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oculus go 6 DOF wow that was fast i want one for my go 

dc2889 by Expert Protege
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my oculus go

I received my oculus go early this week, and can't wait to play with it. Here are some of my thoughts and feelings. Pros:It's comfortable wearing it, nothing bothers me on the material side. Hardly notice any light leaking into the headset. So, the i...


Oculus Products/Services

Well after a few weeks having my Oculus, got to say i'm impressed so far, with the product yet, but also, the customer service. Initial order got home pretty fast, no delivery surprises, no nothing, the price paid on purchase was the end price. When ...

Doum76 by Expert Protege
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What has surprised me with oculus Go

We tend to know our onions on here and knowing the hardware and limitations of 3DOF I think people here had realistic expectations of what to get out of the go.... And it has not disappointed.But what amazes me is after launch I fully expected there ...

I want there to be Oculus Plus

Dear all,I hope all is well.I have an idea for Oculus and its called Oculus Plus.Imagine viewing photo's and unseen video footage made by superstars in Hollywood or Bollywood and actors and actresses here in UK. All they have to do is name a price fo...

Saffieyah by Expert Protege
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Misc questions for experienced Rifters.

Just got a bunch of random questions. If anyone can help me out, it would be much appreciated  What is the best render resolution target? Obviously the higher the better, But because of pre wrapping the image to counter the lens distortion on the ri...

Home recent list seems to be playing up

For a week or so now, I've been getting unplayed games turn up at the start of my recently played games list.Being a paranoid person, I thought someone had gotten hold of my Oculus account and was playing my games.... or someone in my house was playi...

Oculus touch issues

ok so my right trigger is harder to press Down than my left. Like if I keep using the right trigger, it’s works out it out and I don’t have the issue. But I don’t press it for a minute or over, the issue starts again. Please help .

Oculus Rift Rental in Brooklyn, NY?

I have a Rift system but wanted to rent another for a simple LAN party, this Saturday night. This is in Brooklyn, NY. Is there anyone out there who would rent, without breaking the bank? Thanks!

PC To TV (With audio)

Hi!So, i only have 1 hdmi port in My graphic card.. (which the Rift is plugged into) How Can i get the display onto My TV, preferaby WITH audio. I thought i could just plug a hdmi into the port i have higher up.. But it doesnt work.. (attaching shitt...

tbul960oi6w2.jpg 577xlbgl90at.jpg
MGSchmidt by Honored Guest
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I'm a proud rift owner for 2 years and just received an oculus go as well. I did the setup as instructed and the final thing was to pick entertainment experiences I like. Then it asks to choose in the universal menu oculus home. I pointed at home pre...

inovator by Consultant
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Are there any severe health risks?

I am 14 and I am kind of worried about the health risks. Will my eyes be negatively affected. Will my brain be negatively affected? Would appreciate help!

Razor13 by Honored Guest
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OK here's my take on Oculus Go

As if there aren't enough threads on Oculus Go, I just got one today but I've only used it for about 3 hours so I'm still learning the device a bit. This is the summary of my experience so far.TLDR - Oculus Go has a sharp and clear sweet spot and is ...

Rift SI 1.26 Is Rolling Out to Public Test Channel

The latest Rift SI version 1.26 is starting to roll out to the Public Test Channel. This month's update brings Events to Rift! Events are a new way for you to discover and join public events, such as tournaments, meet ups and concerts. Bigscreen, Set...

Oculus games announced at E3?

With E3 coming up in June, there's some good talk about new VR games. I'm interested in not only having my Rift library increase, but also that of my GO!Hopefully Defector will make a debut: of course, Ec...

Kartenhinzufügen ( Mastercard)

Versuch seit 10 Tagen die Mastercard und PayPal Karte hinzufügen in mein Account Aber geht nicht. Kann mir jemand helfen? Oder die Telefonnummer geben.Danke

lamalink by Honored Guest
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Can I change the comfort rating of games if so how? 

Mrblond50 by Honored Guest
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Uploaded branded company app to store?

Hello,I work as an independent developer and received an order from a customer. I'm supposed to develop an app for the Oculus GO. However, the app must be easy to download. The app is then branded for the customer's company.Is it possible and will it...

Jaudatus by Honored Guest
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My left arm is feeling very weird

I got a oculus rift couple of days ago and the second night i played more then 5 hours and fell asleep after and woke up fine but the following day i played for 4 hours and fell asleep for 1 hour and I woke up with my left arm feeling very weird its ...

Fury98 by Honored Guest
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Fallout 4 VR - Looks Like HTC's Timed Exclusive Has Ended!

Bethesda have now patched in support for other HMDs. That makes the exclusivity period 136 days which is a bit of an odd number tbh. No idea why they decided on that number.Details here:

Anonymous by Not applicable
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What is Nerve Gear?

Dear All,I am just looking at my profile and I see in the discussion area typed Nerve Gear. What is that?

Saffieyah by Expert Protege
  • 8 replies
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