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Right Touch controller will not connect. Help.

So when I was playing Elevator to the moon I pressed a button and my right touch disappeared. I tried to change the battery's. When I was in the new oculus home it still did not appear. So that did not work. I looked on a lot of the forums and also t...

USB 3.0 Compatible Expansion Cards

Hi,Like many people, the wait between the pre-order and actually receiving the headset gives me time to get my PC ready. I have USB 3.0 ports on my motherboard (ASUS P9X79) but they are not compatible (Asmedia). So I've been looking at getting a PCI ...

teknix1 by Level 4
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avatar editor

i don't know how to place the avatar editor mirror or any other object for that reason i grab the item it turns into a black page and it does not say anywhere how to anchor the item any help would be awesome i am running app version 1.34.0. 198261

Order 4m Rift headset cable Credit card error

I'm trying to order 4m headset cable for Rift and with 2 Credit cards on two different computers am getting invalid try another credit card, Both CC's are in good standing. I suspect Oculus does not have them in stock they will not say if they have i...

Oculus home

Hi, I thought it was nice that we can (or will if you're not in the beta group) put our Oculus home "public" but what good is it, or how can we test it if we can't visit other "public" homes? Will there be a new menu title PUBLIC like friends and fav...

kobs57 by Level 7
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Returns Experience Via UPS UK

I am due to send my headset in for replacement. I have my UPS label but am a little confused as what to do next as the email wasn't that clear.Do I go onto the UPS site to schedule a pickup? Can I take it to the Post Office? Do I just take it to a UP...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Quest for Rift Owners Price

Has anyone heard if there is plans to provide Oculus Quest for Rift owners with a reduced price?Would be a great way to increase purchases and user base fast.Also access to Rift store into supported games is very much hoped feature. Would love to pla...

Huukki by Level 2
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cannot use buddies games from his account. Why?

A good friend visited me for a week, we both have a rift, so he doesnt take his rift to me. When he uses his Oculus account, he only see my installed Games (which he hasnt purchased) and all of his games are misses. Can anyone explain what we have to...

Skyrim: 8-Player Co-op Mod incoming

First of all, this is currently for Vanilla Skyrim... but I feel that we can reasonably expect this to hit the VR version in the same year. Or am I dreaming?Soon you'll be able to explore Skyrim with your friends at your side in Skyrim Together."Yep,...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Oculus appears on film

I don't believe this has been mentioned yet, but in Season 5 of "House of Cards" (Netflix Original Series), the Gear VR takes center stage. The character using it is a nominee for the President of the United States. He is a soldier who is sampling th...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Should like playing for 10 min. in poker VR , get the front case very warm to the touch? I received it for xmas & I got the overheating message twice already. I read where people exchanged them & the problem went away. I'm gonna play poker vr from 10...

What happened to Stormland and Defector?

So both games were meant to launch in 2018. Does anyone know what the delays are? COuld it be that both games are being adapted for the Quest and will launch alongside? Or have they been pushed back to support the Rift S release?

LZoltowski by Volunteer Moderator
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Mark Cuban's "dizziness" cured by VR

I came across an interesting read about Mark Cuban using Gear VR to help cure dizziness and vertigo that had afflicted him for some time: anyone else using VR to help overco...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Just received an oculus go for Christmas and would like to use a usb for storage. Looking on the go site it seems fairly simple but I don't have the usb option on my headset. I have a fat32 32 gb otg sandisk stick which is certified as otg. I have em...

peewil by Level 2
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Poker games in VR

I have seen a few out there but why hasn't it occurred to anyone to make a wild west themed poker game set in some old saloon? That would be great! You could play long tournaments and watch the day/night cycle through the windows, watch saloon patron...

Did VR ruin traditional gaming for you?

I have seen some variation on this across many posts since I joined this fine community. The common thread is that once you try VR it is near-impossible to go back to flat screen gaming.For myself I have not had this issue - I still love my flat scre...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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VR at CES2019

Currently the HTC press conference is on. You can see a liveblog by RoadToVR here: have announced a new headset: Vive Pro Eye.It has integrated eye trac...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Is this why there is no Resident Evil 7 VR on PC?

It seems Sony are well aware of the pulling power of the RE7 exclusive on PSVR and are now including the demo in an upcoming demo pack. PSVR Demo Compilation 3 which has been rated by the PEGI ratings board for Europe. The pack includes - Astro Bot R...

Rift vs Quest vs GO (Update: Dec 28 '18)

Ever since the discussions at OC4, there has been quite a bit of debate on the purpose of the three Oculus VR HMD offerings. It may be worth taking a birds-eye view of the new Oculus VR Trifecta.Oculus RiftDubbed "high-end" VRRequires a wired connect...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Monitor Black Screen

Tried searching this one and didn’t find anything.When in VR, where I do have image and sound, I do not have images and sound in my monitor, nor do I have a image when streaming to YouTube....just sound goes to my Channel.I have had no problems until...

Nomad06 by Level 2
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Can Quest owners enter Rift homes?

I have a seven year old son that lives in Turkey, while I live in the US. (To make a long story short he was technically kidnapped by his mother and never returned.) I have a Rift, and I'd like to send him the Quest so we can hang out together in my ...

Fallout 4 VR - So What's It Like... Really!

My installation is vanilla but with the DLC added. I haven't played through any of the quest based DLCs yet but am using objects from the Workshop DLC with no problems.The GreatAdmiring your weapon. One of the first things to impress me was just hold...

DaftnDirect by Volunteer Moderator
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Oculus Home - Day/Night + Weather/Seasons

After using some of the new Xmas themed assets inside oculus home it became extremely apparent that it’s quite a shame to not have the option to change the weather and/or season of the included environments. On the same note, it would be great to hav...