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Oculus Rift Store Website

Is there a way to download purchased apps from the Experience or Oculus Store Website, without going through the Rift Desktop App?

Doum76 by Level 5
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Main monitor in headset

This might sound confusing at first but here goes.I have been playing City Car Driving and not all of the prompts show up in the headset and will only show up on the monitor. Is there an applet that will allow you to have a floating window that is yo...

Wish list

Is there a wish list or is there going to be one added. Would be great for this time of year. hehe. Looking to buy catch and release but waiting for sale. Would like it if it was like steam and they emailed you if there was one on.

If you wear glasses - ways around it? more hassle with glasses that don’t fit. Let your VR headset wear glasses so you don’t have to.I was thinking of getting my eyes tested (just for the Oculus use) and getting a set of custom made in between lenses to fir on ...

Videotron ISP + Oculus Store/Sever (Montreal)

Greetings All,I would like to know if any of you guys, using Videotron as ISP near by Montreal (more likely South-Shore Saint-Hubert) are having issues downloading stuff on the Oculus Store. Since a few days i started getting trouble downloading apps...

Doum76 by Level 5
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Purchasing software for a public machine

I am in a university library. We are going to want to purchase software but not leave our credit card or other information in the account. Does anyone have suggestions on how best to handle this?

jillern by Level 2
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I'm looking for embedded browser for GearVR to be use in my application

Xu hướng của các nhà đầu tư bất động sản Đà NẵngGiá đất nền giảm mạnh, giới đầu cơ đang bắt đầu tháo chạy và “đổ tiền” vào những dự án bất động sản an toàn, có tiềm năng hơn.Phân khúc đất nền chững lạiThời gian qua, giá đất nền tại thành phố biển Đà ...

Will Santa Cruz be able to...

Run Beat Saber and Sprint Vector? What do you think?For now i really hate beeing tethered to my PC with those annoying cables(i know TPCast and the Vive Pro Addon is a thing).I just avoid games were i have to turn in RL because after a few minutes i ...

2 questions

How long is the summer sale gonna last and is Arizona Sunshine multiplayer only limited to friends?

Im at a lost!! Can not install Oculus

I have formatted my hard drive several times. Windows will not let me install Oculus. It is also stopping some other random installs. I have turn off my antivirus and firewall and I am at a loss in trying to figure it out. I am running an Alienware 5...

ky4jw by Level 4
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Oculus Rooms for CV1?

Is this available for the Rift yet? If not why not?

MowTin by Level 11
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USB Pci-e card recommendations

Hi everyone,My Oculus Rift has arrived and I will be setting it all up very soon. As I have 3 sensors in total, I wanted to get a USB Pci-e card. I would get the one recommended by Oculus, but I live in europe and I couldn't find a place to order it ...

NibGames by Level 2
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Playing non-oculus software on DK2 - Win7

Hi,I own a Motion VR Experience place at a mall and one of my headsets is broken.The headset we use is called Deepoon E2, which as far as I know, is a chinese version of the DK2.I wasn't able to find that headset anywhere but in China (or on amazon f...