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Dissertation on authentic VR

Hi everyone,I am a university student doing my dissertation on consumer experiences with authentic VR in a live event setting (music, sports etc.). I wanted to get some responses regarding this from those who use VR often. Attached to this forum post...

Spatial Video on the Quest

OK I'm a big fan of all immersive video/media so I'm really happy that spatial video is now on the Quest 3 and hopefully soon we'll be able to have it on there with the click of a button from our iPhone 15 Pros - nice! But, I've watched videos from v...

Are Pro Controllers Physically Same

New Pro owner. I see several gaming acccessories that physically connect to controllers, for instance, pistol like accessories for shooting games. None of the accessories market themselves as compatible with the pro controllers. Are there physical di... by Honored Guest
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Headstrap with Battery pack

Can anyone recommend a comfortable headstrap with a built-in battery pack 樂 Thank you .Lol for my quest 3

slick114 by Honored Guest
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Amazing things are so close yet so painfully out of reach

So, I was playing Cyberpunk VR mod just recently, in the DLC area, and for some reason I was randomly hit by a sensation of hyper immersion from the detail of the environment. It was kinda strange since I haven't really gotten such a strong sensation...

Which Augments Do We Want To See?

What augments will be useful? Are you after fun ones? I'm hoping for the obvious - a calendar I can see every time I go into VR. I'm also hoping for a "digital photo frame" - one that shows 3d pictures in a slideshow. Maybe a fancy coal fire too, tha...

The Open Facial Interface We've Been Waiting For?

I went looking for an open interface again and found this So Fluid have a discord where I think they are handing out the file so you can 3d...

What is a good alternative to fullbody tracking with PCVR?

I am currently selling my Index full kit + 3.0 vive trackers, and will be sidegrading to the Pico 4. Since I won't have base stations anymore, I'm wondering what some good alternatives would be? Trackers that are WiFi/Bluetooth based would be my prio...

kohramach by Honored Guest
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Living in South Africa hurts getting the Quest 3

The Quest 3 will not available in South Africa for a while yet. We can buy the Quest 2 here locally but it cost the equivalent of about $568 here. I ordered my Quest 3 through Meta but they don't deliver here to South Africa so, luckily, the service ...

Don't forget to claim your Quest+ games!

Got a year's free Quest+ VR subscription with the Quest3 and until today have totally forgotten to claim each month's free games... doh! from How do I redeem my new Meta Quest+ titles every month? On the Inter...

New Oculus Quest2

My Wife and I recently purchased a new set up the oculus quest 2 from finger hut and it is very poorly designed! We still have the oculus quest and love it! The older quest has more durability and fits better on your head. The new oculus 2 has a jock...

kennij210 by Honored Guest
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Is there no money in PCVR or what?

Am I naive for thinking if meta ported AC:Nexus to PC that the hundreds of thousands of PCVR players would make them profit? Or would it genuinely cost too much for them to port it? I know PCs have way higher entry prices, but what about everyone who...

Resolved! Quest 3 Astro A50 compatibility

I’m just about to buy a quest 3 and was wondering if my Astro A50 headset would work with it if I’m using it with my pc. Looked everywhere and couldn’t find an answer

Why Aren't More People Into VR Gaming?

Just wondering why VR gaming isn't catching on as much as we thought it would. None of my crew seem to be into it. Is it 'cause the gear's too pricey or 'cause the games aren't hitting the spot?

miyonfaga by Honored Guest
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The Vision Pro Makes me sad..

As Heavy High end pcvr guy , the vision pro just makes me angry that we can't seem to get two things that go together.I've invested way too much money to get the best experience from VR, 4090 , Crystal, currently but have owned Aero, (kx, g2 ,Vive pr...

p1hilp by Honored Guest
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Virtual Reality: All You Need To know

Exploring the World of Virtual RealityVirtual Reality (VR) is an immersive technology that has revolutionized the way we experience digital content. By creating simulated environments that mimic the real world or transport users to fantastical realms...

Quest 3- "It’s the best headset for wireless PCVR by far"

Ggodin the creator of virtual desktop has come out and said that the Quest 3 is the best wireless PCVR headset by far. I know a lot of us (me included) were very interested in this aspect of the Quest 3, the improvements we should expect according to...

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Bring the Meta Quest franchise to Kuwait

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Abdulaziz Alwuhaib, and I am writing to express my strong interest in bringing the Oculus franchise to Kuwait, my home country. As a passionate advocate of virtual reality technology, I firmly believe that...

3zooz208 by Honored Guest
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Request for Virtual Reality Headset Donation

Dear Oculus Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my deep passion for virtual reality experiences and the profound impact they can have. Living in a financially constrained environment, acquiring a VR headset has proven to...

Can't add game to wishlist

Sorry if there was a better section but I couldn't find it. When I play a game to test it for a limited time and go to the store to add it to my wishlist, I can't find the option to do so, only to games that I haven't installed/played yet. The same p...

Rafiktc by Explorer
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Saxophone and firearm controller

I recently purchased the virtual piano app and the Gun Vr game.. Both are awesome. I want to suggest making a app for saxophone.. but with a physical saxophone controller. Also would like to suggest making a physical firearm like controller for the G...

Let's Talk About Augments

Augments are the interactive spatially aware virtual objects that you'll be able to place around your space. I've just been calling them interactive objects so it's good to know they've got a name! For those of us who used to enjoy customizing our Oc...

Can we have a little perspective please?

I am not in the Apple ecosystem, and I will not be buying AVP. That said... This subreddit of all places should be a source of optimism for the progression of the technology.Oculus Rift CV1 and HTC Vive released in 2016. Just eight years ago we were ...

shokabeln by Honored Guest
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German bluetooth keyboard typing EN?

Dear Meta Support Team! I am currently trying to set up Quest 3 as a "Spatial Workspace", which is working quite well. A mouse and a Bluetooth keyboard (German! QWERTZ) are connected. The keyboard is recognised for typing, but the letters in EN end u...

jbuescher by Honored Guest
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