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Release Notes for Rift - Oculus App 1.6

Here's what's changed in the Rift ecosystem recently.Release 1.6We've improved the Oculus Store and your Oculus Library in the following ways:Coming Soon: Check out future apps and games, and get notified when titles you like are ready.Improved Downl...

Public Test Channel Update to 1.14

Does anyone know if we will be getting any release notes for the Public Test Channel updates?Wondering whats changed so I can test it 

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Any improvements for VR Geforce 1080ti vs 1080?

I've got a Geforce 1080 and it seems to handle everything that VR has to offer right now. I take it that the Geforce 1080ti is only worth purchasing if you have a 4k screen and that it's a bit pointless if you already have a Geforce 1080 for VR?

Fazz by Honored Visionary
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The Store

How do I turn the pages on Rift? With my Gear VR, I would just point and click just to the left of the number. It is going to take a little time getting used to using my hands' something you do not do with the Gear.

DTH by Heroic Explorer
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Love gaming but 2d gaming became boring

I'm amazed how even when 2d monitor games were different they somehow seemed the same. When I'm in a vr world I can see the differnces game to game so much more distinctly than in the 2d world. Exploring in 2d bores me but in vr it's so much more fun...

inovator by Consultant
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Hello again,i did not try it, but does someone here tried Islania?... and can you give me some information about it?I did not find (only the Homepage) anything about it.Here the homepage: http://www.islania.comThanks.

1Sudo by Protege
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Google Earth VR

Hello,is it possible to split the sceen in Google Earth VR?That everybody can see (on the Monitor) what the Rifter is still doing?Thanks!

1Sudo by Protege
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Just a question about Debug Tool

Hi from FranceIs it obligatory to launch an application with debug tool, for having debug tool acting in this application or is it sufficient enough to let Debug Tool running in back task while launching the application by its normal way, to have deb...

jef32 by Explorer
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Elite Dangerous: Optimize the graphic?

Hi. I'm a total newbie to ED and I love it. Only the graphics with the Oculus is not really shiny. Are there possibilities to tweak the graphic? Are there hidden options in a config-file or something similar? The flimmering on edges is extreme. Can I...

frbie by Explorer
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The HYPE of Fallout 4 VR

Apparently Roy Taylor AMD VP feels it [Fallout 4 VR] will be the Mario or Sonic of VR in terms of shaping VR.AMD’s corporate vice president Roy Taylor has, and he’s very convinced of its potential. “It will change the way we think about VR. It will b...

The LZoltowski appreciation thread

So where has he been, why is he back. What are "warmer climes" and why does his avatar picture look like Fernando Alonso? The saga continues  welcome home mate !!!


Por favor si alguien PUEDE ayudarme, lastimosamente hice la compra del juego "Smashbox Arena" por accidente, alguien me PUEDE Decir Como pido ONU reembolso Condiciones Oculus una tienda de Gracias

j0s3lu1s by Honored Guest
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Internet browser is an Oculus Home app?

Whenever I open up my internet browser Oculus Home opens up, too. And this is annoying as hell. I google all the time when I am working and then I have to close Oculus Home everytime when I open up my internet browser.It seems that Oculus Home is "th...

More Ridley Scott News: RSA VR

The very first mainstream big budget VR film could very well be Aliens. I know talk around Ridley Scott, movies, and Aliens has surfaced every so often. But it has finally been confirmed as a real thing:“RSA Films has launched RSA VR, a new division ...

Will Oculus ever create something so we change colour settings?

Will Oculus ever create something that will allow use to change colour settings? Just like you can on a monitor or in the Nvidia control panel? I've heard there is a work around for this, but I don't want to risk damaging my motherboard using it.

Fazz by Honored Visionary
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The Mummy VR Experience

kevinw729 by Honored Visionary
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Netflix Sound No Picture

Tried using both Virtual Desktop and Big Screen to watch netfix movies but on both all I get is sound but no picture, I've tried 3 different browsers and the netflix app without any luck on windows 10

Vooka-Raylee (Yooka-Laylee VR Mod)

All credit goes to Eusth is fantastic! It makes the game just like Lucky's Tale and it improves on the 2D version immensely, pretty much completely solving any camera problems the 2D version has. Note:...

Asynchronous Timewarp On=butter smooth Off=slight stutter

Hi,Why is it that if you disable ASW in debug tool Elite is not super butter smooth as with ASW on.Now, I hear you saying its because when you dip below 90 fps ASW compensates. But it is not that that I am talking about.Even with all settings at min ...

gronbek by Explorer
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Playing games in vr

so I just got my oculus and I've heard of vorpx and on other one that I downloaded but I forget the name but I was wondering what I should use to play games like skyrim and nier. Also is there anyway to make the Xbox streaming fully vr instead of "th...