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Steam VR server stopped working

I went to show some friends The Lab on steam this weekend, and I can't get the game to load without the Steam VR server crashing. I have recently had a windows update, and uninstalled that but it still crashes. Rebooting doesn't help, and reinstallin...

Media attackes

Playstation vr and scorpio will make vr mainstream!

And that is good for everyone. Months ago playstation vr sold over 900,000 units by now I'm sure it's over a million. With triple a game farpoint coming out (now on tv commercials daily) and Sony now ramping up production to meet demand don't be surp...

inovator by Level 12
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Adjust Main Menu?

The main menu of my Gear VR shows only 9 programs that are installed per page. Is there a way to up this number? Going through page after page of apps is a pain and talk about ALL the wasted space on the sides. There is plenty of room to add more lis...

VR & Escape Challenges

DiscoveryVR App Problem on Oculus Rift

I have a new Oculus Rift. I'm using it with Windows 10 Pro on an Alienware Aurora R5. All apps have worked fine so far except for DiscoveryVR. I installed the DiscoveryVR app and get the following error message when I try to open it: "There was an as...

oculus stickers

Cybereality this is aimed at you, where can I get a hold of oculus tickers so that I can decorate my pc?

Brain Hacking

This morning on the science channel I watch a program called Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. The episode was titled "Can Our Minds Be Hacked." It was pretty interesting. Here is the youtube preview. Someday we may need malware removal softw...


Can someone tell me how to totally remove an avatar I created on the Oculus avatar App from my profile?Thanks in advance.

Anyone else want a VR house to escape in?

I get why game makers make "games" but I'm would actually LOVE to have a large modern looking mansion, that was strictly for walking around or sitting game...just an environment....maybe even a neighborhood and park to walk around in also. I...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Home - Why no option to reset orientation?

I'm sure we had this option option when I used Home on the DK2 beta, but with my CV1 the option to reset orientation is not availabe in Oculus Home. Why is this? Can we get this enabled please?

DavidC by Level 4
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VR for Good: Creators Lab Returns for 2017

Dear friends!It is a great pleasure to see the Oculus global call for the filmmakers to incubate the VR content creation project, we are very willing to participate in such activities, but I am sorry, I did not see China has the right to enroll.Scien...

Will buy your unredeemed TF2VRH code!

Did you support Kickstarter, or buy the Oculus before April 1st? Do you not play Team Fortress 2, or just don't care for the hat? Here's your lucky day! I'm looking to buy a TF2VRH code from anyone willing to sell for the price of $50! The money is l...

Sensor is on Amazon now (May 22nd Pre-Order)

I know i've seen other posts in the past asking for Oculus to put their sensor on Amazon. Just looked today for the heck of it, and it's there. Figured I'd let you guys know. Heres a link

Expand the straps?

I have a bit under 60cm head (usually can't find any hats at stores that fit). I have to release the velcro completely to get a bit more space, or the rift would be completely uncomfortable. Now that we have multiple cameras, can I get some extra spa...

lilwolf by Level 5
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Final Render Image Flip in Output

Hello Everyone,I am facing one problem with my output render, everything coming out nice and view well in my Gear VR, but my project wall flip with opposite wall. I am using VRay Physical camera for cubing image setting. final image render in 18432 x...

Clickbait claiming Facebook giving up vr this article is making clickbait saying you closed story studios because oculus wasn't selling well and nobody wanted it.

RazerBlade Pro with rift?

I would like to get the new razerblade pro gaming laptop, but I fear it will have no hdmi to put the rift in, (or dvi). I searched the internet and specs but nothing touches up on its inputs and outputs, could anyone possibly provide me with an answe...

Age Of Heroes VR

Maybe everyone just loves wave shooters but it seems Omnigames will need a miracle to get their game funded via Kickstarter. Anyhow check out the deets.Developers Omnigames are proud to announce that Age of Heroes VR is coming soon. This video takes ...