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Which VR Headset should I get?

So back then, I didn't know that my Gear VR wouldn't be compatible with iPhones. I no longer have any Samsung phone to use my Gear VR with. It's about time for an upgrade anyway, but which one should I use? I'm not really a gamer girl and when I do p...

Yet another Rift S vs Quest, Max IPD?

So I'm trying to decide between the Rift S or Quest as an upgrade from my WMR headset.My main use is PC gaming, even if I had the quest I'd say around 90% would be on PC using link. From most reviews I've seen most people say still get the Rift S for...

Atlas got VR support !

Is watching Cohcarnage launching Atlas for the first time, and guess what !!Clipped this from stream: Got a picture of options menu:There is options too enable or reset HMD position tracking.

General Setup

I bought my son the Quest for Christmas and want to get it all set up with some additional games. It told me that to get started, I need to create an account (which I did) and download the Oculus app for my phone. I haven't done the last one yet. If ...

Cannot get Thrustmaster wheel to work on Rift S

Apologies if this is the wrong category, please feel free to move if necessary.My (new) Thrustmaster T300 RS is working fine in Assetto Corsa without Oculus.When I start Assetto Corsa from Oculus I can navigate fine with my Rift S controllers but whe...

Can the Oculus Rift S work with an Azure VM?

Would it be possible to run a 3D program in an Azure VM and be able to use the Oculus Rift S locally to provide the VR experience? RDP is the way I would typically access the VM, but I'm assuming something else would be required to make it work with ...

Streaming/sharing/broadcasting 360 content between 2+ Oculus go

Hello gang,I started shooting weddings with a 360 camera but been struggling to show samples of my work to potential client.So far I just wear the headset, play the video and then pass on the Oculus to the client. This is cumbersome, breaks the immer...

McPavan by Level 2
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Oooooooh!!! MCC VR Mod Is Now A Thing!!!

Done by the same guy that's working on the Alien Isolation VR Mod. hoooo!!!@Nibre is awesome!!! 

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Gizmo VR shows Touch controller even though none installed

So a recent update seems to make Gizmo VR think I have a touch - but I don't. Net result is that I cannot use the app at all. The touch representation just sits there pointing at the middle of the screen. Oculus remote no longer works. Any way to dis...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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HOW DARE YOU VALVE - Greta Thunberg Edition

I posted this well-plagiarised version of the famous Greta Thunberg speech relevant to the 2D vs VR wars of the late 10s. I hope this is remembered in future years. BTW this is satire if you didn't get it.HOW DARE YOU VALVEMy message is that we'll be...

Is SideQuest worth exploring?

Hi, i recently got an Oculus Quest and a PC, unfortunately have been unable due to issues to have the Oculus Link work. Do you guys suggest "messing" with Side Quest?

Did Boneworks live up to the hype?

I've seen quite a bit of mixed reviews about Boneworks, so I'm holding off on purchasing for myself. This title was hyped up quite a bit, which we all know is dangerous. Many VR titles have fallen victim to the hype train, while others have met or ex...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Displayport adapter

Hello guys! I have a problem that, I have ordered a rift s on Amazon and I tought that my laptop has a mini displayport, but sadly it only has hdmi. I've been looking all over the internet to find a displayport to hdmi converter, but I could only fin...

Rift s or Quest with link

My Ipd is 72 and i have read things about the rift s not being suitable. Is the quest with link gonna be worth it for PCVR?

Quest interact with a Rift?

Newer to Oculus and my son has the Rift. If we were to buy the Quest for my daughter, and had a separate account for her headset, can they do multi-player between the devices as long as they’re playing a game that’s supported by both Rift and Quest? ...

niemo07 by Level 2
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Discord notifications within VR?

One of my favorite things about SteamVR is how it shows you incoming Steam messages right under your chin when you're in the middle of playing.Is something similar possible with Discord? I know I can get the Discord window to be visible in Oculus Hom...

ReduxPL by Level 3
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Oculus Home: Difficulties to navigate through menu's

Aquired a Rift S a few days ago i'm having issues with the menu in the Home software part.I was looking for a manual but i can't find and also Youtube ain't much help. Al i could find there are video's on how to create a Home.But that i don't need, i...

Layers of Fear VR Available Now

Bloober Team released Layers of Fear VR. IIRC the game looked rather mint in 2D and was pretty creepy to boot.

Would oculus link work with my PC?

Processor 4.1 GHz AMD Ryzen 7Ram 16GB DDR4Graphic Coprocessor: AMD Radeon RX 580 4Gb GDDR5those are the specs of my PC would oculus link or Oculus Rift S work fine on my pc or no? Please help

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Starting immediately in Desktop mode

Is it possible to put on the Rift and having the Desktop mode immediately without touching the controllers and pressing those buttons?Or any Key combination for doing this?


Hola a todos, acabo de recibir las gafas y todo bien, pruebo varias demo, todo perfecto, hasta que en la configuracion me pone..."lea las advertencias de seguridad y el boton de "siguiente" bloqueado, y ahi termino mi experiencia, en las gafas muestr...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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DIY subpac

So a few weeks into owning my rift and loving it so far. Training myself to get my vr legs with locomotion sessions in Arizona sunshine each day, which seems to be going well as I'm now comfortably playing for an hour. I decided that I really likes t...