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Is there a way to play PC VR that doesn't break all the time?

My quest would get stuck on the loading screen 3 dots. I fixed it one time and then it stopped working the next day. I ended all of the oculus tasks on my computer then reloaded it. I'm using my HP pavilion 15 with a decent cable. It's worked before ...

minibo1 by Honored Guest
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Opinion: We REALLY need varifocal lenses

I love VR, but I don’t really use it all that much, because it’s not comfortable for more than short playsessions. I believe many feel the same. Amazing headsets are coming in Quest 3, Apple Vision Pro, and others, but I fear without varifocal lenses...

piven8 by Honored Guest
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Why not using mini-LED?

Want to raise another hot topic. Panels.So everyone is aware that the new thing is mini-LEDs. They provide benefits of OLED (vibrant colors, deep black) and lack its issues (resolution, burn out).Current issue is that mini-LED yields are very low. Bu...

Imgartn by Protege
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Resolved! Quest 2 library crossover.

Hi, If I purchase a Quest 3, I assume I can play any games I have purchased, but not on both of my quests at the same time? Can anyone tell me if that is correct. As I could have games I play that don't necessarily need the best graphics, on my Quest...

Meta unable fo change my address 6 days before delivery!

So this joke company that is meta will not allow you to update your address after purchasing one of their quest 3 that has not left their warehouse and is 6 days before release date.I have a previous address on my order, I have contacted support 4 ti...

Resolved! I have a question

I'm looking to get the Quest 3.But I am also concerned.Will getting into the Quest 3 erase my data? Like all the progress I made in the VR version of Resident Evil 4 or all my music packs for Beat Saber?

briechan by Honored Guest
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New to vr

Had a quest 2 for a bit but was put off from the graphics coming from 4k pc gaming so got rid of it. Now going to try a quest 3 or should I go fully pcvr with a different headset? I would like to be able to play in the living room cordless or take it...

kjenaneta by Honored Guest
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Resolved! After years of absence from Oculus/Meta I am Back October 10th

Having been a regular here for many years back when the awesome Cybereality was the kingpin. From Curry's today I pre-ordered the Quest 3. So that means back in the Meta camp after quite a lengthy hiatus. The last Meta headset I owned was the origina...

Resolved! Accessing recordings

Is there any way to access my recordings without syncing my headset to my phone?

Help! I got a reverb G2 V2 but have a laptop

My laptop (Legion 5 pro 16ACH6H) does not have a displayport. I got this vr used so I cant return it to the seller. I have a nvidea 3060 and Ryzen 7 5800H, I believe these specs should run the VR but after trying to use an adapter for the USB-C port ...

rujur6 by Honored Guest
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Oculus PC get overlays

It would be a nice addition if meta would develop an overlay system similar to steam overlays. For sim racing and flight simulators, it would be such a wonderful addition. The community has openkneeboard for flight simulators with Oculus but it is no...

Quest 3 link Cable

I have a Quest 3 on order and want to purchase a PC link cable off Amazon. I noticed the official one is USBC to USBC but my PC doesn’t have a USB C port . Can I use a USBC to USB like the Quest 2 and will I lose any quality? Thank you

Wait... No Dynamic Occulusion for MR on Quest3? D:

This sounds like a bad joke. Despite the fact that MR is one of the biggest features and major selling points of Quest3, despite the fact that Quest3 has depth sensor, MR of Quest3 is missing a very very important element. Without dynamic occlusion,...

tanubon by Heroic Explorer
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What amount of storage is recommended for someone who has never used VR before?

Rift VR & Point Clouds

Has anyone in the AEC industry had luck getting a point cloud/laser scan into VR? We have an existing point cloud in RCP format we are looking to view in VR.

djcusano by Honored Guest
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Resolved! The Meta App Purchases

Just a quick query, I am waiting for the Meta Quest 3 to release so I can buy it, but if I buy a game through the official Meta app before I have the headset, do I have to get a refund and repurchase it through the headset or not?

Australian import tax for items over $1,000

Hi,With the Quest 3 512 and Quest Pro being over the $1000 import threshold, even though the total calculated cost at checkout mentions no taxes, will we be charged for import tax separately, or could the item get held up at customs as a result?Thank...

Quest 3 audio jack

Was hoping for a replacement for the Logitech Chorous headphones. Since there isn't one and it isn't compatible with the Quest 3, where is the audio jack located? I'm hoping I can still use my Quest 2 in ear wired buds with the 3. The Quest 2 built i...

Pro controllers are stuck at 0% updating.

Hi I just got my Quest Pro controllers today and paired them to my headset (Quest 2), however I can't use them and a little pop up saying "Controller update in progress (Left 0%) (Right 0%)" keeps appearing evey 30 seconds, I left the controllers a w...

FlyboyQ by Honored Guest
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PLEASE stop FORCING updates on the user

If MY system is working and I'm having no issues with the basic operation of my RIft, I DON'T WANT UPDATES rammed down my throat.We don;t all want the latest little "bling" POS you added to your software.Also, some of us are on limited bandwidth conn...

flynvrtd by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Meta Quest 2 performance on Steam games.

Hello! Sorry for my english and probably a dumb question. I have almost none experience with VR and i'm planning on buying a Meta Quest 2 headset. I am not going to play built-in games(like the ones that you can play without a pc), but only connectin...

kasano by Honored Guest
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