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Recall Quest

Dear Quest until you can update I.T for troubleshooting please do not sell another quest. This was our family game and we can't even play it. We paid over 100 bucks on the games and can't even install them. This is so upsetting bad service bad vr. Wi...

two factor authentication not working

When trying to log in via facebook within my headset it asks for a 6 digit authentication code but said code has failed to successfully send multiple times.

Resolved! Texting on oculus?

I know it's quest 2 is not cellular but is there an app that can send phone text alerts to the Oculus quest via wifi?


a question friends someone stole my oculus quest 2 in a hotel the problem is that I don't know how they got in and I wanted to know if someone can tell me how I can locate them I appreciate it 

Noise cancellation on a Quest 2

So I like having quest 2 noise cancellation. It helps a lot when you have friends or family who are being loud. However, I don't usually have loud people in my house so having the feature is unnecessary. I want to be able to disable the noise cancell...


I plan on buying the oculus 2 that comes with the hand controls. What accessories should I consider buying along with my planned purchase?

Oculus and the Mac Book Pro with Radeon R9 M370X

So I need to get a new computer for not only VR development but I also freelance, and having a Mac that dual boots is pretty ideal as I have clients on both windows and mac platforms. I was wondering if anyone has had the experience of working with t...

Meta's future vision - new interesting video

Meta just published this future vision - and I do like the vision: The idea is not exactly new, but maybe a great idea to show the average Joe what VR and AR can do. Already in 2016 similar videos were posted like: Concerning the content of Meta's vi...

hold-the-world.jpg ss_d10e2acaa5dc52a2578415ccbc58d327793c5562.1920x1080.jpg ss_1a93013929f7e9eef331c897edb50c17112a75b0.1920x1080.jpg ss_e5395aef306d87bc6651cfe600cd0a0b932956a0.1920x1080.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Syncing Multiple headsets to play video

Hi! I work for a anti-trafficking non-profit and am interested in having 10-20 headsets play one 360 video all at the same time with little room for user error for a special event.In other words, if guests could put the headset on and one point-perso...

Resolved! Left Hand Oculus Touch Model LX39EM

I was looking for something related to how to use oculus touch controllers standalone on pc but i found people selling oculus touch controllers for a 100$USD the thing is that it was just the left one and it was titled GENUINE left-hand oculus touch ...

Do I have to re purchase my games?

So I have bought games like gorn and such on my quest 2 itself and I was trying out air link today, in the menu I couldn’t find any of my games and in the store it showed I had to buy them again, so I have to rebuy them games to use them on air link?...

Camera Recommendations for 180/360 streaming?

I want to find a way to live stream in either 180 or 360 to the Metaverse. Ideally, there would be a room or place I would be streaming to, and I'm at a loss on several levels. First, which cameras can stream in 180 or 360 live without major latency?...

Trev602 by Level 2
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No battery and not charging

My oculus as no battery left and doesn’t want to charge I tried 2 different cables and tried to let it charge for many hours but it simply didn’t work


Hi, I have two questions about shipping. First with each one you send vr Goggles? and is a return available in case of damage? Ps. I'm from Poland

Codemasters F1 2022 - VR Likelihood *edit: It's coming!!! ‌

*Edited to include above preview video We now have some fantastic made-for-VR titles to enjoy. We've had VR support added to Fallout and Skyrim at quite an early stage. We now have a Microsoft Flight Simulator that has pretty decent VR built in. Ther...


Both Oculus and Gift Card Providers (Walmart, Visas) should be very clear and indicate obviously before as well as during point of sale that “NON-RELOADABLE, NON-REFUNDABLE” GIFT CARDS MAY NOT BE UTILIZED DIRECTLY TO BUY OCULUS VR CONTENT ONLINE. Ret...