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blue light filter in game app?

does exist an app for oculus rift that give a blue light filter for preventing issues at the crystalline lens? Oculus can you make this option if it's possible please?

Dan1018 by Adventurer
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GPU Prices set to return to normal sooner than later

Great NEWS!"According to Digitimes, Taiwan-based graphics card makers Gigabyte Technology, Micro-Star International (MSI) and TUL (PowerColor) expect to see April shipments drop by about 40%. “Channel distributors and larger mining farm operators hav...

Oculus Partnership with Fanbase VR

Dear All,I am hopeful that oneday there will be partnership between I and Oculus VR. They are an amazing company. I love how they partnered with Samsung and their advert was ''powered by Oculus''. Oculus is a well established company and to be part o...

Saffieyah by Expert Protege
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A few things i want to get off my chest...

I have now had my Rift+Touch for about a month or so. Here's a list of gripes i have or have had so far:- Sound is often not on in the Rift HMD, regardless of which HMD device setting i have on (mirror vr audio, hear non-vr apps in vr). Sometimes it ...

OndeTv by Explorer
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Thinking about buying the Oculus Rift need some advice..Thanks

What does the video quality look in the headset? Pixelated or HD clear ?Where you first disappointed in the video quality and you put on the headset for the first time or blown away ?What are a downsides ? I have heard all the the good things about t...

stils by Honored Guest
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Thanks, and PVP?

I want to thank the Epic team for an outstanding game.I am an old school gamer (cut my teeth on Pong in 1979), I have played a lot of games, this one tops them all.And, if it had PVP, I wold probably drop every other game I am playing and focus only ...

Nomex_G by Honored Guest
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Sensor setup up menu in dash 2.0 is now missing?

A feature I used all the time was running the sensor setup from within the dash 2.0 menu, by accessing settings, and then using the sensor setup check to adjust the headset from whether I was sitting (for skyrim) or standing (for most everthing else)...

In two days I am on level 2 already yeepee

Hiya Oculus Forum Peeps,I am quite liking this Oculus forum. Although people are not putting their own photo's on display and hard to know who is male and who is female at times; I am finding this forum to be quite interesting. Kindest regards,Saffie...

Saffieyah by Expert Protege
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download issue

Hi,having the same software update issue.Downloaded oculus set-up again and tried repare,this made it worse now some of my installed games wont play at all.Allso tried clearing download cache,made no difference.Any help thanks.

mac9562 by Honored Guest
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Locomotion categories in games description in Oculus Store?

Greetings Team Oculus. You guys ever thought of adding in each games description on the Store or descktop store apps the categories of locomotion as we find the type of game etc..etc so in reviews we'll stop getting annoying people comments about lo...

Doum76 by Expert Protege
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Is there any way to get DK2 working with High Sierra?

I rely pretty heavily on my DK2 for VR video editing in Premiere and After Effects, and although I heard there were issues with Unity and High Sierra, I didn't see any reports of DK2 HMDs being made redundant with HS.However, having now finally updat...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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New VR sim racing channel!

Hi guys, and girls! (if there are any sim racing girls on here)I recently started a VR channel, mostly aimed towards closet sim racing. That's what I mainly use VR for. Just thought I could share it here, to see if it could be of any interest for any...

rVRcloset by Heroic Explorer
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Your Top x Favorite games on the Rift?

Moments ago I beat Lone Echo for the first time, and wow... it's one of those "left me speechless" moments. As a result I started reviewing my Library, which dates back to 2016, and naturally I wanted to compile a list of some of my most memorable VR...

Zenbane by MVP
  • 73 replies
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Marvel Powers United VR still on deck for this year release.

"UploadVR spoke to Oculus Studios EP Mike Doran who confirmed that the Sanzaru Games-developed project is still on deck for release later this year. "Here is my prediction, the game has been finished for a while but will make a perfect bundle/exclusi...

Video Question , I need some advice...

Over all my video is good in my rift but a few months ago I started to see some video distortion in some of the video's like in 3D Experience or Littlstar or Foodie 360 videos. My games play well but in 360 videos I have some trouble with an pixel li...

ky4jw by Protege
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Oculus and working out anyone?

So I love some of the more active oculus games like Beat Saber and it got me wondering;What games do any of you play to get some good carido in you daily routine? Also as a side question, does anyone have tips on keeping the foam clean? I can't keep ...

USB Freeze

My USB devices freeze when Oculus software starts, does anybody else get this and is there a fix?

Thinking of buying the Oculus Rift....

I've been on the fence so looking for some feedback please...- is it wise to buy the current model, or is there an improved model coming out in the near future?- I'm not a huge gamer, but I will do some gaming, but honestly love the idea of the deskt...

nidania by Protege
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Oculus Home (decor): Patio Challenge

Recap:In February we had the Bathroom Challenge: March we had the Living Room Challenge:

pf80kbp08cuj.jpg fq3cq86uwg5o.jpg
Zenbane by MVP
  • 59 replies
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Sick to death of constant updates with ZERO release notes

Between work and family commitments I get one or two nights per week that I can find time to sit down and play. Lately it seems almost every time I start up my game (multiplayer) becomes so laggy its unplayable - so I check Oculus Home and sure enoug...

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