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Shipping to Puerto Rico

Please ! It is time to include Puerto Rico in your shipping options. We are part of the United States. I wanted to buy 6 oculus quest 2 to use them with my students. Now as a teacher of STEM in Puerto Rico Ineill have to buy from another company. Met...

Quest 2 Wifi stopped working for no reason.

im not asking for help in fixing this.Just wanted to share my experience.Got Quest 2 around a week ago.It was easy to set up and i started playing VRChat with my existing VRChat account right away.Finally i was able to play VRChat with VR in my room ...

Resolved! Price drop in Europe, Meta being prejudice ?

Update 2023.03.17: Meta listened, I reached out again they finally gave me 95€. The employee was very kind and helpful and he excused for his colleague. Thanks Meta, you got me back. Hi there,today in Europa the price was revelead. Meta Quest Pro wen...

CATIA and Quest 2 integration

Hey all!,I'm really new to this world of VR, would anyone help me in the connection of the VR set to this software please?Thank you..!

Let's talk VR and building

I only find comments about games, but if this is the next digital change of this new generation, we talk about how we can teach people to use and monetize. For example, I want to know more about design and creativity, (I don't understand how to creat...

Parents letting their kids use Oculus

So I thought that oculus was supposed to be 13 and up but I guess not because I’ve ran into countless lobbies where 12 year olds and younger are online using racial slurs so what’s up with that do you guys just don’t care anymore. If you are a parent...

JMac332 by Honored Guest
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new virtual enviroment Futurescape

I just found myself a new virtual environment called Futurescape.It's pretty much what appeared as the scenario of the's beautiful and I thank Meta for adding it.However I wonder two things:1 why is the spawn point not set at the center o...

Is this a scam?

need to know because it’s asking for very personal things but also 250 credit is 250 credit

Ackk_A by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers

I’m Planning On Buying The Touch Pro Controllers For My Quest 2 And I Was Wondering If Meta Will Let Us Buy The Quest Pro Without The Controllers, So In Case I Ever Do End Up Buying The Quest Pro I Won’t Have To Rebuy The Controllers

JavierFML by Honored Guest
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Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023 | Save the Date | June 1

Hey everyone! After many questions on the topic of Meta's Showcase, we're excited to share the Save The Date video that was recently posted on our YouTube channel.Tune in on Thursday, June 1, at 10:00 am PT for exclusive game reveals and more. New th...


Quest 2 Price Drop

With the Quest 3 announced, the Quest 2 has been reduced in price. Starting June 4, the 128GB model will drop from $400 to $300 and the 256GB model will drop from $430 to $350.

kojack by MVP
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Congratulations facebook for seeing the light!

I recently thought of upgrading to a 3080. It was more of a thought then action. I looked into it and of course you'd have better luck winning the lottery than being able to find one that's not a scalpers price. PC vr is more of a niche market and ge...

inovator by Consultant
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Is my quest 2 faulty?

I have started watching vr YouTube and vr gorilla’s videos, tours of places around the world, but when people walk past the camera they become distorted, also when vehicles pass they become blurry until they are in the other lens (if that makes sense...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Multiple quest 2 on mobile

I have 3 oculus quest 2 devices and 1 regular quest. When multiple devices are connected on my mobile device, I can't tell which one I'm connected to without trying to remember the 1WMH number, since they're both listed as Meta Quest 2. Is there a wa...

House105 by Honored Guest
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After-effects of using Oculus Rift

Maybe someone's mentioned this before. I've been using the Oculus Rift for about a week now, and I notice that when I'm not using it, or even the next day after using it, that my vision occasionally dilates (not sure if that's the right word) or kind...

draemn03 by Explorer
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Resolved! Use of Quest headsets in Location-Based Entertainment venues

Hi All,We previously had a high level contact at Oculus who told us categorically that any use of Oculus headsets in location-based entertainment would be opposed by the company, but that was a long time ago. I'm aware of a few LBE companies using Qu...

Steam activity

Is there a way to make my steam vr activity visible to my followers on the quest 2?

Pitching a product to meta

Recently, my father, brother and I developed a Working device that enables VR movement in a unique and innovative way. It is almost fully complete from plastics, electronics, code, etc... and barely requires any finishing touches.We spent a good amou...

Resolved! Anybody Got a Video of the Very First Home Environment?

So was looking through old apps I had for the Rift store and I started trying to look on youtube for a video of the original home environment. The one I'm after - there was a room behind you and I think there was a pond in front. At one point I think...

Nvidia 1660 Super and VR Racing Sim Performance Problems

Hi all Ok so I want to use my pc for driving and flying sims so I can use the steering wheel and flight controls I have for my PC but watch the footage via my quest or run the sims on my quest 2 and use steering wheel/flight controls on my PC. I have...

Microsoft & Meta, to be or not to be….

Ok, sometimes Meta do announce things that do not turn in to Reality, just thinking of Horizon Worlds that didn`t make it to alot of countries like the Nordics and no announced roadmap for it.Yeah i still got the Quest Pro and before that all the oth...

JohSm67 by Rising Star
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Resolved! PS5 & Quest 2 compatibility

HELLO META I'm Jameel Perkins asking is it possible to if u guys can test out meta Quest 2 on the ps5 to see if it can work on the USB C port since it supports USB C port and then try use it to play psvr2 games because I Been seeing youtube videos to...

275121338_1122811691829224_2645680700202316029_n.jpg th (1).jpg

Link cable does not connect properly

Hi, I recently purchased an Oculus Link cable which I thought was faulty at the time. I sent this cable back and got a new one which is also not working properly. I've tried almost everything to fix it. I disabled all unnecessary background processes...

M4jster by Honored Guest
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Linking Quest 1 and Steam VR

Hi I am trying to link my Quest 1 to my gaming laptop (MSI GF63) and the airlink isn't showing in the settings.It says in the Oculus app that it is connected but when I go into Steam VR its not picking up the oculus 1.Any ideas? Thanks

The Commercial VR Thread (VR in the Enterprise)

Some History, I have been dabbling in the world of Commercial VR for some time, with my first venture taking place in the Real-Estate Industry. Using 360 Media to showcase properties (e.g. Commercial Buildings, Homes). For anyone interested in the ha...

New PCVR Headset: Bigscreen Beyond

The makers of the Bigscreen app decided to make their own VR headset, the Beyond. It's already up for preorder (delivery Q3 this year) and they've had youtubers testing it (under NDA) for a year already, so apparently it's a real device.   The main s...

kojack by MVP
  • 4 replies
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