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Crytek's VR Game: Robinson, just became PS4 exclusive :( ... exclusive/Tell me once more how Oculus cares about PC VR gaming. :roll: This is a blow The only game that held hope for showing what PC can achieve. I eagerly waited for CES 2016 and that dual-GPU VR prese...

RonsonPL by Level 7
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Touch Controllers For Sale

Iam selling my 1 month old Oculus touch controllers for 180 shipped. Let me know if you are interested! Text me at :---------------------------. thanks.

Is it possible to disable the chaperone?

In my setup, I have a 3 camera room-space setup, but my desk is off to one corner of that. When I sit at where I mount my wheel or HOTAS, I'm hitting one of my chaperone boundaries. I wondered if there was, like, a hotkey you could press to disable t...

Using two head sets on one computer

Good Morning, This might seem like an odd question but is it possible to use two of the OR headsets on the one computer? I am looking at using the head sets as a training aid in flight simulations and would need them both connected to the one compute...

sunjet by Level 2
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Can't draw chaperone lines in steam vr since update

It won't recognize me pulling the trigger to draw the lines for my boundary in steam. But my trigger works fine in game. This makes many steam games that I own unplayable now. I am not the only one with this problem since the update.

Rift Experiences web site broken?

I've noticed for the past couple days, the Rift Experiences web site is all messed up. It's showing full-screen width tiles for everything below the first few categories, which makes the page impossible to navigate. Many of the tiles are not even tit...

nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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I know why best buy demos are failing for the rift.

Best Buy has always been my favorite electronics store. But when it comes to doing demos and setting up a demo area they totally suck. In the past any time they would set up a demo area they worked it for a short period of time and then for the longe...

Is Oculus Studio killing the Market?

We are small developers of VR content, as you could imagine, it's a risky move.Congratulation on winning Sundance again this year (Dear Angelica), but we are scared when we see that you producegreat quality content and distribute it for free.If your ...

New LCD tech, triple per dimension pixel denisty

This sounded interesting. Thought I would share.❝With our new technology, a resolution density of 1,500 pixels per inch could be achieved on the same sized screen. This is especially attractive for virtual reality (VR) headsets or augmented reality t...

kernow by Level 7
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SLi e Oculus Rift

In your opinion, when you will enable the Sli? Or they never will enable?

Frumens by Level 2
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PeniMax, Oculus, and Funding

First of all, as someone who is named "Zen" online, I keep finding it disturbing to see the word used so much in reference to "ZeniMax" thanks to their ongoing efforts to leech off the Oculus/Facebook trough.So this is my attempt to coin a new phrase...

Zenbane by Level 15
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VR Cover Facial Interfaces.

Nicely packaged!Box contained;2 x thin foam pads.2 x thick foam pads.Regular interface.Longer interface for glasses.Plenty of room between glasses and lenses.Received the new facial interfaces and foam replacement pads from VR Cover today.Just watche...

Mermoden by Level 4
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3d test files for game developers and media makes to use

i found out the gear vr outputs two side by side 16 9 resolutions as something other than 16 9, so i has to keep the 720 vertical and go half horizontal and the gear vr resized the half horizontal to 1280, so the final picture is 1280x720 16 9 aspect...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Medium Artist Spotlight 3D Print Giveaway!

We're honored to host Edward Eyth in our monthly FB Live Artist Spotlights! During the stream we’ll talk with Edward about his creative process in VR and walk through various tools within the Medium sculpting experience. We'll be giving away a 3D pri...

naycorn by Level 7
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Oculus and Movies

Hi: New to VR technology. My friend has MS. He's mobile but has some difficulty with motor skills. He is so wanting a VR device that he can strap on and watch movies with great sound in 3D or just 2D. He has a basic VR headset device that requires hi...

Will Oculus Change its Name and Evolve?

Is it possible Oculus will evolve into something else all things considered and possibly become Facebook VR or some other name? Would it be prudent for them to keep the Oculus name at this juncture considering how it's a known VR specific brand? Is t...

Feeling lightheaded

hi alli know this is not a ps4 forum but i know many of you are experienced with VR and I hope you may be able to provide some help. I recently purchased a ps4 vr and RE7. After playing for a half hour i felt fine and took a break. I then picked it u...

PS4Help by Level 2
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Ultrabook Support?

I need a "portable as possible" solution, are there any ultrabooks that will work with the Rift? Not playing any hardcore games, mostly for VR Video use.

Star Citizen VR On Hold! article seems to point to the issue that Star Citizen(SC) has been placed on the shelf.This was a game that was promoted right from its crowd-sourcing roots as a VR (Ocu...

Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver

Hi,What driver are people using for Windows 10, I currently have the default windows driver (z270 chipset).Is there a better driver available?Does the default driver have a bandwidth issue like withe the inateck card?Thanks for any help Alex

Is Oculus a dead company now?

I was just watching Boogies new video today at 6:25 he basically said Oculus is a dead company now. I am not saying he is right but what do you think. Will they come back strong with more innovation or just fade away?

Advice please

HiI had a shot of a Rift tonight on Apollo 11 VR. It was very good, the only thing was the instruments on the capsule were a little blurred, my eyes are ok I just had them tested :smile: Was it my mates PC, the game or the Rift itself? His machine is...

Resolved! Got a weird item inside my Touch Package?

Hello, I've successfully received my Touch today, but inside the box there was something else too. It's a small cube thing with a hole in it. And it says 'Rockband VR' . And in the package was a link to but once going to the websit...