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About Facebooks F8 2017 Keynotes (AR and AI)

If some of you have seen the Facebook F8 2017 keynotes, you will have recognised that most of the talks were about AI and AR technology. One thing were AR camera effects for everyones smartphones.Here is a little video showing some of those effects:h...

Now that touch is out, do you use the Xbox controller much?

I got my self touch and games that use touch. I have no games that do not require touch. Just lucky's tale but i don't play it much.But in my case I use Unity to create walkthroughs of my own environments so i need the xbox controller for locomotion(...

Weekly VR News - The Grid VR (May)

Hi all,I make a weekly VR news show called 'The Grid'. Instead of spamming this forum, I create one post for each month and update it with the latest episode. Here is May:Ep 13 - May 26th:Townsmen VR, Alien VR (not Isolation), Farpoint Debuts at No. ...

The Best Buy Reality

Just visited the Culver City Best Buy - and they are just phoning it in about the OVR CV1 - they have a dusty unit behind glass and have removed the demo booth (from flagship to zero!) We will have to wonder how good a plan it was to sign that exclus...

Foveation built in to rift driver ?

Re: Eye Tracking and foveation (only rendering high res where the user is looking, to reduce GPU load)Batman Arkham VR uses foveation based on where your head is pointing (without eye tracking). This works because a VR user typically moves his head a...

Oculus Story Studio - Whats the best you've seen?

What are the best videos you have see by Oculus Story Studio?I think these are the ones I have seen...Henry, Lost, Dear Angelica, Abe VR. And all four short films are brilliant, is there anymore out there that I've missed or not seen or did Oculus on...

Is it possible to create a future proof PC for Rift?

Now that I've upgraded my CPU (overclocked Ryzen 1600, RAM at 3200Mhz) I think I'm ok there.Ignoring really badly optimised games or externally setting SS to 2, are there any games out at the moment that even a 1080ti can't drive with everything at m...

Nose Gap is really Useful!

Some people and Vive people say that the nosegap is annoying but i find it very useful. It's how i can make sure I'm not about to hit something or just to put the controllers down in a safe space in my room when i need to take the headset off. What d...

Risking my Rift

I've just dropped my Rift off at the UPS collection point, off for replacement.However, I nearly didn't. Why have these transport services suddenly adopted the policy of not providing any evidence that a package has been collected or dropped off? I'v...

Oculus shuts down Emmy-winning VR short-film division does not seem to be good news to me. Here is Oculus's spin on it

zboson by Level 9
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My Order: 613*********

I ordered the Oculus Rift almost a week ago and it still hasn't shipped? When I ordered it is says "Usually ships in 2 business days"; well its been 7 what's the deal? When I check the forums I see others have complained about shipping times? What's ...

Oculus earphones

The oculus earphones (bought separately) is so awesome, I highly recommend it. You feel immersive, feels so awesome plus you don't need a separate cable running down your computer because you attach it to your headset. Favour it over the headphones.

Support team offshore

Question does anybody know if oculus support team is offshore? Or do they handle their support in-house.I think everybody knows by now that their support team is overwhelmed with service and substantially understaffed. Not their fault they're doing t...

wilsons heart

helloi need some advice on fps in gamesi own a gtx 1080- i7 6700k- 16 gband for some reason on some parts of wilsons heart my fps is limted to 45 fpsis this an in game fps limitation or there is a way to bypass this?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How to Get into VR

Here is a excellent summary of how to learn about VR

zboson by Level 9
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The irony of social VR

I was discussing VR with friends the other day and arrived at an odd conclusion while discussing Rock Band VR.I used to have parties with friends where two of us would take turns playing Guitar Hero and the rest hung out and partied. We drank, we san...

Zoomie by Level 11
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VR for training/rehabilitation

Next week I will be meeting with a research group at a local university to discus a VR project in training/rehabilitation with feedback from sensors. They have a laboratory with many non-invasive sensors for studying e.g physical injuries. They have ...

zboson by Level 9
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Vive to Get Eye-tracking Add-on

Article on Road to VR.I thought this was interesting, considering the various discussions that we've had here recently about screen resolution, foveated rendering, and eye tracking.A third-party hardware developer is releasing an add-on kit for the V...

nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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Bullet Sorrow VR - Free Locomotion patch

Just added, though unfortunately its only for Horde mode and Multiplayer. Still no story mode free-locomotion.Pretty enjoyable for me now though. Would like to get a game going in online mode if I could, can't seem to find any players.Also, they seem...

steel battalion

man this is the perfect game for vr. please someone bring this game back from the dead. with vr you don't need the big controller you can make the cockpit be the controller and pilot it they way you would if there was a real life one. the game was th...

Thanks to everyone!

my name is Yvette Zapata I live in NEW YORK CITY and I was reaching out for help concerning my purchase 4 the Oculus Rift bundle that I made today at 1:45am today I was confused

zyvette by Level 2
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Resolved! I'm new 2 the Oculus rift family

I just put in my order for my new oculus rift bundle on may 1, 2017 and the Order has yet to be completed. I'm just curious what's taking so long for the order to be filled. Thank you for taking the time to read this message I really hope you can hel...

zyvette by Level 2
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Old Oculus App Store?

I don't know if I am missing something. But before there was an official Oculus Home and store, and only the DK1 & DK2. There was a place for us to try demo's, and leave user feedback. What happened to that space? Did it just get all can'd once the h...

Resolved! Eve Valkyrie - talking to friends

Can I chat to my friends when playing Eve Valkyrie?Ive added them to my crew slots and I can see them in the games with me but I can't hear them when playing. I expected we could just chat but not sure if I'm missing something?