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Rift SI 1.21 Now Available on Public Test Channel

The latest release has just hit PTC — here’s what you can expect. The updates for this month center on the new Rift Core 2.0 beta! In addition to the usual channels, we're introducing UserVoice as a way to organize feedback and suggestions (visit the...

Here we go again...

...I made the fatal mistake of altering my cabling behind my pc...already half a day wasted already trying to get all 3 sensors working again...they are USB devices and it is 2018 so I cant understand what the problem is? has to be the software ...

Third sensor for Room Scale

I'm considering to buy the third sensor for a full support to room scale,Since it is suggested to put the third sensor facing front the other two ( the back of your usual position )I suppose it is needed a longer cable. Is there any special sensor wi...

Andy4eveR by Honored Guest
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Linking to Facebook

When I try to link my account to my Facebook account, I keep getting a browser page that tells me "Whoops! It seems like you're lost. Lets get you back home."In the OR app, a message comes up saying "Couldn't link to your account". It then asks me to...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Better to upgrade CPU/RAM or GPU

Hi, my current system is an i5 3570K OC to 4.5ghz, 8GB RAM and a 1060 6GB GPU. All the games I've got play well enough but the graphics aren't the best, if I try them on ultra with AA turned up then it gets a bit glitchy.So my question is, will upgra...

VR Fitness Series Week 4 - Holopoint here we are starting week 4 of the VR Fitness Series and I'm glad week 3 is in the books. I ended up getting the Flu and could only work out 2 days this week because of it. I am proud of Stacey though as ...

Oculus VR at GDC 2018

[Context of Discussion - To discuss the above image,info and how it pertains to VR in general, will not accept insult, bullying or derailment of the thread [governed by Forum rules]]

kevinw729 by Honored Visionary
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Theoretical practicalities of VR Theatre

Hi all, I've recently been discussing with colleagues the idea of producing a piece of VR theatre/art. The premise being an audience would experience a pre filmed piece in whcih they could wander around the scene, viewing different aspects of the pla...

How to switch from using controller to gaze mode on gear vr

I have a Samsung Gear VR and I left my controller at home and I'm on vacation. I can't seem to figure out how to go back into gaze mode to be able to select things. I have tried pretty much everything short of removing the program and reinstalling. A...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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waiting for my rift

I'm just sitting here patiently waiting for my rift. Is there some kind of order tracking that I missed out on? I'm from AN, Vietnamese. Really want to get this for next week.đắp tỏi và nghệ trị mụn được hay không

Puplip by Honored Guest
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VR Overlay seems like it should be a priority for Oculus.

I've been keeping tabs on several overlay developers and their amazing progress for overlays on both Rift and Vive the past 3 years. The most amazing of the bunch being by Hotrain's Open VR Display Portal. However because of how certain games like El...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! What format do i need for 360 panoramas?

I've been making 360 panoramas in second life which turn out fine but in 360 Photos it appear as cubes rather than as 360 panoramas. What application do I need to make them compatible with Oculus 360 photos? I've been taking them using CtrlAlt Viewer...

Crypto might save VR with in 6 months

I had a talk with a few co-workers. Some saying it wont go down and others (like me) are saying it's going to crash, but in a good way, for both miners and customers. Today I was looking up videos for the new AMD Ryzen 2200G (you computer a small com...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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It’s settled: Rift Core slows down games

I had juddering in Robo Recall after updating to the new Core Beta (especially in the Odin boss battles), and VR Sports Challenge became unplayable. I even saw a definite slowdown in NVIDIA VR Funhouse, but when I went back to the old Oculus home, th...

Arizona Sunshine friends wanted

Hi I'm having a lot of fun playing Arizona SunshineBut I cant help but feel incomplete without some multiplayer. The match finder is completely f**ked. I don't have much friends on oculus right now so if there are some people out there who own a copy...

Apolysus by Sightseer
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OI! Cyber !

Are we getting the BBC VR app for the Oculus ....or is it just only going to be for the mobile phone market ?

What kind of VR gamer are you ?

Example of free ~AAA solo player game : Robo RecallExample of free ~AAA multiplayer game : Dead & BuriedExample of free ~AAA social multiplayer game : Like MetaTable Poker (but without the micro-transactions) or Rec Room (but with the missing ~AAA gr...

HiThere_ by Superstar
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How do I quit Oculus applications that are running?

This is likely the worst question to be asked on the forums, but how do I terminate running games or apps? I looked at the menu options using the button on the touch but didn't see anything readily available there.What I've been doing is taking off t...

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game VR (Idea)

I know that this not exist. but This will be realy nice to play this game. And its not have to be like. You use your real card but you can put your deck in the game and use this card for practice your deck. And this will be awesome to have Possibilit...

gadul by Honored Guest
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Changing default installation path

I goofed, I flinched and I have setup the installation path on my main ssd C:/ path and of course I'm running out of space FAST!Can I add additional path to another hard drive or do I have to go through the whole setup again and point to new location...

Resolved! 2 oculus rift with 3 sensors each !

Hello, I'd like to have coast to coast 2 oculus rift with 3 sensors each, no tracking issues ? Each player would have his roomscale, but I'd like to know if it's risky ?

ziiicos by Honored Guest
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Eagle Flight - group of people to play online !

Hi everyone! We are two guys who are tired of never finding a game in Eagle Flight, so while we wait for a bigger userbase or something, we thought: "Why don't we create a small group of VR people to play Eagle Flight together when we are on?". Add u...

Achilless by Expert Protege
  • 16 replies
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I NEED to stop buying games!!!

not only have i bought in the sale last weekstar trek bridge crewfrom other sunsbattlezoneI have just bought pCARS 2 deluxe it from fanatical. it was 40.50 there, but i just got a mail offthem saying i could have 20% off any store item as...

Oculus Rift Adapter Wireless

Hi All -Has anyone tried the VR Adapter from does it work? Also if not the Rivvr then perhaps someone can recommend a reasonable priced Adapter.Thanks

DJDRB by Honored Guest
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i think i have found

something just happen and has now seem to have cured a issue with sensors ... from day one I found sensors did not like loading up with everything else and reloaded setup many times, unplug and plug back in ... I think the issue is to do with light i...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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