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Comment contacter l'assistance meta quest !!!!

Bonjour, Est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait me donner un mail pour les contacter !!!!!J'ai un méta quest depuis mai et je ne peut toujours pas l'utiliser. Tellement facile d'installation, ils disent !!!! Impossible de les contacter. Merci

satti35 by Level 2
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Resolved! Oculus referral program

I sent my oculus referral code to my friend and he accepted my refferal invitation. After sometime he activated his new oculus quest 2 but we both have not received any credit yet. Can anyone please tell me what can be the reason ? Oculus rfferal was...

Oculus referral program

My friend is buying a Rift after playing with mine and upgrading his GPU. I noticed on the main website there is a referral program now. I sent him the referral email and he gets a code to use, but every time he tries to use it, it says "invalid code...


The prices for oculus quest 2 a few months ago were like 300$ why are they now 700-1.5k there not like brand new headsets

How to consult this link in 360?

Hello,I can't seeam to get to this link in 360 and would like to have it available at the exhibit I am going to: Thank you.Martin

Oculus User Research Survey Scam?

Hello, i just received an email offering a $100 gift card for participation in a user survey. Seems like a scam to me. Is it? sender: Body:We are looking for people 18 years or older to participate in a 60-minute research stu...

National Geographic does not work

I am new to Oculus. The first game purchased is National Geographic VR. When turning on the game the first thing I see is yellow arrows moving in the same direction. And a figure pole and footprints in a circle and that's it. I've tried using the con...

Is there a way to get a list of Release Channels for an app

I'd like to create a tool in our unity project that would speed up deployment of an APK using the ovr-platform-util.exeI can't seem to find a way to get a list of release channels programmatically. For now, the only way i know how is to go to the dev...

Well done with the guardian update (showing outlines)

This is by far the BEST new feature/function with the Quest 2 firmware updates (guardian outline showing objects highlighted but not intrusive)! This is awesome, as now I can see light purple lines around my dog when he walks by (so I don't kick into...

Resolved! Promo code

I have a promo code. Does anyone know if it can be used on more than one purchase before running out?

Gift 30€ referal

Use this link before create your oculus account and activating your headset to take advantage of a 30€ free credits on the oculus store:


Are Meta/Oculus ever going to bring the PCVR link GUI into this century? It looks so outdated and cumbersome compared to the native Quest 2 interface. Considering how great Virtual Desktop looks effectively doing the same job, they really need to ref...


Please cane some make me understand what all this oculus means am confused thanks

Website sucks, everything is terrible.

I'm finding it awfully difficult to navigate throughout the website and I find I have to click on the same thing multiple times to get to the page I want even though they're named the same thing and just have different things on each.

ATomasik by Level 3
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Limited hand movement accessibility options (gear?)

Hi all, My father has limited use of his hands from nerve damage due to polio. He can't use his thumbs very well to use the toggle to move or click the buttons next to the toggles. I think he could use the triggers... are there good options/tools/gea...

Problema com login

Por favor me ajudem Não estou conseguindo acessar minha conta do Instagram, desde de manha minha conta saiu sozinha e não consigo fazer login pois só aparece essa mensagem Houve um problema ao entrar no Instagram. Tente novamente em breve. Me ajuda p...

App Lab Submission while developing app

Currently submitted request to upload my first version of the app it was just a scene with a box saying "Hello World"and one of the reasons I got rejected was this as i understand just be...

From phone to Oculus

Hello everyone, we have created a site that can be consulted by phone in AR using the camera. is the QR code to be scanned with the phone while this is the direct link:


Pico 4 Controller Photo Leaks Not much is known about the Pico 4 yet, except that it's FCC filing means its coming to the US. Also that one difference between the Pico 4 and Pico 4 Pro is eye and face tracking. But...

pico-neo-2-controller.jpg Neo-3-Pro-Controller-1.jpg pico-controller-2.jpg pico-4-controller-1.jpg
kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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On January 2nd 2023 my headset will auto-self destruct?

What if I don't care about Meta/Facebook? and don't don't want a "meta" account? It seems nobody can't answer this right.. I basically don't do "socializing" in VR just play the games I bought and.. what will really happen on January 2nd 2023!! will ...

Thank You Jules!!

Thank you Jules for your support! Such a pleasant experience!5 Stars⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ !