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The Oculus Rift S

Hey, I got a Question: With the oculus rift s can we use the oculus rift touch controller with new rift s or not really?

Onward is now 40% off on Oculus Home!

We're getting close to releasing update v1.6 which will have revamped lighting! Among with many more additions and some nice performance fixes!Check it out on the Oculus store =

Specs with the Quest

With just weeks away from launch( well perhaps months), will you be offering different packages/sizes? As I am one to pay for hardware and storage. But due to all the wires and extra you need to play vr, I've stayed away.... until now! Why not charge...

VR vs AR, which one will have a greater impact?

AR is augmented reality eg Hololens (by Microsoft). The view of the real world is unobstructed, with an artificial overlay.I think AR has the potential to become a day to day experience, like smartphones but without needing to "switch attention" or e...

EIw by Level 2
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Expressive Avatars launching ...... today?

So someone snagged this picture today on the Oculus app, possibly a premature showing ahead of the Wednesday QuestCOuntdown post. Here is a preview from Feb on the tech.

LZoltowski by Volunteer Moderator
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Resolved! Waiting to buy the Oculus rift?

Hi All,Should I wait for Oculus Rift S launch to buy the Original Rift?Currently the Rift is priced at $530 AUD, do you expect the price to go down when the newer version is released, and so should I wait a month or so and get the rift for a lower pr...

Poor performance on high end system

So I finally setup my rift again after a while away and I seem to be getting pretty poor performance. My current specs are i7-8700k, 16gb ram, EVGA 2080ti FTW GPU. While it occurs in some oculus games (Robo recall sometimes having little hitches) I n...

TazX14 by Level 4
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Can not enter Oculus Home #1

Hi I am TexStar and I was told that if someone would add me as a friend I could enter their home and from there be able to create my own home again. Would someone please add me as a friend so that I can try this option. I am fairly new to Oculus and ...

TexStar by Level 2
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Streaming VR service

It makes more sense to pay for a monthly streaming services to play ultra high resolution games. With Facebook's massive cloud computing ability 32k rez gaming at 120 or 240 fps does not seem to far fetched. Video cards are what is holding back compa...

Any suggestions to make CV1 comfortable to wear?

I have had the CV1 for some months now and I have to say I find it very uncomfortable to wear. I was even thinking about getting a mask to wear underneath it to act like a face plate. I find the CV1 digs into my skin no-matter how slack it is around ...

RedRizla by Level 15
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New Oculus Setup animation, sequence and tutorial

I love this, very disney/pixar.This will no doubt be on the quest too.I can imagine first time VR users picking up their jaws off the floor. And they just put the thing on 

LZoltowski by Volunteer Moderator
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Oculus Tracker

I dont understand why so many HMDs and other stuff variants are made, but no word about extra (or for momentary replacment) tracker device so that can be used for any kind idea... because any current tracking controller can not be disassembled in to ...

sekever by Level 2
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Oculus Go calibration

My Oculus Go's view is tilted about 10 degrees counterclockwise. Reset view doesn't reset tilting. Is there anyway to calibrate it?

fasthall by Level 2
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After using VR for a few months now, the one thing I find difficult is when playing sit-down games like Elite where you need to see a keyboard (yes, can use voiceattack but this post isn't about that)What would be handy is some kind of camera attachm...

Gifting a game?

Am I missing something? Gotta be somewhere, I just can’t find it. Wanna give my sister $100 in games as a birthday gift. She has a Go.Can someone help a dumb blonde? Thanks!!

Samyann by Level 4
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Oculus Rift S First Impressions From Pax East 2019 week I was given the opportunity to come to Pax East courtesy of Oculus to spend some extensive hands on time with the upcoming Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest. In this video I am giving my initial impre...

Oculus Quest just 835 Snapdragon...

New smartphones are comimg out with the newest 855 and 1 year ago with 845.And the new Oculus Quest will use the old 835 wich is only 1 step above the Snapdragon 821 used by Oculus Go.Least but not last Oculus Quest will have an higher resolution tha...

Resolved! Racing Games?

Hello,Why are the big racing games not present on the Oculus platform?

The Highest-End VR Headset In The World (Varjo VR-1)

mmmm, I have to say. That is one mighty sexy Oculus Rift clone.This HMD boasts of some insanely great features. If this thing hits the market and can withstand the mass consumer test, then I just may end up having to acquire it! The best resolution a...

Zenbane by Level 15
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How to get more than 4 houses

Was wondering if you can create multiple accounts in occulus in order to get more houses. All i want to do is be able to furnish more than 4 homes. would this work, are there any drawbacks from doing so?

Ratgut by Level 2
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200 Subscriber Giveway Stream!

Hi!I'm planning on doing a 200 subscriber giveway strem tomorrow morning after getting home from work.If everything goes as planned I will stream about 8:30 am swedish (summer) time.I will update the post with a link when I go live.Will be giving awa...