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Ships by?

The current ships by time is lower than when I ordered my unit. Are orders processed on a first come first serve basis? I.e I’ll get mine before someone that orders a unit today even though their ships by time is earlier?

What are your Immersion Breaking Mechanics?

A decent video came out discussing 5 mechanics in VR that essentially work against immersion.In particular:Bad Audio (too quiet, too loud)Motion Blur / Tunnel Vision when runningGoing Through WallsNon-interactable objectsSnap Turninghttps://www.youtu...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Oculus Quest vs PSVR

I own both and the Quest tends to be much easier on my eyes for long gaming sessions. The PSVR tends to really bother my eyes after an hour of gameplay. I don't know if it's due to lower resolution or what. The Quest however is lacking in the AAA tit...

Guardian and Elite Dangerous trouble

When I play Elite Dangerous my guardian kicks in and out. The Guardian works fine on other games but when I sit down to play Elite it kicks in and out and kills the game. Any ideas?

ky4jw by Level 4
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Hallo, kann mir einer helfen? suche eine App um beim zocken in VR jemanden Anrufen zu können, ohne das Spiel unterbrechen zu müssen, weiß jemand, ob es so etwas gibt???

where to buy rift s

i just want to know where to buy rift s on official website or somewhere elseim thinking of new sealed headset

Is my PC VR Ready? ( Rift S )

CPU - AMD Athlon X4 750k Quad Core ProcessorGPU - Radeon RX 580 8GB DDR5RAM - 16GBMotherboard - MSI - FM2-A75MA-E35 (Fairly old, and can't really upgrade CPU without upgrading Motherboard) Does contain USB 3.0I am just wondering if any experts can we...

Kylol by Level 2
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Salut quand je branche mon casque VR Rift S , Quelque fois je voie l'ecran qui s'allume est qui s'éteint Direct Aidez Moi Plz je c'est pas pk sa fais sa je ne vois pas le jeux dans le casque Existe T-il Un Patch Note , Y-a T-il une vrai Solution ?

For those who invited me

Hello,As usual I have received new invitations, unfortunately as you know Facebook has extended its black veil and its crooked fingers on the Oculus network.So if you have the opportunity to read the messages of this forum, please forgive me for not ...

Installing Oculus Software to other drive than a C: drive?

Is it possible to get the Oculus Software re-/installed to another drive than C: drive, like D:, E: or F: and so on?One reason why all the hassle with the Oculus software is that if you uninstall game, all your saves are gone. And if you uninstall/re...

Fri13 by Level 4
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Huawei VR Glass headset releases on Thursday

The VR Glass is a new 3DOF headset from Huawei.They are a very small and light headset featuring 1600x1600 per eye, FOV lower than an Index but probably higher than a Rift. It weighs only 166g, a lot lighter than the 571g Quest.The really interesting...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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VR Lens Labs

thought about getting the vr labs lens holder for rift but would like my own optometrist put the lenses in so dose anyone know if you can take the standard lenses that vr labs ship them with taken out and have new ones put in

Oculus Rift S: Russian release?

GL HF. Are there any plans for official release in Russia?We're having "gray" Rifts S all over the place for the price of ~700$. Most of this site is translated into Russian for some mysterious purpose. Soooo... any hope?best regards.

Testiee by Level 2
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The real definition of Mainstream!

Many commentators have been asking the question of what is "mainstream" and when would we be able to known when VR gets close to achieving this.Well a recent announcement from Samsung kind of gives a good grounding on what that entails:Samsung had so...

Whats going on with my order

I ordered it 12/17 and now, a day later the money hasn't been removed from my account. It hasn't been shipped yet and the only transaction from oculus has been: remove one dollar, then refund one dollar. When will they take my money and give me an up...

Not possible to change mail-addressin Oculus software

Has anyone of you the same problem? It is impossible to change the mail-address in the Oculus-SW? After you entered the new address and confirm the change with your password, a code will be sent to THE OLD (!) mail-address, which you should enter in ...

Why do I have to connect to Facebook?

It is common knowledge that Facebook does not respect the privacy of individuals, this company spies, profiling and sells data to private companies or else provides political networks (Cambridge Analytica) with the personal information of users.

Do store games support resume download

I pray to God almighty your store supports resume download for downloading games.. I'm already worried because the store app itself bombed on me once while installing/downloading due to a dropped connection... and I had to restart from the beginning ...

If you're worried about privacy...

Stay off the internet.... Google has been collecting our personal data for years. All companies do it. They only care about their bottom line which is money and advertisers will pay them more if their ads are targeted toward people who are more likel...

Oculus Home Environments

Is there anywhere I can find more information on Oculus Home Environments? I just recently got the Quest and am very excited to see that there are now two options for a Home Environment. What really excites me about these environment options is that ...