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Oculus Rift Intro Sample

When I first set up my Rift I was extremely excited and after setting up the headset my Oculus Rift began an Intro Sample. I was amazed as I looked around for the first time. A cartoon like scene with a stream, mountains and lake. The view and sound ...

xotic9x by Level 3
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New posters with your $15 dollars

Hey new posters, don't leave now you're all fixed...........hang around. It's so much fun here, loads to see and do and spend your compo on 

VR Cable belt clip

Well, I was getting fed up with the cable being in the way. So here is the fix, "if you have a 3D Printer" This little belt clip fits your belt and keeps that awkward cable behind you at all times.Here is where to get the files needed.

CR055Y by Level 2
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SUPPORT: Oculus Black Screen / Display Shuts Off

So, I have had MANY issues with this Oculus non-sense.First it was the sensors shutting off randomly, the controllers not tracking correctly, and a whole other heap of issues out-of-box.I've only had it for maybe a month or more now, and I've solved ...

oGhosti by Level 3
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Stargate: Origins

So is anyone else going to watch Stargate: Origins in Bigscreen Tomorrow?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Runtime Error

This error is honestly obnoxious, and then throw in the fact that I got my Oculus Rift today, and you can imagine I'm annoyed. Though, when will this error be fixed? New computer, new VR. Annoying.

Why u may want to consider a Playstation vr

I love my oculus cv1 and use it often. Unfortunately for me I have to move around furniture and do a set up every time. My brother that lucky bastard is able to keep it set up. The main reason I purchased Playstation vr was for resident eviL and far ...

inovator by Level 12
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When the certificate expired, Windows stopped recognizing Oculus Runtime Service and thus stopped allowing it to run—for good reason, I might add. As the end user though, this manifests as a pretty opaque "Can’t reach Oculus Runtime Service" error.It...

Third sensor placement in an awkward room?

This is my current layout. It's far from perfect but tracking works great in front-facing and gives me a "moderate" play area according to the app. I would love to get a third sensor but have no idea where i'd place it. The bookshelf is very far from...

MrKaru by Level 5
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xbox one app

I can connect to a party chat and hear my friends but they cant hear me while I'm in vr is there a way to fix this

Under 13's using Oculus Rift

I'm on a Facebook group (Oculus VR) and posted an article about the possibility of VR causing damage to children. It was a post for discussion only, but what it did turn up was a general consensus from people: 'as a parent, I decide what's OK for my ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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What first for a noobie?

Before I spend money can you guys recommend some freebies to whet my appetite. I was impressed with the demo especially the bit where I was looking down a long way, that was a bit scary?

Forum Structure / Organization

Is there any way it would be possible to get a bit more structure in the forum organization? Community activity has created enough content that perhaps it's time to consider adding subcategories or similar if possible, to group types of content withi...

hey ergonomics team. My scalp goes numb after 10 minutes.

I think I posted about this a couple years ago when I first got my Rift. It's still a problem for me. I have tried everything.I perceive the relevant skull factors to be:1) I have a strong occipital bone structure (strong rear skull).2) I have weak z...

VR A battle for the soul

VR Fitness Series Week 5 - Sparc here we are at the one month mark in our journey into the world of VR fitness and I have to say we are both impressed with our results so far. In the past 4 weeks of doing this I am happy to say I have lost 18lbs and St...


Seriously considering purchasing an Oculus Rift (it's currently in my cart) but I'm wondering how many sensors I need. 2 come with the bundle but I've seen posts about 3-4 being optimal for the full experience. Just wanting to know exactly the best s...

Laptop +USB Hub + Sensors + Hotas + Keyboard

Does anyone know how well Oculus will perform? My brother has a good laptop that is VR ready. I want him to start playing DCS World with me, he has three sensors. The laptop has limited ports. He needs to be able to add a Hotas and a USB keyboard. He...

Commercial Use License

I am looking to purchase a few Oculus rift headsets for commercial use. Would I need to buy a commercial license for each device, or am I covered by purchasing one license and then the other devices at the $400 price tag?

Oculus GO Comparison Chart

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