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Meta quest vr modivication

 This is my left hand and it is a suitable way to use your fun device, unlike the gaming tools of the Xbox and the PlayStation, so please took us into consideration, I strongly want to try your product and thank you.


Bigscreen Beyond or Varjo Aero?

To everyone waiting for the Varjo Aero's price to be reduced, you're welcome! I just placed my order for Bigscreen Beyond yesterday and here we are.After waiting ages for the right headset to update my Index, I finally pulled the tripper on the BSB b...

margiweno by Honored Guest
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Software / Hardware

I've been a computer user all my life.I got given the Occulus Quest 2 as a gift a couple of years ago. I have to admit, I find the Occulus software / hardware and it's connection to the PC to be THE most confusing, unintuitive, badly designed piece o...

VR for over 60 year old

Its interesting that Meta advertise generally at a younger generation There images and app games etc deinitely geared as if older guys wont be interested in VR The images and vidoes are either cartoonic or space furutstic. I used Fit for quite a whil...

Brian399 by Honored Guest
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Working In VR or AR

Is anybody already holding meetings in VR? Anybody doing general productivity? I made a thread about using passthrough and trying out some of the mixed reality games on the Quest Pro a few weeks ago (I'm blown away) and with the reveal of the Quest 3...

Is an original HTC Vive setup with buying?

I'm thinking about getting a VR setup. I want to use it in blender to do some 3D modeling and sculpting, maybe a little gaming too. I have a Ryzen 9 RTX PC, so I'm not worried about lacking power. I can get a slightly worn HTC Vive for $150 with all ...

h1yman by Honored Guest
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Bogo and Dead and Burried will stop working on March 15 2024

I just received an email from Meta saying that at 11:59pm on March 15 both the Quest only virtual pet game Bogo and the Rift/Link only single/multiplayer shooter Dead and Buried will stop running. There may be more, these are just the ones I own. One...

kojack by MVP
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Resolved! Why is Meta breaking old Quest Rift Link with Updates?

It seems every new update makes the Rift Link Cables less and less effective, why code to inconvenience your users? Wifi connections will never be as powerful/reliable as hardline cable and many of us shelled out the extra funds for an official cable...

Missing Oculus Go controller

Hey folks.Got an Oculus Go recently, but I do not have the stock controller that comes with it. For some reason a replacement is 45+ dollars which I do not have right now.When I set up the Go with my phone, it takes me to a setup page to connect a co...

Resolved! Rtx 3050's

How long will it be until my graphics card gains support. Its quite stupid how many people are getting screwed over buying computers with unsupported cards. I was one of those people and oculus has yet to even put a disclaimer out. All I want is a si...

Avatar deletion

So, obviously this is an issue. So, instead of posting on the forums constantly and getting the same "go to the ideas page and talk about the issue". tempted to just find all the mods and get everyone to message them. At some point, something has to ...

Grinzwald by Honored Guest
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My PC isn't compatible to airlink to my quest 2 so if anyone knows a cheap desktop/laptop or anything that meets the requirements.Requirements to use Meta Quest Link | Meta Store Please help if you know Many Thanks

How Do I Chat with a Meta Agent?

I’m so frustrated with Meta/Facebook/Instagram! I can’t figure out how to speak to a live agent. Need help getting into a hacked FB acct. so I can use Oculus 2. Went thru everything they recommend on-line, including providing proof of identification....

we3inbigd by Honored Guest
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Glases Customer,

Meta, is create emojis, create others glases virtual reality, and glases hologram, reality is Meta creation is Meta, share it, wow, is newspaper, looks news emirates, I'll leave it to the companies, I think it's a great idea, 2013 to 2024, I am Mexic...

VR vs AR, which one will have a greater impact?

AR is augmented reality eg Hololens (by Microsoft). The view of the real world is unobstructed, with an artificial overlay.I think AR has the potential to become a day to day experience, like smartphones but without needing to "switch attention" or e...

EIw by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Missing device

My son's oculus meta has gone missing from my house is possible to block it until I sort it out.

Graphic card compatibility

Hi all I’m looking into purchasing a gaming laptop to expand my kids VR experience. I’m not very savvy with determining the graphic card compatibility though, so am hoping someone can help. I’m looking at two laptops atm, one has NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3...

MelGoodie by Honored Guest
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Delete images Via the oculus app.

I had some photos on my oculus headset that I wanted to get rid of. They had synced to my phone. I went to my oculus and deleted some photos, however, on one insists, I click delete instead of unsync and delete. Now some of these photos are on my ocu...

Paradiso Virtual Environment Caution

Recently, I used my Oculus for the first time in a little while. And as usual I went through and downloaded all my update files and browsed a bit and found the new Virtual Environment "Paradiso" and as such, I went to try and use it to see what it wa...

xArduinx by Explorer
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Vr rehabilitation apps

Hi, I'm looking for new VR apps that I can use for neuro rehabilitation centre (I work for patients with neurodegenerative disease or Alzheimer patients). I know that Meta is working on new app in this field as well, but it would be awesome if I coul...

revat6 by Honored Guest
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promo code

is there any rpomo codes i can actually use for buying a headset, I just need to know please

Let people use the old menus

Let’s have the old main menus of the quest come back like how in 2020 we had the black And no colorful icons like some people want that but other people want version 16 back in like when the original quest came out

Antbutt by Explorer
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Are you regularly using VR headsets?

Hey all, I'm going to get my first VR headset soon (HTV VIVE PRO). I was wondering how many of you regularly use your VR headsets and for what purpose (also depends on your definition of 'regularly'). I head some stories of people that mostly use VR ...

miskas3 by Honored Guest
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So many hackers

Pc and oculus should play on different servers as pc players hack far to much… pop one use to be fun.My last game my own teammate lunched into the sky (with no jump pad) and flew across the whole map he killed 15 people and never died!!!! We won but ...

dobber22 by Honored Guest
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Meta lowers VR age restriction to 10 with new account type

I'm not sure if its rolled out yet, but Meta is adding a new account type for children aged 10-12. These accounts are managed by a parent account. Some features: Only a norm...

kojack by MVP
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