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After a suspenion

My suspension finished several days ago but I am still unable to use any apps at all

immersion classroom for special education classroom

Hello, I have recieved a fairly large grant to upgrade my special education classroom. I am interested in purchasing numerous oculus quests 2's and making my classroom immersable. I am trying to contact metaquest to find out what what I need to pucha...

Question for the future

Hello i have a question about the futures console will there be still a problem with the stick drift or are u al trying to fix that issue so many ppl have this issue and are u guys consider to fix this i hope that u will read this and help all of us ...

ZeroX0S by Level 3
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Leaked Roadmap Shows Four New VR Headsets From Meta by 2024 Apparently we have (internal code names): - Cambria aro...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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I have 3d-avi video - can I play this on oculus?

I have 3d avi files made by this cam. They don't seem to be side by side or top/bottom... but rather have two separate video streams (some video players actually open 2 windows, one for eac...

glyphix by Level 3
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Using virtual tours with Oculus Go - question

Hello. I have received Oculus Go for work purposes, and I need to somehow use this device to view 3D virtual tours of several estates.I create virtual tours based on 360 photos using 3D Vista or Pano2Vr, but I have no idea how to upload/open them usi...

MBVA by Level 2
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Secondary account persistent log in

Hello. I am middle aged, but very much an infant to the VR world, and still learning.My wife and I each have our own Quest 2 headsets. I am primary on both and she is secondary on hers (for app sharing purposes). Is there anyway she can stay logged i...

Quest 2 no longer smoothing borders

Hi. I have always seen everything in the screen super smooth and detailed, but a few days ago my Quest 2 are no longer smoothing the borders of the objects.I don't know if it was an update, if I touched something I shouldn't or something else. Is som...

SoyNexZ by Level 3
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Needing experienced scripter for contest

I have have my contest world mostly complete there's just 1 gameplay system I need help finishing cause my team mate doesn't have enough time. It involving move an object along the x and y axis using raycast and you'd get a 20% cut of what we win. Ad...

Your new favorite vr Channel me on Steam: VRified GamesOculus: VRified_GamesEpic: VRified GamesDiscord: VRified Games#7374Reddit: u/Du1g0

Creator Studio -- Videos not uploading

Hello There, When I try to upload a video (VR180) thru the Creator Studio Platform, it fails after pressing the "Complete Upload" button (once everything has been correctly uploaded and filled). I've been able to upload videos fine up until a couple ...

New Meta FaceBook Store

Whenever I went to oculus dot com this always took me to my local Oculus Store (Australia). Now it seems to take my automatically to the FaceBook Meta store. The first thing it does is ask me to confirm my location and language. It keeps saying that ...

Cloud gaming pc's are the future.

Cloud gaming is the future. You have plutosphere using side quest now that is getting decent reviews. It's not perfect but according to many known youtubers like thrillseaker etc. It works great and these are early days. But here's what's I believe i...

Locomotion in loco

Hello! One think that I think it is very cool, is the possibility of moving in the game by walking in the same place, it increases a lot the immersion. There are some alternatives to do this with accessories like Kat Loco S or WalkOVR, the problem is...

Anyone excited for the new hand tracking update?

Bro I've waited for this since I first tried it. Hearing this just boosted my whole mood for a week! Im very excited to have this. Though im wondering when it's coming out? I know I know, some games already have it but I want it in every hand tracked...

omni5 by Level 3
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Re: Multiplayer

HI Everyone, I just purchased four Oculus Quest 2 sets for a Post Prom Party for our high school seniors. The idea was to have four system running and playing with or against one another. So far I've only opened two systems to experiment with, and bo...

NHS001 by Level 2
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No sale on Oculus PC Store

Meta/Oculus are really missing a trick by not having sales on the PC store, there is a decent back catalogue of older titles that new Quest 2 owners would likely love to try, but when they are buried in a dead store with no promotion it seems like a ...

D_K by Level 2
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Vader Immortal grip ladder

I’ve not got very far! I’m stuck in the room with the alarm going off where you have to follow the robot up the ladder. The robot is stuck at the bottom of the ladder, arrows are pointing to the ladder saying ‘grip’ but I can’t grip the ladder, I’ve ...

Resolved! Recommendations?

What’s the next best game that is comparable to half-life Alyx? I’m playing The Walking Dead Saints and sinners and that’s pretty good is there anything better?


We all know how cool Virtual Reality is but I think it would be a great pleasure for gamers to have access to minecraft/questcraft from the oculus store inside the oculus headseat.


I wear vari focal glasses. Would I be able to keep them on or not please? I have tried a vr headset but I get sick and dizzy with it. Is this the same with your product please?

Block incoming background noise within Horizon Worlds

To the Meta programming team: Want to make the Horizon worlds experience better? Then you've got to find a way to block incoming background noise from users hanging around say, in their kitchen when using their headset. I've heard screaming kids, con...

Oculus for Highschool Teachers

Hi there. I am a Hospitality and Tourism teacher considering buying a few of these VR headsets to use with my students to virtually go on field trips and visit places around the world. I have a few questions about this, however, if there any teachers...

3D VR FPV - 3D Drone Flights!!!! YouTube VR DARKWINGDUCKFPV I have been making 3D VR drone content for a couple months now. Filmed on stereo cameras and edited in Davinci Resolve. I hope everyone enjoys!

Resolved! Resident Evil 4 VR is an Oculus Quest 2 exclusive

It was announced today that Capcom is partnering with Oculus to bring RE4 over to Quest 2: News: Video announcement: Quite awesome...

Zenbane by Level 15
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