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anyone else notice their game reviews thumbs up's are disabled?

I notice ever since I gave Windlands 2 a bad review, with any game reviews after,nobody can agree with my reviews by giving me a thumbs up on my review.the button to do so whenever I review something is greyed out. I dont know if they are punishing m...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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AR/VR and Military Use (no politics please)

Interesting article about providing HoloLens to the military. 50 Microsoft employees let the company know that's not what they signed up for. It's probably going to become a big issue as AR & VR becomes c...

problem with oculus rift

My left lens on my oculus works but my right lens wont turn on light up does anyone know how to fix that so i can see through both screens instead of one. Please and thank you.

Sensors and the Future

Hello fellow Riftusers, i just recently joined your ranks. The little time i owned the rift i have enjoyed it and thinking of getting a third sensor, but then it struck me, will the sensors be useful for the next generation oculus as well, especially...

Maximum Referrals

Hi. I was wondering if there is a time limit on the number of referrals one is allowed to give. I see there is three available which I have utilized, but my sister would like the Oculus also (pending the 10% discount, of course). I have reached my ma...

Rip + Play 3D Blu-ray Movies (Any HMD) in VR For Free

Hi all,Been having an absolute ball watching 3D movies on a massive VR screen lately. Even looks good on a Rift/Vive (which is surprising as I don't usually watch movies on either of those), though higher res headsets are preferrable. This is all don...

Where can I get more Oculus Home Items?

A few forums I've found say that you can unlock more items for your home just by continuing to play VR. That's somewhat helpful but vague. Is there a certain criteria I have to meet? Is there a way to track how quickly I'm getting them? Or is it just...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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pinball fx2 vr

An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. (OVR25027186) This is what I get when trying to launch this app. Also: Package zen-pinball-zen-pinball-vr failed to launch app. (1971014)

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Sehr Unscharfes Bild!

Ich habe seit ca. 5 Tagen die Oculus Rift und bin mit dem Bild eher unzufrieden! Ich kann keine Wörter lesen da diese verpixelt sind (Kein Brillenträger) Meine Hardware dürfte hoffe ich mal nicht dran schuld sein: MSI GTX 1080TI+Ryzen 7 1700+32GB DDR...

Pr0SKy by Level 2
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GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Performance overview

Seems like:GTX 1070 = GTX 1660 TiGTX 1660 Ti is about 10 % cheaper than plain vanilla 1070, but 1660 has 2GB less mem. Overview:Performance average based on 21 different games:Power consumption is lower than 1070 8GB though:Source: https://www.techpo...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Update on Download Issue (May 17th)

We're currently investigating an issue that is affecting access to downloads at this time. Thank you for your patience while our engineering team works to resolve the issue.Update: The download issue from earlier this evening is now resolved. Please ...

Alternatives inserts for glasses and shipping in Canada

Hi all,As a new owner of a baby Rift since 2 days ago, i was looking for altenatives for glasses, so far it hols ok insite, uses for now the trick with Nerf Darts to space up my glasses to touch the Rift lens since they are small and doesn'T get stop...

Doum76 by Level 5
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Oculus will be like Sony if it ever grows up.

I love my rift and go. I'm going to order the quest as well. Besides cost (a big reason) another reason Sony is kicking everyone's ass with its Playstation vr is its customer service. You can call them! They answer in a reasonable period of Time as w...

inovator by Level 12
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The RR1 - What a Legend!

Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey – who left in 2017 – has released his own repair kit. “I am doing this because I feel bad for people who bought a Rift from me and can’t use it properly anymore,” Luckey adds.Dubbed the Rift Repair One (RR1) kit, Lucke...

From Texas to London: A Samsung Odyssey Journey

Over the U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday, I sent our good friend @Shadowmask72 a brand new Samsung Odyssey+ and it's been quite fun witnessing how long it takes to get something from Texas to London. Measured in weeks, not days.I didn't try the Odyssey+ my...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Hi, I have my Rift since just before December last year and so far love it. I currently use a GTX 1060 6GB and have a i5 6400 processor. I predominantly play racing/flying sims including DCS World and Assetto Corsa. I would like more headroom and loo...

NJB105 by Level 2
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Any way to play oculus games without starting up the app?

In the past i use to be able to run oculus games without the app up. This saved me a lot of fps and stopped lag. Unfortunately oculus made their app worse and this time fixed the way to play oculus games without the app up. Pretty pathetic thing to d...

Touch controllers - Hoping for an updated version

Hey guys, I think I've had my Rift + Touch Controllers for a year now, not sure, maybe longer. Like most people on these forums I really love VR and think the Rift and Touch controllers are amazing.Having said that, it would be nice if they update an...