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Oculus Rift Wireless Sensors using FlexiHub

Before anyone tries anything, Flexihub is a service where computers can be used to send data from usb via local internet or such to other PC's. So, the thought was, what if a laptop had an Oculus Rift backpack mashup, and was using FlexiHub to connec...

Prosthetic Gait Training

I work for a prosthetic and orthotic company who specializes primarily in prosthetic legs. We're hoping to utlize the Oculus Go for gait training, to which the patient could develop better confidence in their steps. We're looking for simple software ...

cmeier1 by Level 2
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Flight Simulator Oculus

Hello everyone! I'm new to this site, and to VR, so I'm hoping someone can help me. I am a high school teacher working with a small group of students who want to pursue engineering or technology majors in college. They will be building a virtual flig...

judgelm by Level 2
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How to get a Oculus rift for pc game development?

I wanted to find out if there is some sort of program to apply for to get an Oculus rift for game development?.We are a start up studio in South-Africa busy releasing our first game on steam and would like to make it VR compatible.Kind Regards

RotoVR Chair

I have been looking on the Net at the RotoVR chair that is supposed to be for sitting in while using a VR headset, as it has a motorised swivel that the chair swivels on, so as not to get the cords going to the VR headset from tangling up, but I am s...

afm by Level 3
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Suggestions for alternatives to stock headphones

The thin ribbon leading to my left headphone (after the LEDs) cracked and split. I haven't tried resoldering yet...thinking of using some thin gauge enameled wire for repair, but that's another project. Headset was bought used, so I'm sure between th...

VR Objects for full body

Do we know if there are any plans to allows for the use of 3 or more VR objects using extra controllers?There are a few games I'd like to play that make use of the Vive Trackers on the hip and feet but currently Oculus only allows for 1 active VR obj...

IMU calibration

Hi!! I'm working with the Oculus rift CV1 in my degree final project. I'm trying to get position from IMU but I'm having some problems with its calibration. If I don't move the oculus the gravity value changed in different positions, I mean its absol...

Resolved! BOXVR et samsung gear

BBonjour je souhaite savoir s'il est possible de jouer à BOXVR avec le casque de RV Samsung gear. Merci à vous.

eacv by Level 3
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Roto VR chair

Has anyone on here purchased one? They are very expensive but seem super cool and useful. Looking for a review!

Pixel Ripped 1989 Level 1 Preview In The Oculus Rift years ago while looking through the now retired Oculus Share site I came across a brilliant little demo called Pixel Rift. Playing this in my DK2 was an awesome experience and left me wanting more an...

Audio using TV as monitor

Hello, All.I'm using my TV as the monitor for my computer and I've got the TV audio running through my Sonos system. Is there a way to play game audio through the Sonos? As is the TV audio is turned off to use with the Sonos so I'm not getting audio ...

Has anyone watched this US TV series yet ? is coming to the UK on the 2nd Aug on SyFy and the plot looks interesting.From the creator of Extant and starring Sarah Shahi (Chicago Fire). A former hostage negotiator is tasked with rescuing people who fin...

Occulus store

Hello guys i have a problem, i buy one game yesterday and i try to get an other one , and i cant get it i try paypal / Credit card and nothing works

Klokker by Level 2
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Question on using USB 3.0 Powered Hub?

I have my Rift and two sensors plugged into my Innatek PCIe USB 3.0 card. For the most part it has been working great. Here lately I am getting the occasional issue upon bootup of Win 10 where one of it's USB Hub's does not initialize and it is typic...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Replacing Headset Cover - Oculus or VR Covers?

Hey gang,I have had my Rift since Jan 2017 and while my room is well air conditioned so I don't sweat that much, my faceplate cover is well worn after almost daily usage.So I am looking to replace - was going to just order another from Oculus, but I ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Rift gamer with ipd 74mm

Hi. I love vr, especially on oculus rift (cv1). As I have ipd 74mm, There is no way to make my gaming pleasent and without headaches. Maximum possible on my cv1 is 70mm. Before I played games in vr on my cellphone. For that I bought 5 different vr go...

BOXVR et samsung gear

Bonjour je souhaite savoir s'il est possible de jouer à BOXVR avec le casque Samsung gear. Merci à vous.

eacv by Level 3
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licenses for different devices

If someone owns multiple Oculus Go's, I assume that they can log in to all of them using the same account and use the same apps. Is this correct? or What prevents a group of people from sharing the same account on different devices?