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Yes you read that right, you can now use SideQuest without a computer!This is how you set it up:Go to the SideQuest app on your computer.Connect your computer via USB-C.In the Search bar, search for SideQuest Mobile.Next to the "Download App-Release"...

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Quest 2 and Quest Pro Prices Dropped The Quest 2 256GB is being reduced from $500 to $430. The Quest Pro is reduced from $1500 to $1000. Oddly enough, the Quest 2 128GB is staying at $400. The price drop starts on March 5 for the Qu...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Resolved! Worried Glasses Will Scratch Quest 2

I am going to be playing Eleven Table Tennis actively, and worried my glasses may scratch new Quest 2 lenses. How likely is this to happen? Do I need to spring for the custom lenses so I don't need my glasses?

Meta Universe is quite cool socializing.

It may not be exactly like in real life, but it's cool. I'm using Meta Quest Pro and I guess not everyone is using it since you can't see their eye movements and expressions. I was using Meta Quest Pro in a seated lobby and it really defeated all the...

Upgrade to Quest 3

Does anyone yet know if we will be able to migrate our Quest 2 games if we buy a Quest 3, or do we have to buy all new copies? Thanks.

Enable local dimming through Link

Alright, so after bugging many developers we finally have some standalone games with local dimming. What we really need is a way to enable local dimming through link. As of right now, local dimming needs to be enabled client side/via headset app. Vir...

Absolute waste of money

No idea if anyone will read this or if ill get a mark on my account but who cares! Thinking about buying a oculus anything DON’T and heres the reason why: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WORKS! If you attempt to play any game you have a 99.99% chance of it just c...

Who else wants Quest Day again this year

I loved quest day, I didn't get to get a free quest, but I got some other drops that i gave to my friends. I also don't even own a quest 2 but its been my biggest dream since it came out. The videos were hilarious and I thought that Questy would be a...

Why no camera option in messenger on quest?

Is there a reason you cant share your front camera from quest 2 or a view of what you see in quest 2 desktop in messenger on the quest? It would be super publicity to be able to call friends on video on messenger and show them VR it would be a game c...

Great Ideas

 Yall This a greatest ideas coming with best technology.. really inspiring a lot people and in the world

Meta's VR/AR Roadmap (next 3 headsets)

Meta has revealed their roadmap for the next 4 years of AR and VR. On the VR side: Coming this year will be the Quest 3. They say it will be two times thinner, at ...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Quest touch pro controllers compatibility

I want to know what supports the pro controllers. U can buy them for 300$ but what else can u use them on? Can I use them on the upcoming vive xr elite? If I can then I will totally buy a pair there is no reason y they shouldn’t work seeing how they ...

3D printable sensor mount hobby project

Hey all!I'm one of the folks atOculus who has been working on Oculus tracking and roomscale support. WhenI was experimenting with different setups, I decided to start up a bit of a hobby project to create a few mounts I could use at my setup at home....

Guide: Installation of Oculus Software to Non-System Drives

NOTE: This guide is NOT NEEDED anymore as the setup installer supports multiple drives natively.WARNING: Some users are experiencing issues with the steps below. You may wish to hold off performing these steps for the time being while we investigate....

Meta Quest Pro - the modification thread

This thread is for the discussing and sharing of mods for the Meta Quest Pro. Let's hear what you've got. I just received my Quest Pro this morning, and the first thing I did was attach my DAS strap. Started by wrapping the DAS around the back of the...

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Spuzzum by Level 9
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Resolved! Difference between Quest and RIft S controllers?

I own a Quest and a Rift S and use them a lot. I am thinking of buying a backup set of touch controllers so I have some ready to go in case I break a controller or if the controllers start to go out. I always have a backup controller for my devices. ...

McNutts by Level 5
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Meta vs. Steam. Be Realistic.

I just bought a Meta2 to use with PC SteamVR. The Steam VR hardware is 1K (plus the PC). Meta hardware is priced well and physically functional. Meta games selection is so limited as to not be worth consideration and Steam prices are vastly cheaper w...

bricmpt by Level 3
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how many dev kits need oculus to sell to keep the comp alive

i saw somone asking this question and it was a good question.does oculus have enough money to keep the company alive for like a 1 year + R&D and paying empeloyees?and how many dev kits do they need to sell in order to stay safe?( oculus is realy a co...

Kirito by Level 2
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Start a virtual reality cafe in India

I am an ex serviceman from Indian Air Force, would like to start a virtual reality cafe using oculus or any of the standalone headsets available in market. So need help to setup in multiple locations in India, so that people here can have vr experien...

satspc by Level 2
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New PCVR Headset: Bigscreen Beyond

The makers of the Bigscreen app decided to make their own VR headset, the Beyond. It's already up for preorder (delivery Q3 this year) and they've had youtubers testing it (under NDA) for a year already, so apparently it's a real device.   The main s...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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