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USB audio and charging solutions for Quest 3

Looking to see if any has or if there will be a usb audio and charging solution (somehow having both connected at same time) or if there is already one out there. (I have a Soundcore VR P10 dongle that I would love to use on my quest 2. Blutooth Has ...

Resolved! Population : ONE... again

Hey all, apologies if this has been asked a number of times already, but I used to play Population:ONE on my quest one... obviously no-longer supported, but can I connect my Quest one to my PC and still play it?I cant se the game in my Oculus PC soft...

Q3 tracking with golf attachment

A genuine concern/query i have.I play a lot of Walkabout Mini Golf and Golf+ using a (home made) VR golf club.The golf club is about 20" long and the controller is fastened to one end of it with your hands being 20" away on the other end.Now the new ...

Thug by Heroic Explorer
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Meta Quest for Brazil!

I would sincerely be so happy if Meta considered Brazil as a potential market for VR, although VR over here is not as popular as it is in North America or Europe, that is because most people haven't had the chance to get their hands on an easily acce...

All current Quest 3 reviews with Links

Thought it would be a good idea to get all the major reviews listed so people can waste some hours as they await a knock at the door  Youtubers Adam Savage tested Youtube Link Beardobenjo Youtube Link GamertagVR Link Matteo311 Youtube Link Virtual R...

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PC control interferes with Oculus quest 2 via quest link

In the option to be able to see what appears on the monitor in the Oculus quest 2 and it looks great on a large screen, then I want to play the other games on that large screen that is visible, so I connect the control, the PC recognizes it but also ...

Schnaizel by Honored Guest
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Oculus go standalone controller

Hi guys many idea were I can buy the oculus standalone controller from. I’m finding it hard to find online or can I buy a newer version of it. Thanks in advance

gavlar632 by Honored Guest
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Black or white knuckle strap?

Now that the quest 3 uses more than the ir lights to track the controllers, so the same way as hand tracking, will putting a black grip cover on the controller negatively impact the tracking since the software expects them to be white? Or will it act...

rift S right contoller stick spazzing out

the title says it mostly. does anyone know if I can get third party replacements since meta completely cut off support for the product line? my headset's been faithful since launch to this day and only recently the right stick started acting up. I do...

Resolved! Need little help with forum settings

Hey gang,I am pretty sure there is a way I can change the order of posts on threads, pretty sure I have done it in the past a few years ago. Currently when I click on a thread all the posts are showing in oldest to newest. I would prefer to have newe...

dburne by Adventurer
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For British Users - Sky Has a Wifi 6 Router

I saw this a couple of weeks ago and thought some of the British VR contingent would be very interested. It looks like they released a new router in July which does WiFi 6 - this can be a game changer for anybody using Air Link. I think it's £10 a mo...

OK, the Meta Quest 3 is out...Now what?

Up until now I have been using a second hand Quest 2 that I bought on eBay. It works fine, but I've looking for a significant upgrade. I want much sharper resolution. More 3D effect, if that's possible and a function of the headset, not the games. Sp...

m1axim9 by Honored Guest
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Open world game that is not a shooter.

Hello I am currently looking for an open world game, which is not a shooter, but in which there is also a certain kinearity and the player is not left to himself. I played Horizen Call of The Mountain the other day in a tech store near us , I only pl...

tryol0 by Honored Guest
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Prescription Lenses For Meta Quest 3

I am highly interested in the Quest 3 however it seems that Meta has dropped the ball on the prescription lenses for it. No one seems to have my prescription strength. I was able to get lenses for the Q2 no problem. Wearing glasses inside a VR headse...

Dragon36 by Explorer
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Quest 3! Great! Why do I want one?

In 2012, I was on the first Oculus and excited for gaming's future.Then Facebook bought them out. Then they bought out all competition. Then they stopped making games.If I was twelve, I'd love the reskinned lollypop crush game of the month. I'm not 1...

Is there a way to play PC VR that doesn't break all the time?

My quest would get stuck on the loading screen 3 dots. I fixed it one time and then it stopped working the next day. I ended all of the oculus tasks on my computer then reloaded it. I'm using my HP pavilion 15 with a decent cable. It's worked before ...

minibo1 by Honored Guest
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Opinion: We REALLY need varifocal lenses

I love VR, but I don’t really use it all that much, because it’s not comfortable for more than short playsessions. I believe many feel the same. Amazing headsets are coming in Quest 3, Apple Vision Pro, and others, but I fear without varifocal lenses...

piven8 by Honored Guest
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Why not using mini-LED?

Want to raise another hot topic. Panels.So everyone is aware that the new thing is mini-LEDs. They provide benefits of OLED (vibrant colors, deep black) and lack its issues (resolution, burn out).Current issue is that mini-LED yields are very low. Bu...

Imgartn by Protege
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Resolved! Quest 2 library crossover.

Hi, If I purchase a Quest 3, I assume I can play any games I have purchased, but not on both of my quests at the same time? Can anyone tell me if that is correct. As I could have games I play that don't necessarily need the best graphics, on my Quest...

Meta unable fo change my address 6 days before delivery!

So this joke company that is meta will not allow you to update your address after purchasing one of their quest 3 that has not left their warehouse and is 6 days before release date.I have a previous address on my order, I have contacted support 4 ti...

Resolved! I have a question

I'm looking to get the Quest 3.But I am also concerned.Will getting into the Quest 3 erase my data? Like all the progress I made in the VR version of Resident Evil 4 or all my music packs for Beat Saber?

briechan by Honored Guest
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New to vr

Had a quest 2 for a bit but was put off from the graphics coming from 4k pc gaming so got rid of it. Now going to try a quest 3 or should I go fully pcvr with a different headset? I would like to be able to play in the living room cordless or take it...

kjenaneta by Honored Guest
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