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Meta Quest Pro - the modification thread

This thread is for the discussing and sharing of mods for the Meta Quest Pro. Let's hear what you've got. I just received my Quest Pro this morning, and the first thing I did was attach my DAS strap. Started by wrapping the DAS around the back of the...

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Spuzzum by Level 9
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no charging

i need help on finding why my vr headset is not charging wend it's plug in to my pc in a usb 3.0 at 2.7 g a sec i just got a replacement thinking this would fix it but no still luck need help

Resolved! Scan QR code with passthrough camera?

Hello, Oculus community, I am an internship student and I got a task to figure out if it's possible to get images from the passthrough cameras on Quest 2. The purpose is to scan a QR code for creating AR experiences. I don't have any development expe...

L’enregistrement de la voix en vidéo

Bonjour, j’ai un petit souci avec mon oculus ; quand je veux enregistrer une vidéo YouTube ou TikTok, ça enregistre bien l’écran mais ça ne enregistre pas la voix du coup, est-ce que vous pouvez m’aider à résoudre ce problème ?mercinolhan

oculus gear vr and samsung s7 phone all kind of problems

I have spent so much time trying to find a phone that can work with the Oculus Gear VR and finally after i got it.I started registration and was met with all kind of problems. It's like the Oculus Gear VR has been forcibly blocked from being register...

Can't find friends on server

The people I am following on Meta quest app are not showing up on the server when I click to show friends, what would I be doing wrong that they are not showing up?The game we are playing in Onward

Steam Hardware Survey - January 2023 results included

Latest results:These results are compared, at least for the Rift, to August when Rift peaked at 0.35 %. Since August 2018 Rift has decreased about 6 % (from 0.35 to 0.33). Vive also decreased. Compared to other HMDs we see from April to September (no...

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RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Meta Account and Facebook/Instagram

When using the Meta App on my phone, I was pushed to create a new Meta Account and link my Facebook and Instagram. I probably should have created just a Meta Account, but it warned me that I wouldn't get access to X, Y, and Z, so I OK'd it. The next ...

innit by Level 2
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Beginner Help

I’m a 48 year old Mother//Grandmother & I tried VR for the 1st time last night when I took my Granddaughter to Frankie’s Fun Park & it was the MOST FUN I have had in forever….Now I’m hooked & I want to buy a VR system but I want a good one that I can...

Beezle Bug

That was the Name of the VR Pet Assistant Sidekick in the novel Otherland.Bit served a similar task in the movie Tron and its PC Games.It could be anything- a Cat with a Siri Like Personality or a mischievous Dog with a sense of humor.In Tad Williams...

Save Echo VR

I hear a lot of people say, they will leave VR if Echo goes.No other games have sparked their interest. And i agree...if someone asks me what i'll do after Echo is gone, I can't name any other game i'd be interested to invest my time in, and that's h...

Echo VR shutdown - Carmack and Bosworth Comment

Andred Bosworth (Meta CTO): "The user base is small. It’s loyal as all get-out, but it’s small. It’s measured in the low 10 thousands. And unfortunately keeping things alive takes work. This is not like a return on investment money standpoint, it’s j...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Just purchased the app and downloaded pics. In local gallery it states “ no read permission”! How do I fix this?

Space2B by Level 2
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Factory reset and can’t connect oculus to phone

I reset my oculus because the environment glitched and it wouldn’t load the ui. Tried connecting my phone to the oculus but the oculus has only stayed on the code screen. My phone says it’s connected and anytime I try to put the code it has trouble. ...

Sensors can't track headset. (Rift S)

I have tried everything. This issue has been present for almost over a year now. I got my headset Christmas of 2020 and it worked wonderfully for about a month. I later approached a issue where my sensors couldn't track my headset and I tried doing e...

Alecxs by Level 2
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charging headset via link cable

hi, i know link cable does not charge the quest 2 while using to play games ect, i have seen that there is now link cables that can also plug into usb power plug to enable charging, also even an adapter to buy and keep using your old link cable, like...


I started playing Echo Arena during the beta in 2017 and I have not left the game since. The community has grown from strength to strength and it would be a huge shame to see such an amazing game disappear for no good reason. I took part in the very ...

Raemus by Level 4
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Don't shut down Echo VR!

I started playing Echo a bit over 3 years ago and have made many many friends from all arround the world. traveling cross countries to meet those friends even. Now with the news of Echo shutting down I just can't think of a good enough reason to shut...

Echo VR

Please do not take Echo VR from us.Its not just a game. It's a big part of us.Even a monthly payment would be okay.

Echo VR

As one of the volunteer organizer's of Echo North 2022 ( it makes me sad to know that Echo VR whose community embodies the pure ethos of VR experiences is being shut down.I fully understand that it is a free game, and I ...

EJP2016 by Level 3
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Flight Sim 2020

I am an older VR Quest new person. I really enjoy Flight Sim X on my PC. Now I have the Quest VR and want to fly the newest 2020 Flight Sim but I don't know how to GET the program, don't know how to use it with my pc....none of it, nothing, and it's ...

Looking for a job!

Hello my name is Dom or slush- . I am looking for a job when you go to Oculus Support one of those agents! I am 19 years old, looking to help people out and being a help for the VR community! I will contribute suggestions and leadership and anything ...

slush- by Level 2
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