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New update 0.9.3

The new update is terrible. I do t want to wait 30 secs for an opponent and then automatically go to an AI…..I also want it back the way it was. It searched all servers instead of having to pick one to search for opponents…….the 0.9.2 set up was the ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Update Issues - Won't Update Unless Antivirus is Uninstalled

A couple months ago I spent about three hours talking to the Oculus support team because it wouldn't install and update, nor would it finish downloading it. We came to the conclusion that the issue was my antivirus, even though it never detected any ...


when i try putting a payment in the oculus app and website it says unable to add payment method

etpro56 by Level 2
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Resolved! Ryzen 9 + 3070ti or Alder Lake i7 + RTX 3060

I am looking at tow Razer Blade notebooks that cost roughly the same: 1. Ryzen 9 6900HX + RTX 3070ti 2. Alder Lake i7 + RTX 3060 My consideration is the ability to drive current and future VR headsets. The question is : what is more important a sligh...

tgruene by Level 3
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Apps ang games

Browsing Apps and games from Sweden does not work on any browser. Any one who has this problem?

Cannot access games/apps on website

I’ve purchased a Quest 2 for my son’s birthday and I want to purchase some games for him- when I looked last week it seemed I could purchase as a gift. this week (last 4 days) I’m unable to access the games/apps part of the website at all, it just ha...

Should Phil Spencer/Microsoft buy out Oculus/Meta?

What do you think guys? With lack of support from Oculus. Do you think Phil Spencer should own Oculus? Like how Microsoft bought out Blizzard? Maybe we can start a Petition to have Microsoft SAVE Oculus from their down fall? Who wouldn't want to play...

SsjSora by Level 5
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not working

cant access anything on my oculus... anybody having these issues


i have an oculus quest 2 and i play this game alot but i cant hear anyone talking during the game. do you have this fix or do you know what the problem is? like how to unmute people. Everytime i hit the speaker icon next to the players name in the li...

mus_void_ambisonic.wav in Link/Air Link

Hi All. When I start Link or Air Link the "Void" plays in the background the sound file that appears to be mus_void_ambisonic.wav. This is not the background music in the "Home" which can be turned off. There appears to be no way to turn off the "mus...

$30 Referral credit

I have read the articles about how the referral works. I ordered my Quest 2 using a link referred to me. I need to know how to redeem my credit. Do I get a code? Do I get a link? What do I need to do to get it so I can use it?


When I would play like gorilla tag or other games, when I play, out of know where it takes me to the passthrough screen and then takes me back to the game. Every couple minutes or every 5 seconds or minutes and then it countinues to happend. I really...

bozzau by Level 3
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Thoughts on selling Oculus games?

I wanted to get your thoughts on selling a small game for the Oculus. I have released a free version of the game without Oculus support, and was considering releasing the Oculus version for $2-$3. Does anyone here have any experience/stories of selli...


i accidentally pressed never show again when it asked me to allow my oculus data to be on my computer when my link cable is connected and i want mod some of my games so iwas wondering if someone could help me out

Teacher needs help with 30 Go's

I wonder if anyone here can help me. I am a high school teacher who just inherited a full class set of oculus go's. ( new not used ) I have a Quest 2 myself and am able to sideload to that no problem. I can't seem to get the Go to do anything with th...

klicks7 by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 2 Project

Spoiler (Highlight to read)I had to make a commercial in my film class this year and I decided to use my Oculus Quest 2 as the main product/focus. I finalized it and thought it was good enough to share with everyone. I only used my phone. For editing...

Pico Entering The European Consumer VR Market Until now Pico has had 2 markets: - Consumer VR in China - Enterprise VR everywhere else But they've just announced they are going to release the Pico Neo 3 Link in Eu...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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I really enjoy playing my quest 2 with my kids in our own private servers, but playing online is disgusting. The toxicity of kids and young adults is overwhelming. It really takes the fun out of gaming and using any kind of communication when everyon...

Quest2 Link

I have been considering the Quest 2 for some time now. After reviewing the Link compatibility page, my laptop's GPU (NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1650) is not supported. Is this likely to change or is there a patch that can be downloaded? it worth ho...

On Sale list in APP store???

Why does the "on sale" option pop up when I am not logged in, but as soon as I log into my does not show up???

Aliased Text in menus

New to Oculus and I am sure this has been asked a million times, but no suggestions seem to address the core issue and I guess people just get used to it. Text in Oculus menus in the main UI and in AirLink are aliased and jagged. Its not a "blurry" i...

Quest 2 is simply horrible compared to Quest 1

I bought the Quest 2 recently and found that it is simply horrible in so many ways compared to the Quest 1, in fact all I can say is that - In every way possible the Quest 2 is just toyish compared to Quest 1, so much so that even though I have had t...

Smagigy by Level 2
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How do you differentiate users with username changes?

I know Discord has a system where each user has a unique ID that can never ever change, and is public to everyone. The client uses that ID to pull their current username, profile picture, etc, all of which can be changed because it is always associat...