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Sensor placement question

Hi, Do i have to place my sensors all at the same height ? For example i have a desk structure where i could have one sensor on my desk, and one by the side of my desk, but a couple of feet higher. I'd like to get a third sensor also... What would be...

Virtual Desktop + Virtual DJ + Oculus Rift Trance Mix!

I made this trance music mix in VR using my rift + touch controllers! Very easy to use the on screen mixer with touch controllers. Beat matching during transitions requires you to set the records to "jog"...

Why I can't connect with my S7 Edge

I have the white gear and the black gear and both does not hook up to my s7 Edge the white one did before but just stopped working the black one I just bought and it's not working

Anonymous by Not applicable
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3Rd Sensor

Decided to get a 3rd sensor and ordered it on Sunday and received an email this mourning to say it's been shipped, Was a bit concerned at how long it would take for oculus to send it because of all the problems other people on the forum were having b...

What must one do to get the "beta" drivers?

Really annoyed at hearing all these people who got special early access to the drivers and how much of an improvement it is. What's the point of this, if most people can't download the drivers themselves? Why can't Oculus just do as normal and post t...

danknugz by Superstar
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Will you ever buy a ZeniMax product again?

I'm going to stop purchasing ZeniMax products for the time being and re-invest the money into Oculus Home and hardware. Call me what you want - Not trying to come off as immature, just an adult prioritizing where my dollars go, and whom I support.Wha...

Give up on Desktop VR and focus on Mobile VR?

For me it was only a matter of time before the mobile app crowd started stomping at the walls of the PC enthusiasts.Here is a lengthy article from someone who (in my opinion) completely butcher's John Carmack's quotes in order to proclaim a world whe...

Zenbane by MVP
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Ups and downs, why I already hate and love my Rift (need help?!) :)

Hey everyone,yesterday evening/night I finally got to try my new rift. I haven't used any VR device for about 1 1/2 years but I've owned the dk2 and got VERY high expectations.Sorry for the clickbait title but that perfectly describes my feelings rig...

gysgqdr8jsgf.jpg 52bdub68tb42.jpg
Skizz by Expert Protege
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Steam App?

Does anyone know if there are any apps available or planned to allow us to connect direct to our Steam library whilst in the Oculus store to prevent us having to lift up or take off our HMD everytime we want to play a Steam game in VR?My games are no...

New Gear VR With Controller anybody know of any changes to the Gear VR or is it the same one with a controller?It says "new Gear VR" but only talks about the controller.

Congrats Oculus on the Gear VR controller announcement

Rumoured for a while, and now to be released... great stuff. I'm really looking forward to tinkering with this, as I have some stuff in the works that I think would benefit from this.The timing is great actually, because the next project I'm working ...

1 sensor aka the drifting hands fiasco.

Sooo was tiding up wires on my computer earlier, and left out one sensor. I played 3 games of D&B with drifting hands all over the place (surprisingly wasn't doing all that bad either) was funny when I went to set up my sensors again realizing one wa...

n3cr0-0 by Adventurer
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Why rate a game if it won't load?

I was just looking at some games I want to purchase, but some of the ratings are from people who haven't even played the games because their unable to get the game to load. What is Oculus policy on games that fail to load for some people? I think it'...

Fazz by Honored Visionary
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Google tilt

Just played google tilt. I'm not good but I'm having fun.easier to use than quill and the brush selection is better.

w1dg3t by Expert Protege
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My VR Lens Lab lens

I've been wearing contact lens while using rift, which hasn't been too much of an issue but I only have daily disposable contacts for sports and social stuff. My glasses don't fit inside the HMD.I ordered a pair of lens from VR Lens Lab, and chose th...

Update on 1.11 tracking issues and the upcoming 1.12 release

Hey all, I wanted to give everyone an update on the next release (1.12) and where we are with improvements to Rift tracking. Our #1 priority right now is addressing the new tracking issues some users are experiencing in 1.11 without reducing the impa...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Need help loading software.

I can't get the software to download on my S7 Edge. I have the Facebook system app enabled but I can't find the Facebook app manager. The software starts downloading then gets to app manager then stops.

Novella81 by Honored Guest
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SteamVR question

Do you need to download the SteamVR app to play oculus games purchased on Steam? When I load steam, a pop up asks if I want to DL steamVR. Wouldn't Oculus games on steam just use the Oculus runtime or is SteamVR needed for some other reason?I get tha...

Xrc6 by Explorer
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3+ sensor "handoff" - anyone know the technicalities?

I notice that a key issue with the recent tracking issues seems to be to do with "handoff" between the sensors.I was wondering if anyone had any technical insight into why there needs to be a handoff from one to the other.Surely the crucial benefit o...

Oculus Staff - Video section please?

Hi guys,Could I request a new sub-section in the forums for Oculus members to post video's?I think it would be really good for the community to be able to share any VR video's of interest.Cheers!

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