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New Rifter

So I held off being an early adopter to VR. I have got burned on the next "big thing" so I waited and when it went on sale for $349 I couldnt pass it up. I bought mine the day after Thanksgiving. I have not had this much fun gaming/media in a long ti...

when will child locks be added to the oculus

I have some very annoying people with me who think they can use my stuff whenever they want to so i would like to put a code on stuff before it is used. Say someone came in my room while i was sleeping and wanted to play windlands without my permissi...

Achates by Level 2
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Library Icons...

Does anyone else struggle to find the game/app that they want in the Oculus home library (original..not the new beta) when there are only a few titles that actually tell you the name of the game/app but most consist of just simple icons with rarely m...

My feud with the Rift and a GTX 980M

There are mixed resources online about whether or not this works with a 980M graphics card. I managed to get mine to finally work after a fair amount of trial and error and a week and a half of frustration.My rift would either stay solid orange, flas...

Is your VR Machine about to slowdown by 30%?

I was reading about the latest security flaw Intel is dealing with:Computer processor giant Intel has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, as it was revealed this week that a serious security flaw – nicknamed Meltdown – may affect every chip ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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The beginning of haptic feedback for VR?'re using the sensory response from the hand into a PC, which then converts that into a signal sent into her arm through implants.For VR, you would...

Wireless VR - TPcast for Rift review

Hi guys, I came across this awesome youtube video the other day that was very detailed on how the new TPcast works for the Rift, setup and installation and how it feels to play with it so thought I would share with you guys:

Are these cleaning wipes ok to use with the Rift?

I've been after some advice on cleaning my lenses and I was told on Reddit that these were ok to use and that someone at Oculus had recommended them. But before I try them and potentially wreck my lenses I thought I had best check here.These are what...

Cyda by Level 4
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Feature Request - Adjust Player Height

When you press the Oculus button in a game you can reset the camera position, but the only way to adjust height is on your desktop in the Oculus app configuration menu. At a minimum you should be able to setup different profiles, like you could on th...

Oculus App Version 1.21.0 question

Hey peeps,New member here, this is my first post. I'm not sure where this should be posted but i have a question. Now that the headset shows up as its own monitor/display in windows 10, can you use it to play regular games and movies through the head...

Resolved! Is The Climb still on sale?

I saw some threads on the subreddit about it being 9.99, but for me it's full price. Same goes for From Other Suns :neutral:

Oculus Microphone

Didn't realize the mic built into the rift was so good, I was doing some recording of a game using Nvidia shadow play and my rift was sitting about 2ft away at the back of my PC and it recorded me talking to my son because shadow play had detected th...

Oculus Rift No1 position of Steam's most popular VR headset

Valve has released the findings of their most recent Steam Hardware survey, with the Oculus Rift taking the position of Steam's most popular VR headset for the first time as well as the rise of the GTX 1060 as Steam's most popular graphics card, over...

K3 by Level 3
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Am I ready????

As The title explains, im wondering if my system is ready for vr. I really want to buy a vr set but I dont want to get one and find out that my system has some bottle necks that I should upgrade firstMy comp specs are:Amd Ryzen 5 1600xAmd radeon rx 4...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Upcoming games

Just curious...what big titles do oculus have coming up in 2018. I've bought all the top titles so far....and I can't put my finger on it but something is missing.So far there hasn't been that "it" game that makes you get drawn into the characters. I...

It seems not using fresco screws everything else up?

A few days ago I stopped using the fresco drivers in turn for the default windows drivers because of the sensor warnings being issues. Since then I'm having other issues like my razer chroma v2 not being seen by the synapse program so ive lost all my...

Setup the room

Hi all,I've just received my new Oculus including two sensors and Oculus touch.I have a question regarding setting it up in my room. My room is not the biggest, but I have my simracing cockpit on the left side, my computer monitors on the right side ...

Azerak by Level 2
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Feature request. Custom shortcuts in oculus home

So this is one feature I guess most of us have asked for over the passed year or so and I've always assumed it was coming.But having played around with changing shortcuts to games and the artwork I can honestly say there is zero reason why this isn't...

elboffor by Level 12
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GTX 970 with Oculus

Hi. I'm wondering if Oculus Rift combined with GTX 970 GPU will give comparable experience (quality and overall performance) as PS4 PRO VR?PS4 PRO GPU is comparable to GTX 970 and console games are usually better optimized. So this made me wondering....


Hello to all,I ordered Oculus for 449 Eur (x2 touch, x2 sensors and VR).In tracking, the weight is 1.80 kg, how is it possible?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Tripod suggestions

Any of these look decent?

Vr3005 by Level 2
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Consumer VR headsets coming out in 2018 (Part 1)

1. PlayStation VR V2 New processor unit with new connections allowing HDR images to be passed between the console and the TV, even with the PSVR turned off Thinner connection cable Headphones integrated into the helmet design2. Oculus Go Release: Ear...