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Inactive Username and what (i think) the devs should do

There are lots of cases all over any application that uses usernames where someone with a great username stops using the application, and that great username, which could be used by an active user is taken... forever. This shouldn't be the case.What ...

Authorized Retailer

Good morning, I introduce myself, I'm David Fernández, from Cordoba, Spain. I have a gaming company with an online store and physical stores and I wanted to sell Oculus products, I would like to be an "Authorized Retailer". How can I contact? My emai...

Switch accounts on iPhone via Facebook

I set up my Oculus account yesterday, connected to my already existing Facebook profile. Downloaded the Oculus app on my iPhone and it linked to my Facebook for logging in. This morning I set up an Oculus account for my kid. I created a basic Faceboo...

Trafty by Level 2
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Quest 2 contractors

Could do with your help people , my contractors game …. Comes on when opened , then when I pick a lobby , the game freezes with a black outline ,then goes back to the quests Home Screen , I’ve tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling (4-5 times) ...

Upload an app - oculus developer hub problem

HelloI am trying to upload a virtual reality app for architecture in the oculus store via oculus developer hub.When I try to upload the app I get a banner with the following errors: ********************************************************************...


30% off periodic promo

Quick question regarding these promos that come up monthly or periodically.Is it just for 1 purchase, or can it be applied to multiple purchases until the due date? Kev

okko by Level 4
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Hi there,does anyone know, where i can get the ECCN ( Export Control Classification Numbers) and HTS numbers (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) for the Oculus Rift?many thanks in advanceThomas

Resolved! Quest 2 question

Ok so i was in a house fire and lost my vr and a couple accessories but I would want to know if all my game data would save if I would get another vr…

Meta Community Login Issues - TomC

As of the last 3 days I seem to need to login ~3x in order to properly login to this forum. This is with the latest win10, nvidia 511.79, and Chrome updates. Also tried clearing my browser cache. Not sure what the problem is bit it's a bit of a pain ...

Headset Not Returned from Repair for over 4 months!

Please see the following link if you have the same issue and post your comments so we can look at taking action as this is clearly quite a common issue:

Kizd by Level 4
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SteamVR/Oculus connection with base stations

So, I heard you can use the HTC base stations along with the quest 2 in a Full-body tracking setup using steam VR. I was able to connect all the quest parts such as the headset and controllers to steamvr, but I couldn't get the Bluetooth settings to ...

Oculus Rewards!

Hi, My name is jeshua. I am working on a oculus rift rewards program where you try 3d experiences and earn points and redeem for paypal!I Need Beta Testers! lolWithdraws are disabled until released.My Discord is: Lumpyboss#0906If you have any ideas p...

Virtual Environment Menu Option

Just got my Quest 2 today and i saw that you can change the virtual environment through the menu setting however the Virtual Environment menu option is not shown in my settings. Is there anything else i need to turn on/off? Im stuck on the standard l...

Writing on the wall with the pen

I am deaf. I want build pen for writing on the wall for communication with the hearing people from deaf people. can you give me instruction script ? because I want build deaf coffee and put some wall for writing for the communication thank you

How can I make money from VR?

OK, I'm an indie game developer on a shoestring and I've got the VR bug and I am now the proud owner of a Rift Dev Kit.But there is a problem my funds are very low, think tin's of beans low.So the challenge is how can a Solo indie game developer make...

Arowx by Level 3
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Oculus VR

What will be the best Oculus VR mask you would advise for professional formation? Sam from Digital and Human.

Problems with vr headsets

I'm a second year multimedia and animation student.I'm currently working on a ux project based of vr. As a part of my research I would like to know the problems you guys faced while using vr headsets and indulging in a experience.

Communication for deaf people from Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds need add live caption for deaf people. Also need add pen and pads or keyboard with the arm for communication with the hearing people from the Horizon Worlds that very important for deaf people. because I am deaf too.

Resolved! Discord

There should be discord VR for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2

*in Polish* Problemy z przesyłką

Miał ktoś z was większe opóźnienia z przesyłką? Mi piszą od 5 dni, że zamówienie dalej jest ,,przygotowywane do wysyłki" trochę osobiście dla mnie to niepokojące, interesuje mnie, czy ktoś miał podobnie.

Resolved! Down the Rabbit Hole

I’m in the area with the singing bird. I could not figure out how to get the bird to lift its foot so I looked in a walk-through and see that they have five blue flowers. I only have three flowers. As suspected, it’s critical that you have five to so...

Locked out

Can anyone please help. My 8 year old daughter managed to create a unlock pattern that she does not remember. Needless to say we are locked out. I have followed all the steps to reset. But for whatever reason I can’t get my phone to connect to the VR...

Boycott Beat Saber!

Beat Saber needs to fix its issue with DLC/ Music pack sharing. It is insane that we can't share purchased music packs and it is even more insane when I give in and agree to purchase the same music pack twice I am now informed I need to purchase the ...

GemmaKat by Level 4
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Resolved! Environments are gone?

Hi guys! I've been away for a few month, and when I came back, my Meta quest 2 didn't work anymore... I had to factory reset it. Now it works, but the environments are gone (except the default one). I can't find the option anymore.... Can somebody po...