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Buy Oculus to Brazil Company

Hi all.We are the biggest foodtech in Brazil and we want to buy 20 Oculus devices to start the pilot with Horizon Workrooms, however, it's impossible to deliver the devices in Brazil. Can anybody help me?

Gamepad controller recon

Hello,I would like to but a gamepad to connect to my Quest 2.Could somebody plz recommend a model.X-Box 360 controller?Is the SteelSeries Stratus XL Android controller still a good choice?

Quest pro front face

Any suggestions for the front face off the device when leaving on for at least 10 minutes my forehead sweats I think the fabric Any suggestions or advice please

Quest Pro - Possible Comfort Improvements for Larger Heads

If anyone's having issues with comfort, it may be because you have a big head... like me. The problem seems to be that the thin tightening bands pull inwards as you tighten them so for a temporary fix, I've wrapped a couple party balloons around them...


I am experienceing serious issues with horizon worlds

IS ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCEING PROBLEMS WITH HORIZON WORLDS AFTER GOING OUT I have returned and now im experiencing many issues such as being locked out of the create menu this application doesn't seem to work properly I am also being locked out of som...

Roblox VR

bruh my roblox vr has a black screen everytime i load i need help. i just wanna play edgeworks.

GTA San Andreas?

I have been hearing rumors that GTA San Andreas for Quest 2 has been canceled. Is this true?

Quest Pro - User Reviews

Well, it's arrived!!! I thought it would be a good idea to have a go-to thread to post user reviews of the headset and controllers, so here it is. I'm probably not going to post my review until I've had a week or 2's use out of it, but if anyone feel...

DaftnDirect by Volunteer Moderator
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Rift s to Quest 2 graphics

I decided to "upgrade" to a quest 2 thinking the graphics would be better, they are and are not. I play mostly War Thunder in VR and I'm having a problem with graphics rendering in the background. In the cockpit everything looks real clear and crisp ...

GTOgoat by Level 2
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2nd vr

Can anyone help, we have 2 vrs and we haven’t been on for a while anyway past week we been using them and tried to go on the horizon venues and it keeps says I have to merge my account but them it won’t let me do both Vrs so we can’t play, any help a...

Oculus Quest 2 Right Controller not working/pairing

I've had my vr for about a year now (also had a year before but it broke so I had to get a new one) and I tried going on it today and my right controller could not be tracked, and now and again would not even pair. I bought new batteries to see if th...

liliaXD by Level 2
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how to unhide oculus game

1.go on hidden apps 3.find your hidden app you want to the 3 dots 5.and click unhide6.then disable the filter hidden apps this only applies for when you plug in quest 2/ 1 to pcor use rift s

Blood n truth to oculus

Anyone that’s played this game will understand how amazing it is start to finish!! one of the best single player campaign games I’ve ever played… from the graphics to to controlsare beautiful 

Resolved! Handicapped User.

My husband has ALS and has lost the ability to use his hands. I am trying to find interesting things for him to do besides TV and internet . He used to love to travel and is always interested in all kinds of history. Can you tell me if he will be abl...

right controller

ever since i got the quest 2 i have had no problems. my right controller specifically has encountered some damage in the past, but for some reason a couple of weeks ago it completely wont track. i can put new battires in, reboot the headset, but it w...

Oculus Gift Card?

So I have convinced my friend that the Oculus is the real deal and worth it, but he would want to pay less than the current price (he's a super cheapskate)... I told him I would pitch in $100 if he buys it and he would... but there's a catch... if hi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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controller drift / customer service

Is anyone else dealing with customer service not replacing their defective controller after making you wait a month since said controller was approved for replacement? .. I’m being given the run around by customer service saying there was some “error...

Quest 2 versus Rift CV1 performance benchmarks for PCVR

I've seen people claiming lately that using a Quest 2 for PCVR comes with a massive performance cost compared to PC-only headsets. Some posted benchmarks in the Index thread implied that the Index ran 30% faster than the Quest 2 when using similar se...

CV1 100.png Q2 30 al.png Q2 30.png Q2 30 hb.png
nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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