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Fix the search to allow returning to where you started!

As a new Oculus owner/user, you're driving me absolutely MAD! When I scroll through the games listings and find something I think might be interesting, every time I open a game link to read about it and return to the "home" page you FORCE me to start...

Quality/performance gap.

Resident Evil 4 is the new benchmark for excellence on the Quest 2. That game was originally made in 2006 for the Game Cube. That was 15 years ago. So, what's Meta doing about the quality gap. I thought the answer was obvious with a 120hz experimenta...

Warning - Do not buy directly from Oculus

This is a rant about one of the worst customer support experiences I have ever had. Around mid October I received my brand new Quest 2. From the very beginning the unit would not change and the usb port did not work properly. Oculus support was great...

73Stace by Level 4
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Oculus SSO sso_authorize_code 400 Bad Request

I am trying to implement Oculus SSO.I was able to get to the step where I need to do a POST request to: I send all needed values (access_token, org_scoped_id and code ) and get 400 Bad Request response. No o...

App Bundles..

Where do you find them? Before I bought the quest I saw some, but now it appears that they are gone. Also, how hard is it to get a refund if you don't like a game?

Body Tracking

Hi. I am trying to buy tracker accessories for my grandson. He has an Oculus original not 2. I have no clue what I need. Base unit, straps, trackers..all? What do I need for Basic start up? Thanks.

Resolved! Does it get Boring?

Hello,i have recently tried out an oculus rift in a game store close by and was amazed by the experience, i am thinking of getting one as i already have a PC up to spec and they seem great but was wondering if the games get boring. i dont want to she...

"Actual' proper resolution support based on Quest2 capability?

I understand current max res. is 8192x4096. But in a 90°x90° approx field of view, that's only effectively standard 'full HD' for each view/angle. Which might be 'ok' but seems lacking in this day/age/etc. For "real" hardware-matching video resolutio...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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AMD FSR and VR, just wow

As I'm sure most know that AMD has made their version of DLSS open source and even works on NVidia cards. There are many youtube videos about how to mod individual games and who would benefit most. There is also a Steam app that you can run in the ba...

ohgrant by Level 9
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will never buy any product from here

First of all, I live in Australia. I give up AmazonAU but place an order at Oculus website. I thought it is official and fast. I was totally wrong...My order was placed at 1/11/2021. The estimated arrive time was 11/11/2021. But until 9th I had not r...


Something good

It's mostly complaints round here so I thought I'd post something positive. With the v35 firmware, my Airlink now launches almost immediately and doesn't suffer from 10-30 seconds of crazy lag before settling down. So good work by whoever is responsi...

Resolved! An oculus painting

hello. I'm a mom and an artist. Watching my son on his occulus is amazing. He doesn't have many friends and at school he's s little socially awkward. He's 11 and he was depressed. I got him his occulus and he plays with other kids everyday. To see hi...


Hello, My name is Brianne. I have had my Oculus for less than a year, and i only have about 10-15 friends on my friends list. I'm looking for anyone interested in more friends, preferably over the age of 18. My age is 28, so anything between that wou...

Rift / Quest Compatibility List?

I’ve had a Rift for a couple of years and have amassed a decent library - I’m thinking about getting a Quest and (possibly) selling the wired Rift. Is there a *quick* (ie. not game by game) way to check my library’s compatibility with Quest 2 hardwar...

Return Hell!

Recently I purchased 2 accessories by mistake. After the 2nd one arrived (unopened) I got online to find the return instructions. They were very hard to find... so I got on support chat on the actual Oculus site. What a joke... I told them the issue ...

VR Awards Take Place Next Week

 I guess you're participating as an official VR judge @kevinw729 ? More info about the VR Awards here: - and the titles I find most interesting  VR Game of...

vrawards-5-year-logo@2x.png M2_4804-1280x853.jpg M2_3475-1280x853.jpg M2_3864-1280x853.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Steam Awards - Select your nominations

If you haven't done so yet, be sure to log in to Steam and select your favorite titles: If I judge things based on what I have played personally, then I would need to pick:Wraith: The Oblivions -...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Request - Minimize to System Tray

Every game launcher I have (I have 8), except for Oculus Home, has this feature. This would be a much appreciated quality of life enhancement. An option to run at system startup would be great as well, but I've just added Oculus home to my windows st...

Please bring back exact IPD settings on next quest ...

Please bring back exact IPD settings instead of the current 3 setting system of "good enoughs" with the next unit -- seems like a regression from the Q1. Also please expand back up to 71 (those 3 degrees count for A LOT for some people)

MrKappa by Level 2
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I’m considering buying a GIGABYTE RX 6700 XT Gaming OC video card, and I am wondering NVIDIA card is better than AMD for Unity development for VR. I have 1060 GTX 60 GB right now, and I want to upgrade. I prefer NVIDIA 30 series, but I can’t buy thos...

Kijimu7 by Level 3
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Steam Autumn Sale - get Alyx for $29.99 - and much more!

About 1,750 VR games & apps have been (greatly) reduced in price - see them all here: UploadVR made an overview of the most popular titles:

english.png kXqSbmzFnjkamIGw.jpg maxresdefault.jpg maxresdefault (1).jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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