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Livraison belgique?

Bonjour j ai commande comme a peu pret pas mal de personne mon oculus n ai tjr rien recu quelqun sais combien de temps ca prenddea la livraison svp?merci

anyone received their confirmation email?

i was able to checkout after many attempts. i checked out as guest and i didnt receive any confirmation emails. dont see any order number either except for # in my address bar which i'm assuming is the order number.

Resolved! Store currency

Is there a way of changing the store currency from $ to £?

Thug by Level 7
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My rift has numerous small scratches & scuff marks

The visuals seem ok but when looking at an object with the edges of the lenses its clearer than the center. Should everything be evenly as clear throughout the lens. I would appreciate answers since I'm considering getting a second rift during summer...

Where in Windows is the oculus rift setup info stored?

Does anyone know where exactly the oculus setup info gets stored after you run through the setup wizard.. ie: appdata\roaming etc or in the folder itself perhaps.. trying to track it down so on a wipe of the drive i can just restore my layout/setup i...

markm75 by Level 3
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1.16 Rift Release Notes

Features:Mixed reality capture: We've begun adding support for developers who want to create videos and content that merges live footage of people using Rift and Touch with VR footage from their apps. It may be a little while before you see the end r...

Processed order after a week

For those that are patiently waiting for their Rift: I ordered on 7/12 and the ordered was processed today 7/19. But it hasn't shipped so I'll update when it ships.

Why is Oculus PR so Awful?

Is Oculus run by monkeys or what? It seems there's just one thing after another with their poor display of public relations (PR). Now I'm no expert and sure there will be executive factors behind the scenes that I have no clue about, but common sense...

Oculus Rift Bundle in Summer Sale

Hey there,i have some questins about the oculus bundle. does it include a xbox one controller and a remote control too? how long will it take to send the oculus bundle to germany, bavaria?Thank you forward.Yours faithfully

UK Delivery ?

Hi peeps, About to click buy on a Rift, Just curious but how long would delivery from the moment of purchase take in the UK please ?I think I posted in the wrong section, Apologies, I thought the store was for online purchases :smiley:

Summer of Rift "" Packs (question)

Hi Oculus,i'm interested in the Summer of rift adventure pack. but already have 2 out of 4 of the games in there any way you can offer customers in this, or similar situation a "upgrade" based on current ownage of parts for grouped game promo's...

Tale of Woe

Just thought I'd share my Tale of Woe!I've been a Rift owner since Nov 2016 - getting both my headset and Touch controllers on release of the Touch.My kids and I were mucking around in VR the other day when all of a sudden - right lens stopped workin...

WHY an usb 2.0?? (additional sensor extension cable)

I just received one of the 2 additional sensors i've ordered, and i see that the extension cable (15 feet) is a 2.0 cable... is that ok?Wouldn't it be a better idea to give us a 3.0 extension cable?Just Asking u.u

Kalec84 by Level 7
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Resolved! New single box release

I see in the comments that the latest stock of the Rift+Touch bundles are coming in a single box (albeit without Xbone controller). Is the new box as excellent, sturdy and downright sexy as the original Rift box? I'm tempted to source one (eBay etc) ...

indirizzo non valido - ordine sospeso

ciao a tutti, oggi 18 luglio, ho ordinato il rift + touch, ma mi risulta ordine sospeso per indirizzo non valido; eppure è l'indirizzo di casa mia che coincide con l'indirizzo paypal e dove finora ho ricevuto centinaia di spedizioni negli ultimi 10 a...

Shipping cost, tax and others toward France add ?

Hi, I purchase a pack today for 449€ and i received a bill by mail. This mail told me that shipping cost, tax and others can to be add at the expedition on the bill. Is there anyone who has any information about this, please ? I dont want to pay anym...

ST Bridge Crew

Not sure if anyone is interested but I got my copy (activation key) From Ebay for euro 28.50 (£26) French seller with a few more available. I have waited until I received the key and installed so I can confirm it is pukka. Be advised this is a STEAM ...

Eye strain with Oculus solutions?

Does anyone know how one can adjust the headset so that it is a cm or so away from your eyes? Sad there is no built in adjustment that allows for that, only eye spacing. I might have to buy anther face guard. After playing last night for an hour, I h...

Oculus CV1 + Glasses. Anybody there?

Hey guys,1 week ago I bought the Oculus CV1 with the summer sale. Since the Customer version has been released I was wondering about glasses + rift and found very few informationm, I don't have very bad eyes but I have to use glasses when I'm watchin...