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Bigger roomscale for Rift CV1 concept.

It looks like there was a maximum roomscale limit for Oculus Rift CV1 based initially on the length of the headset cable and after the release of the TPcast wireless system, the limiting factor was the ability of the Constellation sensors to see the ...

I am very Happy to be mind you good people.

I am very happy to be in a community where I feel as a positive changing our lives the oculus two for me has been one of the greatest inventions that I ever purchased. I made a lot of friends all around the world. I played good games on here watching...

Has Anyone Had Zenni Lenses Shipped to the UK?

Has anyone had Zenni prescription lenses delivered to the UK? If so, were you charged VAT and import duty (plus 'collection' fee)?I just went right through the ordering process but was then spooked by the apparently US related 'Tax' of £10 added at t...

Warning: there are mirrors of this forum out there!

As per the title, if you look for VR related help using a search engine, you may be offered results that aren't what they appear to be. Check the search result's link preview before clicking on it, the top-level domain for this forum is: communityfor...


I am posting here, before I take actions through other avenues regarding this sadly common issue. I want others to know what Meta deems as ‘acceptable’ practices in regards to the the expectation (and exploitation) of their users, before I take this ...

Resolved! Obvious fake reviews on the store

Last night I was browsing the store and its really shameful and embarrassing all the obvious fake reviews from fake accounts by devs / hired russian trolls or people who got the game free.Its not just the wording that makes it obvious because you can...

danknugz by Superstar
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'chrome' browser based work

Hey guys, I'm looking at joining the meta quest community, I think with the 3. My main use would be for a web based clinical application we use for patient consultation and record keeping. Chrome is the preferred browser and ideally all of your Googl...

Azledazle by Honored Guest
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Compact headsets with eye tracking?

Hello!! I was thinking up a project lately, & I was wondering there any any relatively compact headsets that work with eye tracking. (Ideally, also able to stream a video feed onto them, but that seems like something most headsets can do.) I don't kn...

astar by Honored Guest
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Survey: How has VR affected your mental health?

Hi! I am researching about how VR affects youth mental health. T his research will be used for a virtual poster that will be presented at an international conference. If you are between the ages of 15-24, I would love to hear your input about this to...

jl444.20 by Honored Guest
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Getting the best from Meta Quest Link 120Hz

You’ve probably heard the news that Meta Quest Link is extending 120Hz support onto Quest 3, and we’re just as excited as you are! To get Meta Quest Link all set up, and for basic troubleshooting, check out our video: If you’ve run into any trouble w...

Ryanality by Retired Support
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Resolved! What has changed? Oculus Quest 2 x Meta Quest 2

Hi! I recently got an Oculus Quest 2, I saw that it was renamed to Meta Quest 2, does that mean I have a first generation of the product? What are the differences between the Oculus Quest 2 and the Meta Quest 2? I didn't find anything on google about...

Resolved! Motion Sickness For A Whole Day?

I was playing The Mages Tale last night and was getting slightly motion sick. It wasn't too bad so I pushed through it, which I really shouldn't have done. Now today I've been feeling nauseous all day. Is it normal for the effects to linger this long...

Dealing with referral reviews

I have reported a few of these messages by shaking the phone but received negative feedback (it is okay to post something like this) feedback.So with this post I hope to start a discussion (here or internally) about how-to-deal with referral-reviews,...

1000036010.png 1000036012.png

The Quest 3's standalone render resolution is only 1680x1760.

Thanks to Norm for being the only reviewer so far I've seen to point this out. While the Q3's panels have a native resolution of 2064x2208, for standalone use things are only rendered at 1680x1760 resolution. For standalone, graphics aren't rendered ...

funtudeka by Honored Guest
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Spatial Video on the Quest

OK I'm a big fan of all immersive video/media so I'm really happy that spatial video is now on the Quest 3 and hopefully soon we'll be able to have it on there with the click of a button from our iPhone 15 Pros - nice! But, I've watched videos from v...

New Innovation Required on Meta 3

Dear Meta Team,After exploring various VR headsets, I've found the Meta 3 to be my favorite thus far. However, as I delve deeper into virtual reality experiences, I've noticed a crucial element missing: the integration of sensory data relating to fee...

Will my PC be able to stream NON VR games to the Quest 2?

I'd like to stream NON-VR games from my PC (I want to emphasize, NON-VR games - such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Mortal Kombat 1) to the Quest 2 while using a Dualshock controller connected to my PC via Bluetooth, as I always do when I play PC games. M...

dbynes by Honored Guest
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Resolved! forum activity

It seems there is significantly less activity on forum for days.Or is that just my imagination?樂

Choleni by MVP
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All Meta Accounts Will Soon Be Asked To Confirm Age Soon every Meta account will receive a request to confirm their date of birth. This will be done by entering your date of birth again. You will have 30 days to resp...

kojack by MVP
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3D printed trigger extension

UPDATE: it's not the touch sensor. it's a shell around the handle causing the problem. cut the shell half way down and don't make it too thiccc and it will work fine.I've decided to print a trigger extension for the smoother throttle and brake applic...

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