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Kartenhinzufügen ( Mastercard)

Versuch seit 10 Tagen die Mastercard und PayPal Karte hinzufügen in mein Account Aber geht nicht. Kann mir jemand helfen? Oder die Telefonnummer geben.Danke


Can I change the comfort rating of games if so how? 

Uploaded branded company app to store?

Hello,I work as an independent developer and received an order from a customer. I'm supposed to develop an app for the Oculus GO. However, the app must be easy to download. The app is then branded for the customer's company.Is it possible and will it...

My left arm is feeling very weird

I got a oculus rift couple of days ago and the second night i played more then 5 hours and fell asleep after and woke up fine but the following day i played for 4 hours and fell asleep for 1 hour and I woke up with my left arm feeling very weird its ...

Fury98 by Level 2
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Fallout 4 VR - Looks Like HTC's Timed Exclusive Has Ended!

Bethesda have now patched in support for other HMDs. That makes the exclusivity period 136 days which is a bit of an odd number tbh. No idea why they decided on that number.Details here:

Anonymous by Not applicable
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What is Nerve Gear?

Dear All,I am just looking at my profile and I see in the discussion area typed Nerve Gear. What is that?

Amplifying locomotion with OVR

I am trying to 'amplify' the movement of a player in a virtual reality game. What I mean by this is that one meter of movement in reality is equal to 1.5 or even 2 meters in virtual reality. I'm using the OVR asset provided by Oculus; I can't find an...

rafvasq by Level 2
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oculus not connecting app and website

My username is bringmethere and my ip address at the moment is left my pc and oculus on for a few days and now it appears that my Ip address is blocked as the software and are blocked and will not connect. please help

OculusDebugToolCLI Documentation

Is there any documentation for the OculusDebugToolCLI.exe program available?I am having trouble with the command line arguments. I can send commands using the tool and it's CLI.But I cannot find a way to send a single command from the command line an...

ANTVR have launched an AR headset kickstarter

ANTVR made a VR headset back in 2014. It had a gun controller that folded into a gamepad, 960x1080 per eye at 90Hz and 100 degrees diagonal fov. It had just IMU tracking, like the Oculus DK1.Now they are back with an AR headset called the Mix.https:/...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Use a HDMI-USB 3.0 adapter for Oculus Desktop?

Hi everyone, I have a VR-ready Optimus laptop (so it has a NVidia GPU with an integrated Intel GPU ; not ideal for VR, I know, but it's not the subject), it's got only one HDMI port (no DVI port and such), meaning I can't use the "tear-out" function ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Any point in keeping a single account for the Rift and Go?

I've had the Rift for a while but now I'm thinking of creating a new account just for the Go. From what I can see, there doesn't seem to be any drawbacks in doing that (other than asking friends to add you twice) while there are a bunch of reasons to...

Best RTMP Viewer?

Hi Everyone -Can anyone suggest the best RTMP viewer for Rift with low latency?We've attempted this with both Open VR Player and DeoVR, both available in the Oculus store, and with Whirligig from SteamVR. Those viewers are created for movie replays, ...

MS update 1803, latest nVidia Driver and Rift = Silky....

Hi all,For anyone who's interested, I've updated Windows to the latest insider build and can report (for my PC) that it is a particularly smooth experience within the rift. I noticed the difference instanlty. For those that run Elite: Dangerous, you ...

[SOLVED] "Blank" keyboard - Oculus Dash

↓↓↓My Solution ↓↓↓ can I do to fix the Oculus Dash keyboard that appears without keys?It worked perfectly some versions ago, absolutely nothi...

Huge Design Error on the Oculus website

When you click on Experiences on the Oculus website, it defaults to the Rift app page. But it doesn't say Rift anywhere on the page. I just accidentally bought a Rift app because I didn't realize I wasn't looking at Go apps. Please fix this. I know i...

Japan Display builds 1001 DPI screens for future VR headsets

What I find interesting is the fact that it's an LCD, 120Hz refresh rate and 2.3ms response time. Is OLED quickly becoming obsolete as it cannot be pushed in this way?I know OLED has true blacks, but I find myself wondering if I didn't have the Rift ...

LZoltowski by Volunteer Moderator
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Sixense Stem Delayed Until October - Going Under?

OK i was looking around and found one of my old posts about the Stem system earlier. I had the Razer Hydra with my DK1 and it did make a difference. I was excited with the early demos of the Stem - one on each leg and one on the arms etc. but then th...

Image resolution in Rift

When I am using my Rift I am viewing my 24" monitor through my headset. All monitors, as well as TV's, are set up to broadcast images at 72 ppi (pixels per inch) for the best clarity. When I am in Rift viewing images, playing games, or watching movie...

The OFFICIAL "Show your VR room" thread

I'll be happy to begin - it could be fun to see other VR rooms and get inspired! I hope there's not already a similar thread (I tried to search, didn't find any)My wife doesn't think such equipment should be placed anywhere near the living rooms, thu...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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About friend requests

Hi I have a question about friend requests, If I click the add friend button it changes to a clock symbol or a cancel request button, my question is if a request is refused does it return to the original add friend symbol or does it stay on the clock...

werelamb by Level 4
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