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Oculus Quest - Streaming Data to Oculus Quest in Real-Time.

Hello all! I am developing an app for Oculus Quest, using Unreal Engine 4, but want to stream real-time data from another application (Max  to said Quest. I have tried using the adb bridge and configuring the Quest as a device, to listen to a partic...

Have you connected with people in VR?

I think the greatest untapped potential of VR is for connecting with people. My favorite VR experience is playing From Other Suns in a group of 3. I visited one guys Oculus Home and talking to him in VR was really cool. Also, had fun playing Star Tre...

MowTin by Level 11
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From Other Suns: Free Weekend, and Beyond

I have yet to purchase From Other Suns, but it has remained at the top of my list.The last free weekend I enjoyed was Archangel - which I ended up buying and beating. I am really excited to see From Other Suns added to the Free Weekend list. As someo...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Oculus Trash Support

Just found out that I can not pay to get my Oculus repaired. I am seriously feeling robbed. I bought all those games and then bought the touch and was just about to by two more sensors for full room immersion. Then my oculus goes out. Now if I choose...

Sony Mantis vr headphone is a great option.

I clipped them on my rift s and omg for me they sounded good. No headache or pain getting in and out of VR. They are similar to how headphones on cv1 are attached. I know oc may announce an even better solution but for the s and even the quest it's a...

inovator by Level 12
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YOU BUMS, Quest is a waste of money

I just realized quest is a waste of money, I'm just catching up to terms, I'm referring to 6dof..3dof, 6 degree of freedom vs 3 degrees of freedom. Why on earth why I would I wasn't 6dof, it makes no sense. The important thing that a headset can do i...

Booting Directly into Virtual Desktop

Hello everyone,,,I have recently downloaded the virtual desktop app and it is great. I am limited for space in my house so I no longer have a computer desk. So I love using this feature while sitting on the couch. My pc is always hooked up to my tv, ...

Per-application Guardian settings for Rift S, possible?

I just got my Rift S delivered yesterday, spent last night downloading software and setting it up, and today just going nuts and sharing the experience with my family thanks to the included software. My biggest surprise, however, was when I had finis...

Boneworks -- VR game innovations

I feel like VR has only just begun scratching the surface of what is possible in terms of interactions with the world. Also, knuckles controls look like the future.

MowTin by Level 11
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My Review of Oculus S

I own them all by the way. I support Oculus fully. First one I bought was like 12 to 1400 Canadian dollars. Happy to see its only 500 bucks now. I also have thousands of hours in Vr.That said Here are my problems with the new Oculus Rift S.....The ne...

Cdots by Level 4
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usb ethernet

Anybody got usb ethernet adapter working on either their go or quest.. I'm having problem using a usb 2.0 amazon one, can't it to work.Any help would be appreciated.

Resolved! How do i purchase lone echo without owning rift...

I've seen all the YouTube videos describing how to stream lone echo to my quest...but when I try to purchase lone echo I'm denied because I don't own a rift. Can somebody please tell me how to purchase lone echo for my pc so I can use virtual desktop...

Fallout 4 VR Mods

Now I've got the hang of using Vortex I've decided to mod Fallout 4 VR. Have any of you modded it yet, and which mods have you used..? B)  B)

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Why do i need glasses in the rift?

I am nearsighted but in oculus rift i need to use my glasses. On a regular monitor i dont need them and in real life i have no problem whatsoever to see things thats close to me. The screens in the rift are very close to the eyes as everyone know. Ca...

Hulu dropped support for Google’s Daydream VR

Dodgy move by Hulu? Or just another day in VR restructuring?Hulu has dropped support for Google’s Daydream VR platform: The video streaming service quietly removed Daydream support from its Android app in recent weeks, making it impossible for most D...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Rift 2.0 ?

I know the Rift S just came out, I got mine a few days ago and at least to me it's a huge upgrade from the CV1 visually, But as it's only roughly a 50% increase in res, Will we ever see a full on proper Rift 2.0 that has a res of 2880x1700+ with 100+...

Why is ASW or Reprojection enabled bad for VR at 45fps?

I just want to know what the drawbacks are of constantly having ASW and Reprojection enabled to give you 45fps? I've just enabled it to get a constant 45 fps, and I am now able to super sample in Steam at 180% with no drops below 45fps in games. So w...

RedRizla by Level 15
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Oculus rift sucks

No really i thought id give it a second chance this time spunked £85 On a startech pcie 3.0 card, This was after i read a little more, installed the card updated drivers via windows 10 as told, Plug in new rift same problem, Honestly it sucks £500 wa...

coxy_99 by Level 3
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HP Reverb First Impressions Thread (Gen 1)

Some very quick first impressions and that's without experimenting with Super-sampling.Ok, well I have that horrible vertical line in my headset which hopefully I'll get fixed or replaced but despite that. Wow, just wow. One word..."clarity".More wor...

Need help

Định cư Quốc Tế tại Châu ÂuCó rất nhiều người khi nghĩ tới Định cư Quốc Tế thường có những suy nghĩ như định cư tại đây có an toàn hay không. Thế nhưng bạn có thể hoàn toàn yên tâm khi Châu Âu là nơi đáng sống bởi nó ít đối mặt với rủi ro hơn các khu...

Info version app

hi .. in my oculus app on iphone I can no longer see the info on the version of the various games or apps .. before I could .. has anything changed?

Quest or Go??

Hiya, vivid vr enthusias. I'm in a position to either keep my Go or buy the quest, but don't know which to do. One app I'm looking to use alot is virtual desktop (2d gaming). I would like to know which offers better performance, the quest or go?