo6 by Level 2
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Resolved! Price drop in Europe, Meta being prejudice ?

Update 2023.03.17: Meta listened, I reached out again they finally gave me 95€. The employee was very kind and helpful and he excused for his colleague. Thanks Meta, you got me back. Hi there,today in Europa the price was revelead. Meta Quest Pro wen...


Hi i bought my son as headset but no controllers can i pair my oculus quest 2 with my x box series s controller and get past initial setup

Pre Order Shipping

Hi, Can anyone from Oculus give us an indication when the first pre-orders will start to be processed? Palmer previously said these would be around late May / Early June but was hoping as that is very close we could get a more accurate estimate. Than...

baggyg by Level 4
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Profiles Les Mills Bodycombat

I am looking to buy BOdycombat, but is it possible to have multiple users/profile in the game, so my wife can train at her level and I can train at mine?Thanks in advance.

Paradiso Virtual Environment Caution

Recently, I used my Oculus for the first time in a little while. And as usual I went through and downloaded all my update files and browsed a bit and found the new Virtual Environment "Paradiso" and as such, I went to try and use it to see what it wa...

360 Experiences

Hello!I am curious. Does anyone here know of any companies that offer licensed content of 360 tours & experiences? I work as a videographer for a startup creating a repository of 360 clips of NYC walking tours & I am wondering what other things peopl...

The "Why I Still Love My Oculus Rift CV1 in 2023" Thread

I've gotten slightly tired of repeating all the awesome stuff about the Oculus CV1 on Oculus Subreddit and in here - so why not try to collect all the great arguments for still using the Rift CV1 in a thread? 1. It's oled. Even with the oled mura (SP...

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RuneSR2 by Level 15
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how to get rid off hands in home!

I have found a way to get rid of the noodle arms! It is as simple as going into experimental and turning on direct touch! It is so much nicer to have oldish ui and no arms. Hope this helps!

Charging headset to get optimum battery life

Just out of curiousity as ive seen Ytube reviewers with Oculus headset with the usual Do's and Don'ts they suggest not letting it go lower than 20% and don't overcharge it which I don't as soon as indication light goes Green i disconnect from power i...

Resolved! Scan QR code with passthrough camera?

Hello, Oculus community, I am an internship student and I got a task to figure out if it's possible to get images from the passthrough cameras on Quest 2. The purpose is to scan a QR code for creating AR experiences. I don't have any development expe...

Connect 2022 discussion

Due to start at 13:00 ET, 18:00 BST. VR and AR stuff is going to be announced so here's a place to chat as we find out! Hopefully the Pro isn't going to be a ridiculous price... maybe some clues about Quest 3... who knows! Not sure if I'm going to be...

DaftnDirect by Volunteer Moderator
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Yes you read that right, you can now use SideQuest without a computer!This is how you set it up:Go to the SideQuest app on your computer.Connect your computer via USB-C.In the Search bar, search for SideQuest Mobile.Next to the "Download App-Release"...

Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 5.05.34 PM.png

Quest 2 and Quest Pro Prices Dropped The Quest 2 256GB is being reduced from $500 to $430. The Quest Pro is reduced from $1500 to $1000. Oddly enough, the Quest 2 128GB is staying at $400. The price drop starts on March 5 for the Qu...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Resolved! Worried Glasses Will Scratch Quest 2

I am going to be playing Eleven Table Tennis actively, and worried my glasses may scratch new Quest 2 lenses. How likely is this to happen? Do I need to spring for the custom lenses so I don't need my glasses?


I think a lot of us bought the oculus quest 2 as we didn't have a ps4/ps5 or a gaming pc. So oculus please add Minecraft Bedrock Edition to the oculus store as not all of us can side quest because we either got a low end laptop/pc or none. The window...

Meta Universe is quite cool socializing.

It may not be exactly like in real life, but it's cool. I'm using Meta Quest Pro and I guess not everyone is using it since you can't see their eye movements and expressions. I was using Meta Quest Pro in a seated lobby and it really defeated all the...