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Onward 2

Who is Ready for Onward 2 , what game mode and Core Features would you like to see and like to see the developers get Rid of that existed in the First Title ? Let me Know Your thoughts...

Resolved! Quest 2 in a car

I'm going on a road trip in a week and I want to know if it would hurt the tracking cameras by using my quest2 in the car. I would make sure the lenses don't get any outside light between putting them on and taking them off. Thanks for any advice!

Resolved! Oculus air link stopped working after a Nvidia driver update

I recently updated my drivers for my GPU and after that Airlink stopped working. I uninstalled all folders that consisted of Oculus items (which worked last time this happened) and now even with using the cord I can't get it to pair with SteamVR. If ...

Anybody Recommend Earphones for the Quest 3?

Looking at the official accessories there are 2 lots of earphones but I'm not sure if the new jack location will mess things up (if the earphones have different cable lengths)? Anybody using those official earphones?Using any others that you'd recomm...

Varjo XR4 is not as good as we expected for PCVR gaming

Pros: good build quality Excellent speakers(better than G2) Very high res+decent fov(110+ hfov with 100 vfov, slightly less than their claims) Quest Pro style design so no face hug feeling, pressure concentrated to ur forehead)+ active cooling to pre...

putrokasi by Honored Guest
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Horizon world's monetization

I keep reading that being able to monetize and Horizon worlds is Invitation Only and was wondering how does one reach out and get an invitation. I have several worlds built and any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Resolved! Bad vision

I purchased a Meta Quest 3. I use progressive (bifocal) glasses and single vision computer glasses and close/far contact lenses. With all these, images on the Meta Quest 3 are totally or partially blurred. At least the progressive lenses have one rec...

Resolved! Meta Promo Codes

I have a question. I have a promo code unlocked for 7 days only. How do i see what the promo code is?

First impression with Quest 3

Pirce and brand comparisonQuest 3 :Before I try to purchase the headset, there are a few products available in the market, such as Quest 3, Quest Pro, also the Apple Vision Pro, etc... First of all, let's take a closer look at Quest 3, which is also ...

ANNAPRO by Explorer
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Fool oculus into thinking computer is VR Ready?

Hi, so Ive been trying to play roblox however it has controller issues with virtual desktop, but I cant connect via oculus link or air because my computer is not VR ready at least officialy. You may think I dont have the specs (integrated GPU) but ro...

WMR to be Removed from Future Windows Releases.

If you have a G2, just carry on using W11, shouldn't affect you unless you feel the need to update to W12. Edit: having re-read the article, it looks like future releases could mean a Windows 11 update has the feature removed. That's not so good but ...

V60 and charging the Quest 3

On the V56 I figured out that a proper USB POWER SUPPLY (not charger) for a laptop works great.From almost dead my Quest 3 went to full in under 90 minutes - using FAST CHARGE as the USB mode.While playing seated games, watching videos or whatever wi...

Does anyone else...

Feel like they own a really high performance sports car, with all the most cutting edge technology, and the closest track is still years away from construction finishing up on it? PCVR is so cool, don't get me wrong, but nothing is being made for all...

laurnce by Honored Guest
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Thoughts on unboxing the Quest 2

So I spent some work bonus money on aquiring a quest 2 from Amazon. their 2023 deal was amazing. Over 5 years ago someone that at the time worked for me, purchased a HTC Vive. It was big, heavy, expensive; required room setup...Literal Unboxing was f...

Loui1986 by Honored Guest
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Becoming a reseller

Hi,I own a company selling VR products and would like to become a reseller for Oculus. Does anyone know how to go about this? I've already contacted a few times but haven't gotten a response.Thanks!

adem0511 by Honored Guest
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Yaw VR motion simulator

Snowdog pointed this out in another thread however rather than derail that I was thinking it is worthy of its own thread.... I am super interested in getting one however I do have a few concerns. be a toss up for...

Thoughts on 128GB vs 512GB for Quest 3?

Hi everyone! I'm new to the whole Oculus/Meta Quest as I've only ever owned wired VR headsets to the PC I was wondering if you guys will be getting the 128GB or the 512GB model, and which would you recommend? I noticed the 512GB model also comes with...

b1onny by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Quest 3 screen issue

So I got my quest three yesterday, i started to play the game and there’s some stuff on my screen don't even know how to get rid of it. like inside on the lens on the right side even when I reset

Resolved! How to start NEW GAME Asgard's Wrath 2

Played Asgard's Wrath 2 for a few hours and now looking to restart the game for my son. Any idea how to do that? Seems like a basic feature missing in the game, curious why it's not included.

Akriy by Honored Guest
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Is a haptic vest really worth it?

With the new quest out and 3-4 really good fps games out now and some full triple AAA games becoming more common do you guys think a haptic vest is worth it if you can afford it? It’s obviously a luxury item at the moment as pricey as the headsets th...

prigowasu by Honored Guest
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VR scene in South Korea?

Hey everyone,I'm heading to South Korea next month and wanted to get some recommendations from other VR enthusiasts who have visited. Any must-see spots for checking out their VR scene?I've heard Seoul has some awesome arcades and experience centers....

VR question

Hello everyone!I am considering to buy a new VR headset. I was looking to the Valve Index.The only thing is that there a very long time rumours about a new one Valve headset, which makes me wait and wait for it.Right now I got the oculus rift S, whic...

ekrartona by Honored Guest
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