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Oculus dk2 with Quadro 6000

Hi everyone My device doesn't seem to work anymore since the Oculus client was automatically updated from 1.29 to 1.32 about a month ago. ENV: windows7 + dk2 + oculus client 1.32.0 + Quadro 6000. This app prompts "The drivers on your NVIDIA Quadro 60...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Is this possible on Rift with Dash?

I haven't played Elite Dangerous in a long time because I get bored, but I'd be able to play much longer if I could bring in a Youtube window or something to watch video on a transparent overlay on top of the game, is this possible? I saw a very old ...

falken76 by Expert Consultant
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Can friends buy me games?

I will get an Oculus Go on my birthday. (In 3 weeks) I would like the idea that friends can buy me games for that. Is this possible?

Dolby brand headphones 10 hour gaming sessions

Engadget: Dolby Dimension review: Excellent sound, exorbitant price. really like the sound in the new Samsung odyssey. Also razer is coming out with haptic feedback headp...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Pimax v odyssey on 1070, msi vr backpack 2070 iitsec

Was talking with msi at iitsec, they make a backpack vr system. Confirmed a 2070 vr backpack option but was told no 2080 msi VR backpack would be built. They cant engineer around the cooling issues. those wanting to do ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Hey, I’d just like to make a quick shoutout to, RedRizla and Zenbane for being so awesome to me on the forums! Thank you so much guys~! You’re much appreciated?Sincerely Roenaris (Aka TheCuteCupCake)

Roenaris by Protege
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Help me

A few days ago during the Black Friday sale, I bought an Oculus Rift. Today I got a notification from the shipping company they work with that it had been sent back to Oculus in Hong Kong. I opened up a ticket with Oculus as well as doing a live chat...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Whats the longest you have spent in VR?

Hi Folks, Quick question! What is the longest you have spent in VR, in any one session? Have a marathon coming up, an with my new toy, i'm planing on spending most of it in VR!!Leave answer in comments below 

Glaidr by Protege
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Update screwed up video

Done an update today and now I see double. when I pick an program it some times clears up. For me it was an bad update. Can I roll it back to an earlier one?

ky4jw by Protege
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Iitsec 150 Fov Lockheed Martin ar hmd. Cae. Dental vr. got to try the new AR 150 fov Lockheed Martin hmd that premiered at this show. Hololens and magic leap might have some compet...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Forums

Hey all! Just a genaral statement: I really love this Forums site! Its really fantastic and all the staff on here are amazing (CyerReality) I have to say, at first it didn’t really make a whole lot of sense. But thanks to the help of Cyer I finally k...

Roenaris by Protege
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Windows 10 Spontaneous Reboot

Having a really bad time with this, so any help would be much appreciated.My Windows 10 PC is spontaneously rebooting while running the Oculus software AND the HMD is plugged in (but needn't be active). This tends to occur <10 mins of game time (Onwa...

MarsKat by Explorer
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Bye bye

My mother threw the box inside with the receipt for my oculus rift warranty.Once I have activated the oculus, I have noticed in my list game, i not see the free games that give you with the bundle.I contact the assistance and ask me the name, email, ...

D3v1lk1ss by Honored Guest
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Oculus Referral Program

Trying to get some 10 percent off codes to some relatives, and am getting this message: We have reached the maximum number of referrals available for today. Please try again tomorrow.I imagine there is a story behind limiting the number of referrals,...

How much is From other Suns right now?

I want my brother to get this game, but I can't see how much it is because I already bought it and Oculus doesn't show a price now for me. I take it there's no way to gift games to others yet? If it weren't an exclusive I would have purchased it on s...

falken76 by Expert Consultant
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Asterion Touch Controller Skins Review and Pics

All,Here's my experience with the Asterion Oculus Touch Skins. I got mine from Amazon for $20 a few days ago. They were delivered to me in a bag and had no sign of any duress from shipping. While I love the Touch Controllers the way they are, they di...

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STAR VR One Dev Program - $3200

There you have it. Star VR One is $3200 USD. Not as high as some imagined it to be. However, to get one, you need to provide details of your VR project.

What to upgrade?

Hi there,Christmas is on it's way and i planning to upgrade my system. On my current system every tried game/app works. Not with the best details and sometimes a bit jerking but it runs. A few times i have to pull oculus cable and reenter it to get i...

DerSchuki by Honored Guest
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Oculus Support System (Part 3)

Okie, I HAD to make one last statement about Oculus Support! I just finished talking to a worker named Lloyd! And even though I’m terrible with that kinda thing (Aka, talking to people and asking them for help) he was so nice and understanding! I fee...

Rift 2 Rift S Wide FOV on a 1070 laptop, SkyrimVR on a 1050TI

I remember cyberreality posting a video of himself wearing a laptop backpack solution. It was so cool seeing Andres innovate like this. Basically giving you the Quest level of freedom but with PC graphics power. So for this xmas I had many friends wo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Blind - VR for Desktop

Hello everyone!I come to the community with absolutely zero VR knowledge save for what I’ve read in the last week, which has not been helpful. And, zero VR experience save for ~20 minutes of playing with a headset last week at the NAB show in Las Veg...

BDMcGrew by Honored Guest
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Win 10 Update Audio Bug

...and I quote...Microsoft has revised the Windows 10 1809 Update History page again to list yet another issue with the latest version of the October update. This time it involves Intel display driver versions & which ca...

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