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Meta Quest+ Subscription Service Launches Today

Quest+ is a new subscription service for Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro. For $8 a month (or $60 per year) you get access to two new games every month. The games are chosen by Meta and are revealed at the start of every month. As long as you keep your...

kojack by MVP
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VR helping my Depression.

Ok, I’m not crazy. I’m a 50 year old gamer have had every game console since Atari, and am new to VR. I have had bad depression the last seven years. As well as an anxiety disorder all my life. I’m on anti-depressants for years, have a therapist, and...

Resolved! Sunlight damage prevention measures

Hello, Dear, does anybody knows the best protection against the sunlight for the Oculus Quest/Meta VRs? I mean, there are a bunch of "lens covers" in Aliexpress, but I think I'm looking for something like a screen protector, or probably UV protective...

Bluray 3D playback from disc to pc directly working!

Hello everyone, not sure if this topic is covered in other post somewhere but still i wanted to share. Since day 1 i've been looking for a way to watch my bluray 3d movies on the RIft but the answer was convoluted and many places straight up said it ...

Meta Quest 3

Hello Meta! My team and I are excited for the Quest 3 release September 27! I am very involved with using the Quest 2 now. The applications I use are Horizon Workrooms, Browser, and Beat Saber. My vision is to share the Quest 3, and market the produc...

Resolved! quest pro charger on quest 2 headset

I am trying to find a longer charger for my quest two, and on the meta website there is a 2 meter charging cord for the quest pro. Would it work for my quest two?

new vr headset idea

during a sleep, i thought of an idea to help meta to make a new vr headset but there is a twist, it has a gaming computer like specs, the equivalent of having an intel i7 with nvidia rtx 3070, but i figured out the problems with ease1: weightdont wor...

Resolved! Quest 2 Lower Price in october 2023?

Hi there,I'm looking to buy an VR glasses and I enjoyed the Quest 2.I've read in a blog that the META will sell it for USD 299 after the launch of Quest 3 (oct/23).Today is commercialized by USD 349 and I was wondering if it's better to buy a cheapes...

bmpr2529 by Honored Guest
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Play Apple Music on Quest?

Can I play Apple Music songs and visualize it on Quest? Or do I have to download Apple Music to mp3 with TunesKit Audio Converter?

Controller Joysticks aren’t working

Whenever I try to move the thumb stick forward on my left controller to move, it either won’t work, makes me have to go sideways at a slow pace in game, or makes me go backwards. And then the thumb stick on my right is making me constantly turn.

Anybody Using Peripherals For Gaming?

Hi All, I was reading some reviews and watching some videos of golf games the other day and saw a lot of people talking about a golf club hand you could use and it "greatly enhances immersion/presence" etc. (now have one on order). I used to use a HO...

Resolved! Removing Black Frame Insertion from Quest Pro

I can't do displays with black frame insertion.Disorientation in 10 minutes, nauseous in 15, pass out in 30. Its a holdover from a stroke.Is there any way to remove BFI from the quest pro, or am I out of luck?

TenzoDog by Honored Guest
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is VR worth it with my specs or should I wait?

Hello.I'm thinking about buying a VR Headset I'm between buying a used Oculus CV1 from ebay or an Oculus Quest from Amazon.I'm wondering if I could run games alright with my specs that I have right now or if I should spend my saved money better on a ...

Resolved! guardian not working and passthrough is a black screen

I'm on day 1 of a brand new Meta Quest 2 and I believe there are some problems with it. During the initial setup, the screen that prompted me to set up a guardian boundary showed up for a few seconds, then skipped ahead without actually giving me a c...

Massive Price Drop Of Quest 2

Hello everybody, a couple of months ago I purchased a Meta Quest 2 at Walmart for $400 now it is $300. Does anybody know a way to get this money back from Meta?

Meta Quest 2

I have made a video on meta quest 2 unboxed by me and first experience. Hope this is useful.@

rkmathsin by Honored Guest
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PSA: Turn of E-Cores

TL;DR If you have one of these new dumbass CPUs with their fandangled efficiency cores; do yourself a favor and go into BIOs and disable them. For the love of all that is VR turn those **bleep**ers off. If you have performance problems, this will che...

koffi88 by Honored Guest
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