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Quest Pro Leaked Unboxing Video (Hopefully the higher ups won't delete this, it's all over the internet for a couple of days now) Apparently someone (a developer? Meta employee?) left a couple of Quest Pro engineering sam...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Steam Hardware Survey - August 2022 results included

Latest results:These results are compared, at least for the Rift, to August when Rift peaked at 0.35 %. Since August 2018 Rift has decreased about 6 % (from 0.35 to 0.33). Vive also decreased. Compared to other HMDs we see from April to September (no...

steamvr-2.jpg dyko7ca98u34.jpg bboc0nqusboe.jpg SteamVR_feature.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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It's happening - Social media VR platform for Facebook

It's good to know all these things we only read about are now becoming serious reality like Next Galaxy Corp. a leading technology and content solutions company developing innovative experiences for consumers, is announcing a fully immersive and inte...

Would you like to see a sign language learning app?

If hand tracking is capable of understanding sign language, then an app could be developed to help you learn how to sign language. Personally, I would love this. Where I'm from, learning sign language can range from doing it yourself using YouTube to...

Oculus Pro has Eye Tracking?

Not too much has been revealed about the Oculus Pro yet. However, during an interview by Joe Rogan, we saw some confirmation that eye tracking seems to be a default feature. I've been hoping for eye tracking ever since I received by Rift CV1. Not onl...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Oculus Meta Quest 2 - low FPS

Hi There, The problem I am experiencing is specific to the F1 22 game. When I play it in normal mode on my gaming laptop( OMEN) I am getting a crystal clear image at around 80+ FPS. When I play the game on VR, I am getting 35FPS on average making the...

Kimiren by Level 2
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Headset want pair with app

So I sent my headset off because it wouldn’t charge they send back a new one. I go to pair it with app and it keeps saying I need to update the software. But when the I turn vr on I can’t pair controllers to even get inside it. The black keys that ca...

Horizon Venue

Why can’t I see the screen when I enter the theater. All I see is a black screen with no sounds. I tried leaving and entering and still black screen

hey ya all its party time

I just spoke to Mistress Quan the world reknowned psychic, and she sees a ban hammer in your future.

Beat saber

I got my oculus quest 2 today and when i bought it it said it was gonna come with beat saber for free but when i made an account and started playing i didn't have beat saber. How can i get this for free?

Private English-speaking room

Good day to all! I am an English language teacher and would like to be able to set up conversation sessions in an invite-only private room so my students can chat with other native English speakers. However, I´m not really sure the best platform to u...

pc audio not working after link

for some reason it says my pd audio is connected to my quest 2 even tho my quest is not even on or anything so can anyone help me?

vinboy2 by Level 2
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Compatibility rift 2 controllers with the quest 2 headset.

Hello, Today I want to buy Quest 2 controllers for my headset. Someone is offering to sell me their rift 2 controllers. I would like to know if rift 2 controllers are compatible with the quest 2 headset. I already have my idea on the subject but I wo...

استديو تصوير نسائي

من أساسيات تعلم التصوير الفوتوغرافي المحافظة على المتعلقات الصغيرة الخاصة بالكاميرا، مثل العدسة التي يجب حمايتها من التعرض للخدش أو العوامل البيئية، بالإضافة إلى الحفاظ على الأشرطة المتعلقة بالكاميرا والتي تستعمل لتصوير الفيديوهات، من أي عوامل خارجية...

Wanderer looks amazing - reviews and impressions

  The trailer just arrived: According to the devs:“While Wanderer is an ambitious effort in delivering a feature-length game for VR, our team is confident the graphics, gameplay and story will offer an exciting prospect for VR gamers,” notes M Theory...

6077a20ba9e93d9e78c76649_Character-test-5-min.JPG 607842a4c79b83190de7ab4b_Canal_SS_03.JPG 60764ac467c6395dd2b1760e_Mayan_SS_03.JPG 607842607fe823c6b5e3a4ee_Watch.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Resolved! Proof of Purchase Needed

My employer requires confirmation that I purchased an annual subscription to Supernatural. I purchased it via Oculus on June 3, 2022. I don't recall receiving an email confirmation at time of purchase. Is there any way I can request another email be ...

Mining bitcoin in virtual reality

I wonder with how popular bitcoin is getting, could you some how develope a VR app you could launch. Have like a pick axe or some other way of mining actual bitcoin. And have it actually be profitable. Maybe using in app perches to buy better mining ...

hnicoll by Level 2
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Resolved! VR and particularly Oculus as a meditation medium?

Most of us are under the constant stress/anxiety of job, home, kids, school, social status, wealth status, and even retirement. Given this, I find it a bit shocking that VR has not seemed to find a place anywhere in the neuro-medical profession's cou...

What are metas benefits?

Hello I was wondering what metas benefits are gonna have. I just set up my meta account to my quest, and would like to get a better understanding on what it’s about.

Zuckerberg releases image of upgraded Horizon's graphics

Since Horizon's inception, the graphics have been very simplistic. Cartoonish and flat, with less focus on visuals and more focus on functionality. Despite how long these relatively lackluster visuals have been in place, it seems that in recent weeks...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Deleting old profile photos

Is it possible to delete old profile pictures from your Meta account? When looking under ""And then following:"View your information" / "Other information about you" / "Current and past profile photos" you can se...

apps lost on quest 2 and desktop app

i lost all my games on my quest 2 after this update I tried to play games that showed in my library on my quest 2 but all it says is "It seems you don't own this app" and when i went to ply pc desktop to see my games i have on there all of them are g...

Pair controllers with out app?

My husband has my sons occuls app on his phone now we got new controller and husband is working doubles with no cell. Can my son not play now that we don't have a app.