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Project M Hana & Evie Videos - Daydream Demo is Awesome

I cannot vouch how well Project M will play as an adventure game but at least the animations look pretty decent. I think there was a demo on the Oculus Store for one of the characters (I can't recall the name).

Blue light filter request

Hello,I would like to request addition of a blue light filter into Oculus Rift settings, since Rift ignores any Windows color transformations from either Windows 10 night light feature or f.lux. It also makes sense for Oculus to support it natively f...

Do I need different user names for each headset?

Can anyone tell me if I have games on my rift and ! buy the I have to buy the game again on the Quest?If I buy 2 Quests do I have to have 2 different user names? Can I share games over the 2 Quests? I am trying to avoid buying the same game...

FirerFly by Honored Guest
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Can someone help me with wireless headphones and the Rift?

My rift just recently broke due to the design flaw with the ribbon that carries the audio and rear LED lights through it. So my brother gave me his old rift which was also broken in the same way but the LEDs still work on his, so it has no audio. He ...

falken76 by Expert Consultant
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Ceiling Wire Mounting Pulleys?

I know this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for when searching the forums. I seem to recall a ceiling mount pulley system or something from IKEA that you could mount the wire through for overhead use, instead of tripp...

bsselp by Protege
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Suggestion to remove screen door effect

I'm planing to buy Oculus Quest once it become available. But I tried HTC Vive once, though the experience is mind boggling, but there this noticeable screen door effect that kinda nagging me. So I would like to suggest that we use a micro-lenses lik...


Why are there so many players without audio now?

In the last few months, since the Oculus Go came out, there seems to be more players that have no audio. Why is that? Playing multiplayer games are soooo much better when you can talk to each other. I thought Oculus Go came with a microphone in the h...

TramTenn by Honored Guest
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I've ordered the Oculus Rift from an electronics shop here in Switzerland but now I'm getting second thoughts. Do they actually have some contingents coming their way or are they just speculating that eventually there will be a third party channel?Sh...

Kempeth by Honored Guest
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Very slow tech support/customer service response time

I can't use my oculus go headset since tech support is super slow at responding. This is the 2nd headset that I've purchased that stopped working in less than 1 month. I am very unhappy about how long it takes tech support/customer service to resolve...

"You've asked questions that now have answers" forum bug ?

Hi,I've got this at he bottom left of my page :When I click on this blue line I land here ( :I don't understand.And even if I pass around that bug to check previous discussions, I d...

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Piflyon by Explorer
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VR Cameras Now on International Space Station

"If anything goes wrong, you can't call the fire department in space" Cameras Now on International Space Station to Capture Space Walks & MissionsLast month, TIME and Felix & Paul Studios launched VR camer...

ku6n7t3baswv.png 6wpka7i5vitt.png ntxeaqq4y1tf.png

Nvidia driver issues

I'm having issues accessing my oculus. I tried installing an EGPU with an AMD card on my laptop that already had a Nvidea gtx 1060 card, thinking that it might take a bit of strain off my laptop (it heats up quite a bit in vr). But for some reason th...

Nate10e by Honored Guest
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Facebook Spaces - keep getting errors it failed to install

Anyone else getting this?I keep seeing messages in my notifications on Facebook Spaces, that it failed to install. Checked the library and it showed an update pending, clicked to download it and got that same error message.Any ideas what to do?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Rats! WebGL hit a snag

Hi, I am getting "Rats! WebGL hit a snag" error in Oculus GO.I am not getting this error when I open the same webpage from my laptop.Any clue?Thanks in advance.

Stand-up Comedy live in VR (NSFW)

If you are not familiar with the comedic work of Steve Hofstetter, then you should check out his YouTube Channel. Note that the language in these videos is Not Safe For Work:'s a comedian know...

I didnt had binacular effect but now i have

So basically i had a great view with my cv1 without any binacular effect or black borders, but now it has and i dont know why. First i saw this effect on Skyrim VR but now everything has it. Even oculus home. Can somebody help me please? Thank you

Anonymous by Not applicable
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MLB VR on Oculus Rift

As an early Rift adopter who now has a CV1 and a big baseball fan and MLB TV subscriber I was excited to see this was coming up:

Please help me

My rift isnt connecting to my computer ive tried everything install and update driver reinstall the launcher nothing please help me

Resolved! Oculus and USB connectivity

Is it possible to access MP4 movies and pictures on Oculus GO using the mini usb connection to a USB stick?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Rift losing tracking followed by black screen.

I just got my rift 2 days ago, it has been working great up to now. I started a game and it worked great for 10 min and then suddenly I started losing tracking, the controllers froze and then I got a black screen and the game crashed. is it a problem...

Lime12 by Honored Guest
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How to modify right and left side images from a photo

I am new at VR and want to create a series of images or modify photos making changes to the L and R projections independently. I am not a programmer. Id there a utility or technique that will allow me to do this? Thank you for your consideration. Guy

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