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Free Oculus Rift Sound Properties Icon

Hey all, I made a quick icon for the Windows sound properties dialog box if anyone is interested. In the sound properties dialog box, click on the Rift, click properties, click Change Icon, click Browse, find this file (Oculus Rift.ico) wherever you ...

Resolved! Making friends on Oculus Quest 2

Hope anyone who is reading this is well. I’ve been on Xbox series x for a while, and consoles to game. I was under the impression the Oculus quest 2 was a lot more expensive then it was. I had to get it. I only have one game TWD Saints and Sinners. S...

Why Ocean Rift not available anymore for Go?

Is Ocean Rift no longer supported for the Oculus Go? I remember that I put it on my wishlist end of 2021 or so. Now I wanted to purchase it but now it states for "supported input" Oculus Touch. No Oculus Go controller is supported anymore and a warni...

Oculus portability in Twinmotion/Unreal

I work as an architect and I want to know how to visit my virtual homes on Twinmotion or Unreal without having to connect my Oculus glasses to my computer, as I work with clients and would like to use the glasses to show them my creations. Thank you,

Anonymous by Not applicable
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I think a lot of us bought the oculus quest 2 as we didn't have a ps4/ps5 or a gaming pc. So oculus please add Minecraft Bedrock Edition to the oculus store as not all of us can side quest because we either got a low end laptop/pc or none. The window...

Meta AI livestream event (right now)

Meta is livestreaming their informational AI presentation. Mark Z. was up first, and provided some interesting notes on the roadmap for Meta's AI usage for VR. The livestream is still going, so here are some initial hi...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Meta's Quest 2 Super Bowl Commercial

The theme of this VR commercial is a fantastic throwback for those of us who grew up in the 80's and 90's. Well played Oculus Meta, well played. 

Zenbane by Level 15
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Parents letting their kids use Oculus

So I thought that oculus was supposed to be 13 and up but I guess not because I’ve ran into countless lobbies where 12 year olds and younger are online using racial slurs so what’s up with that do you guys just don’t care anymore. If you are a parent...

JMac332 by Level 2
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Crypto and Bitcoin miners are driving up the cost of VR

Came across an interesting article that notes the impact the Miners are having on the "cost of entry for Virtual Reality."Basically, the Miners are buying up all the high-end Graphics Cards. In doing so, the cost of these cards is increasing. However...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Horizon Worlds Build Team

Hi everyone I am a 14 Year experienced designer starting a horizon worlds build team where we are going to have days set where we have tutorials on how to build/script as well as have 3 levels of builds that people can choose from a creator to build ...

Pedido sin respuesta

estamos a día 19 y sigo sin respuestas. Que gran servicio, porque seguís sin responderme apropiadamente.

Asgard's Wrath sale

Hey, I plan to purchase Asgard's Wrath when it is on sale for the next time.Does someone know when this was the last time in the past or when it is likely in the next time? I know that 40€ isn't that pricy for a game like that but I don't play that m...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! @Meta: Seeing Quest as a family device

I think it would be useful if Meta thought of Quest as ideally being a device that everyone in a home has access to... And then solved the problems that arise from moving to that context. For example, there is financing - as would apply to smartphone...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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pls help out of 60$

So when i got home back from school my cousin was on my aculus saying it signed him out when he got on and didnt touch it so i went to sign back in used my facebook login and it made me use a different email to sign into oculus. so basically i have 2...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus USB 3.0 Issues RESOLVED

I kept getting an Error message telling me I had hardware issues with my Oculus Rift Sensor and headpiece. The solution is as follows.*Unplug ALL Oculus cables from your PC1. Uninstall All Oculus software in "Programs" of the Control Panel.2. Uninsta...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Here we are in 2022 and still no CV2.  Are we ever going to see a CV2?


Hi guys. Can you please help me with CONTACTS for collaboration in media and NFT with OCULUS OFFICIAL OFFICE and marketing team. We created a collection of art works with famous artist about New Digital era and VR. Want to collaborate with Oculus bra...

Update in Feb 2020

I was installing an app from Oculus site a d it told me to try later my unit was updating. This just happened today 2/13/2022Anyone else?

VR social apps experience

Hi, everyone. We are a group of graduate students at the University of Washington Human Centered Design & Engineering program. Our capstone project is about understanding and promoting social interactions in the virtual world. We want to invite you t...

foo fighters

really sad a lot of us cant watch the show because it wont let us in

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Side quest / stEam🤔🤔

So, I have a side quest account, a steam account, but I don't have an Android phone. Or a gaming PC. What do I need to do So, I can access My steam and side quest accounts. In Simplemen terms cuz I am Far from tech smart .

REDdgz by Level 2
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Download : Oculus Runtime v1.7 Offline Installer

Hi Everybody , As Oculus doesn't want to give us an Offline Oculus Runtime Installer to people who are suffering from poor internet connection.or just don't want to download that data over and over again for every Windows installation process . Here ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Logging in just to look for improvements

So pretty much I haven't done much with my Quest 2 in the past few days. I Played a horror game from steam tuesday night for a twitch strema but outside of that nothing. I have been checking to see if v37 is fully fixed and all the things promised gi...