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Creating VR while in VR

Hi friendsBeen working on a VR level designer. It comes with a growing amount of objects and props, and your grab them with your touch controllers and position them, thus easily creating VR scenes.As we work to submit for Oculus, we also made it avai...

Nvidia Drivers - Latest stable version or stay with 388.59?

So are we still stuck using old drivers or is there any newer driver package that doesn't hamstring the Rift? The reason I ask is because with the last few drivers Nvidia has released, I get the horrible stutter when turning my head in games like Ari...

Ryuukon by Level 3
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Hi! I want to buy an oculus for my he is a 3d animator i need something suitable for animation programs such as maya and zbrush...any chance you could help me understanding which oculus could do the job? Thank you so much 

Nvidia ray-tracing?

I keep hearing everyone having orgasms about Nvidia's new "real-time ray-racing" GPU that is coming out... I don't totally understand it, but I kinda get it, that it's the much better looking method of rendering light and shadows that special effects...

nVidia Firmware Update to Boost VR Performance?

Saw this on ED forums today:'m about to give it a try. If you don't see me for a while, you know why Edit: It wouldn't update - says I have to wait for Windows Update before it can work, so I take that...

VR's slow growth ideal for indies?

Interesting observation by the devs at Polyarc - could this be a return to the aspirations that the DK1 engendered?

2080 Ti Details Already?

Lots of info and even full specs of the 2080 Ti have been leaked - not sure if it is all correct?Unfortunately for NVIDIA details of that card are beginning to leak. With VideoCardz, a website specialising in getting hardware details out revealing a ...

Resolved! Cannot see my converted 3D blu-rays in 3D with the Oculus

I have a program that converts a 3D Blu-Ray disc to a single 3D SBS MP4 HD video. This MP4 video then plays perfectly in my CV1 using Whirlgig or AutoplayVR. Picture quality is excellent. There is only one small problem. NO 3D effect. They are flat l...

New To Forum ? Don't click THERE

I see the "How to Guide" link on every discussion but it was abandoned in October 2016 after comment by@cybereality Oculus Staff.May I suggest copy or create a new HOW TO GUIDE and not allow comments then redefine the above link ?

I installed "escape/vr

the basement but when I boot it up all i see is a blank expanse and a few dark grey walls that do nothing. Can't teleport but can turn . oh yeah and an annoying sound like a drill being operated. Lil help please.

Oculus going live!

Not long to go until Oculus go live in September. Please keep it on your dairies for Oculus Connect 5. Thank you Regards, Daeyah Schneider.

daeyah by Level 3
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Anyone Tried Titanic VR ?

Just noticed this title is out of beta and released today over on Steam. If anyone's tried it I'd welcome their opinion as I have a real soft spot for VR experiences that are heavy on the experience... & atmosphere.Not that I don't trust Steam review...

VR games from steam dont use steamVR?

Some games i bought from steam dont use steamvr cause i press the home button on left controller nothing happens and because oculus home isnt running right controller just goes blank. even if i load the game from steamvr it doesnt use it.

Shipping time EUROPE ONLY

Hello,I know theres a couple more threads at least regarding the shipping situation of the summer bundles but we have people form all regions mixed in them, so we share and get info not relevant to our own region sometimes.That's why I think a thread...

Idea for a way to listen to music in virtual reality

Similar to the idea of emuvr, what if there was a way to listen to music in virtual reality where you could take your digital files and display them in an environment as vinyl records or cds that you could then insert into a turntable or cd player in...

OC5 - Let’s meet!

Hey All,OC5 is approaching and i’m sure lots of you on these forums are going. And I sure am too. I’ll be attending from UK and keen to meetup with everyone when over there. Feel free to PM me, or chat here, so we can all find each other and organise...

So what's everyone doing in VR these days? (Any device)

When I load up my Rift, I will either go through a 1-hour session of Beat Saber, spend time in Marvel Powers United, or purchase something entirely new for funsies.When I load up my GO, I'm either attending an Oculus Venues social event, or playing t...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Using GearVR with an S9 and Wireless Charging

Test Phone 1 - Had it connected over the night had checked it through the day it looked as if it was charging and checked I periodically throughout the day and before I left waited until I hear the charging sound, in the morning it was nearly dead at...

bnns-bc by Level 2
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Idea for an Upcoming VR Action Platformer

Hey All,My recently formed VR Development Studio came up with an idea for a VR game and we want to get general opinions on the idea before starting full development. If you would like to help us please read the general idea below and let me know what...

Zbook With Oculus..

HP has been agressively advertising it's Zbook with Vive and we are proposing to use it but with Oculus except that the issue is .... we can't get tracking like Vive since the 2 (or3) oculus sensors has to be clumsily connected to the PC running Rift...

Oculus Home Third Party Apps Icon Editor (open-source)

Hi,I made a tool that grabs Steam App Icon Images automatically and helps you change the icons easier. If you're interested in checking out, please let me know how it works for you. It's also open source!Here's a link to download:

How to purchase

Hi I am from Singapore, may I know how to purchase, can someone contact me or how to go about to purchase the Oculus go?