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3D Video (and photos) - The Future (General VR)

So I've always loved watching stereo video, both 360 and 180 - I kind of agree with the current thinking that 180 might be the best format most of the time. I wish computer-generated images had continued at great pace from the old Gear VR "Render the...

The "Why I Still Love My Oculus Rift CV1 in 2024" Thread

I've gotten slightly tired of repeating all the awesome stuff about the Oculus CV1 on Oculus Subreddit and in here - so why not try to collect all the great arguments for still using the Rift CV1 in a thread? 1. It's oled. Even with the oled mura (SP...

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RuneSR2 by Grand Champion
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Let's Talk About Augments

Augments are the interactive spatially aware virtual objects that you'll be able to place around your space. I've just been calling them interactive objects so it's good to know they've got a name! For those of us who used to enjoy customizing our Oc...

Quest 3:Problems with sweat

Your headset is also advertised for workouts, but unfortunately that's not possible because sweat always occurs during workouts and apparently the devices aren't sufficiently protected against it, despite completely drying them off with microfiber cl...

Dream recall

I've had some very vivid and somewhat lucid and internet social news themed but overall indescribable dreams, that also have strong resemblances to future events. It's like a whole other dimension and referenced in tech game console lore quite a bit,...

Meta Community AMA: June 2024 Q&A Thread!

Here for the June 2024 AMA? Then you’ve made it to the right place! This is the thread where we’ll gather your questions and get the highest voted questions answered by the team.This month’s AMA is a general one where you can bring your questions abo...


Genuinly losing hope in this company

Meta has to be one of the most infuriating companies I've ever dealt with. I have an oculus quest 2 (Before the meta rebrand) and it hasn't acted up until half a year ago. After that, my meta quest pc app won't install any apps and it wasn't that muc...

Help me find a 15 foot cable for Oculus Rift

The audio crackles when the headset connected to Cable Matters Active USB 3.0 Extension Cable. The only way the audio does not crackle and pop not using cable matters. While connected to a usb port.. Also using the dedicated usb slot doesn't work.Doe...

Resolved! Can you scan QR codes with the passthrough camera?

Hello, Oculus community, I am an internship student and I got a task to figure out if it's possible to get images from the passthrough cameras on Quest 2. The purpose is to scan a QR code for creating AR experiences. I don't have any development expe...

Intel® Killer™ Wi-Fi 6E with Double Connect Technology

Hi, Intel posted this: but weirdly we don't here anything from Meta... So whats the deal. How many MBPS are possiblke for the Quest Pro using this and when is it suppported? What settings do we have to use?...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Are there any fake Quest 3 devices in the market?

I have a Quest 2 and I'm thinking about getting a Quest 3. I've seen several on Marketplace which appear to be brand new in the box, but at half the price. My question is are there fake versions of the Quest 3 out there? If I get to test one before I...


Can I connect my Quest 3 controllers to my Quest 2?

I have Quest Pro Controllers that I have been using on my Quest 2 (Great!!)I purchased a Quest 3 and will be moving the Quest Pro Controllers to it.I would like/prefer to pair my Quest 3 Controllers to my Quest 2 Headset.Currently this is not an opti...

Resolved! "Developer" vs. "Creator" (Oculus developer center renamed)

All of the people making stuff for the Rift are now being called creators instead of developers. I know it's just a label and ultimately it doesn't matter that much what people are called. But creator is probably better since developer connotes with ...

Jose by Heroic Explorer
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Resolved! Meta Community AMA: May 2024 Q&A Thread!

Here for the May 2024 AMA? Then you’ve made it to the right place! This is the thread where we’ll gather your questions and get the highest voted questions answered by the team.This month’s guest team hosting the AMA with us is the Link team! This is...


Resolved! Music Creation

Does anyone know of any music creation apps in development, like Music 2000 and MTV Music Generator back in the day on consoles. I know there's a few music based games on VR but I want to be able to make a song from scratch.

Dwyer2024 by Honored Guest
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Let's talk about Meta Connect 2024 I know we're all hoping for a lot this year - go on, what do you want to see? For me, I want a deep dive on the upcoming AR glasses (and a release date  (not going to happen)). Augments roll-out in the week before. And ...

Sony Announced August Release of PSVR2 PC Adapter

The adapter for connecting a PSVR2 headset to a PC has gotten a release date of August 7.

kojack by MVP
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Resolved! Meta customer service.

I came here to say that the support I’ve recently received from Meta has been second to none. I’m not going to into any detail, I just want to say, publicly, thank you to Meta customer service for the first class support you’ve provided.

Tygrmoth by Explorer
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Resolved! Soundboards

My 13 year old is very interested in getting a soundboard to use while playing games like Among Us and Gorilla Tag. Is this bannable? If not, can anyone offer insight on where to start? Does he need to play on PC for that or with a Steam account? Typ...

Meta Will Share the Quest OS with Asus, Lenovo and MS Meta has renamed the Quest's operating system to Meta Horizon OS and they are opening it up to third party VR headset makers. Starting off...

kojack by MVP
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Remote view permission for MDM's

Hi there,I'm wondering if Meta is considering allowing MDM's like ArborXR to utilize remote view. Or there is an option that already exists. My company utilizes the Quest 2 and Quest 3 as a training tool but the limitation is being able to view multi...

DeeDeePee by Honored Guest
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AMD & Quest 2; Why does it suck? Upgrades?

I just bought and built a system with a Ryzen 7 7800X3D and an XFX 7900XTXI thought this system would work perfectly with VR but I get horrible stuttering and other issues while playing. Quest Link doesn't work either as my GPU isn't supported (for s...

sukki by Honored Guest
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Resolved! How to turn off screen mirroring?

I am currently using runtime 0.8 and was wondering if there was a way to turn off screen mirroring. I think I am getting a performance hit by having content play both on my primary monitor and in the rift at the same time.Thanks.

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