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The view with the Oculus rift is not in the right balance

Hi, since two days I tried to setup the Rift an a way that my view is in a balance when I wear it. It is skewed in the left site. so the view is not parallel to the floor which is uncomfortable for the experience. I already have set it up several tim...

Rift 2.0 beta does not work

Hello All,I am a noob when it comes to the VR scene and require some assistance. Here is my problem out of the box the Rift work great, My problem comes when I opt into the beta, All I see is a black screen. I saw the latest update talking about ensu...

DJDRB by Honored Guest
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Can't get Corsair One Pro to run Rift

I can run a second monitor at 1440p via hdmi but the Rift is dark. I can go through the setup and hdmi is listed as connected, but the finish setup in the HMD is just dark. Not a sign of life at any time. Don't know what to do here. Sometimes the lit...

VR Fitness Series Week 3 - Knockout League we made it through week 2 and we are now into week 3 of the VR fitness series. Week 2 got a bit rough when life happened and we had one of the kids come down with the Flu and then of course there was Va...

GPU for Rift

Looking for recommendations on a reasonably priced GPU for building a gaming computer for my son. Thanks in advance for the help.

jakezupan by Honored Guest
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Best Looking HMD Yet?

Nice!The ASUS WMR HMD:Today, the company has announced the launch with the snappy title of ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset HC102.With a polygonal design on the front faceplate, the ASUS headset certainly looks the part of a futuristic virtual real...

Please help with extending my CV1.

Hey guys maybe someone can help me with my issue im having.----Equipment Purchased : Plugable 10 Meter Powered USB 3.0 Active Cable Cable Matters SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Cable 5 Meters/16.4 Feet Active Cable AGPtek LKV372A 60m/190ft 1080P HD HDMI Network ...

Thoughts on this Dell build for Rift?

I'm thinking of buying a Rift, but I'm not a gamer so I don't have a gamer rig. I wouldn't mind doing a build myself, but I came across this ~$625 Dell machine on Amazon. Does anyone see any issues with this system's specs for VR? With how crazy vide...

Stereo visio using Oculus Rift

Hello fellows,I am trying to generate a stereo vision using two webcams. I want to display the cameras image, one in the left and the other one right eye using Oculus Rift, but I don't know how to code that in Unity. I am currently developing my proj...

jekasores by Honored Guest
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USB Hubs

So, this is probably in the wrong category, maybe Support? Oh well. Long story short, I have my custom dekstop with more than enough USB 3.0 ports to cover everything. Now, with my ASUS-ROG laptop (1070 GTX/16 GB RAM), I have only three 3.0 USB ports...

Tristt by Honored Guest
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Onward 40% off daily deal

highly recommended if you like VR and tactical FPS, dont sleep on this one!deal is good for 16 more hours

danknugz by Superstar
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assigning custom grip poses to different objects

So I've made a custom grip pose in the oculus grip pose editor and I would like to know how to actually set this pose for a specific object so that it snaps to that grip when I grab my object. For this pose I made an open hand for a large cup because...

Where do you see VR going in the future?

Hi! My friend and I each just got an Oculus rift. Admittedly for Onward. But other games that I have tried like the echo multiplayer have been pretty fun.Anyways rather new the the whole VR thing so I'm wondering. Is it here to stay now? There's been...

grebbs by Explorer
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Yaw VR Motion Simulator Reaches Its Kickstarter Goal

Linkage here: really clever idea. It might not look great but it's light, collapsible and looks like it works okay. It's also pretty quiet too.https:/...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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No option to invite friend to party

Only option when I click on my fiends name on my friends list is proflle. it did this last night and we both restarted the computer and it finally showed up. Why? Some times its there but mostly its not even an option. Whats the point of owning this ...

grebbs by Explorer
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Wind Simulator - Sim Racing

Hi All, I was for a while looking to buy a wind simulator...After 2 or 3 tentatives, I realized that nothing in the market had all features I wanted or it was too complex to build and program. So I partnered with an amazing product manager and sim ra...

pale brown line on top of the screen

on my oculus rift i have noticed pale, brown lines almost on the top of the screen. they are uneaven, and look like both of screens have some issues. annyone have any idea about what could be going on?

Dash unlockable items

I want a list of the unlockable items, but damned if I can find one. As well, after what seemed to be an eternity, I was blessed with new boxes yesterday. Yay! A new item. A painting. Yet another new boringly, ridiculous painting appeared. Twice. Yes...

How get the Oculus GO for developers?

Hi AllI have the Rift CV1 and I am interested in getting the Oculus Go at the moment. I saw that some Developers got it, Could you say me how I could do it?Thanks for your timeAlejandro Castan

Pin webcam to dash so you can see the real world...

My misses likes to sneak up on me when in vr, i was thinking it would be nice to let her know i cam see her as she does this, so i was contemplating using my webcam to keep an eye on my surroundings.Can anyone suggest the best program to use to simpl...

elboffor by Consultant
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