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VR Skydiving at iFly Indoor Skydiving

I've seen this at the iFly near me, but not tried it. It does look pretty cool and might be worth a try but I haven't had any friends make the leap for it. Unfortunately, it is significantly more money for me to experience a VR skydive as opposed to ...

Building a computer only for VR

I have a decent computer that I could probably upgrade a little and would be perfectly capable of running with the Oculus. Unfortunately it is a full sized tower, heavy, and I would have to carry it up and down 3 flights of stairs to get it back and ...

Mi1kman by Level 2
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Getting Frustrated with oculus support

Since the latest update I have the what seems to be a common problem of the height bug. ie in VR I keep getting taller making some games unplayable.So I raise a ticket, get repeated standard, questions most of which I communicated in my first ticket....

Positive comment from a complete beginner

Just a brief note to compliment the designers of the "First Contact" (Wall-E) demo. It's nice to look at and fun to "play", presenting many of the concepts needed to use the Oculus rift and controllers. An intuitive no pressure single user experience...

sford52 by Level 7
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How to record with Shadowplay Fullscreen?

So the problem i'm having is this..The game displays fullscreen (as required for Shadowplay) no problems, that's not the issue, it's the picture in picture thing that's a problem.. I'm guessing it's the overlay on an overlay that's causing it, but i'...

VR on laptops (share your experience!)

Hey there,Laptop owner here. It is well known that laptops and VR are not always a perfect match. Most of the time, people will recommend a desktop PC over a laptop if it's for VR.But not everyone likes that answer. Some people hate it. Some people n...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Project Cars which version??

I bought Project cars from Oculus which recognises my Thrustmaster TX wheel as Steam does not, but what version is the Project Cars that I bought from the Oculus store as it doesn't say if it is 1 or 2

afm by Level 3
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Search options request

Can we please have a little attention given to the forum search function?For example a filter or listing option, so that the results don't look like they were thrown on the screen in a mess, but have things like chronological order, as a minimum?I ju...


Could we please have profiles in a future update? It occurred to me, once I've got Rift set up properly on a new system, that family members and friends are going to want to give it a go but I envisage faffing about with the set-up every time is goin...

Multiplayer possibilities

Hello, My wife and I am exploring ways to enjoy multiplayer VR experiences. We currently only have one PC that is VR ready so I think we may not have a very good chance of achieving this. Thoughts:1.) Two headsets with only one PC is pretty pointless...

Where to put sensors

hi all hope you are all well?im a long time oculus user but in a small room,and I mean small room arms stretched out touch both walls lol.but now I’m getting my garage converted to a play room with plenty of room to swing a cat if I wanted to.My ques...

Near-Field HRTF

Hello,I just read the Oculus blog post about near-field HRTF, , and was wondering when this will be available for use in Unity?

mbzdmvp by Level 3
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Not moving much in VR

Hi I’m new here. I’m trying to see which VR headset is best for me while I save up for one. I’m going to be having a hp Pavilion Gaming laptopintel core i58GB memory 1TB storageGraphics Card will be a Gefore 1050i was wondering if it’d be ok with Rif...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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All I seem to do is have problems, I know this is an Oculus forum, but trying to get understandable help from Steam is impossible, when I go to steam to run Project cars 2 which I bought for running on my PC and not knowing that I would have to get S...

afm by Level 3
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Amazon Sales Numbers Reflects VR Sales!

Taken from a highly critical and generalist article (read here: are some of the tracked by Amazon sales rank data at Thinknum - Observation - I was not a total fan of the e...

House of Clowns????

I installed this House of Clowns experience awhile back. Now it's gone from my library. Nor can I find it on the Oculus Store. What happened?

how to make augmented reality tech

normally for augmented reality you need to take the distance of reality your looking at, then have the screen that shows the video a distance.what distance the screen is from the eyes depends on the image in reality the augmented image is cast on.tha...

Amazon going big with VR: Jack Ryan training facility

Ever since Amazon announced their Sumerian platform for building VR/AR experiences, I've been checking in weekly to see what their next move is going to entail. I really love that a giant like Amazon is backing the VR Industry and platform.I'm also a...

Zenbane by Level 15
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53.6 Million Steam Users Now Have VR Ready GPUs

Some great estimates have been made that point to the fact that even users who are not currently running a home PCVR setup, are acquiring VR Ready machines (piece by piece) unintentionally. So one day there won't be much of a question as to whether n...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Disney’s first VR short ‘Cycles’ debuts next month

Director Jeff Gipson said in a statement. "We hope more and more people begin to see the emotional weight of VR films, and with Cycles in particular, we hope they will feel the emotions we aimed to convey with our story."The Disney short will air at ...

LZoltowski by Volunteer Moderator
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My games won't reinstall.

It started when all my games uninstalled. I got on and saw that I had to reinstall them, I tried to reinstall one of them, and it started installing. After the game finished installing, though, it uninstalled again, instantly.