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Touch must haves?

I've been away from the 'rift for a few months due to the house being in disarray. Just getting it set up again now, and have succumbed and ordered the Touch controllers. They'll be here towards the end of the week. Thing is, I've pretty much lost to...

Best of VIve, Oculus, and PSVR ++ for 2016

Arstechnica has as interesting article "A real year for VR: 2016’s best on Vive, Oculus, PSVR, and more" that's worth reading.

zboson by Level 9
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spend time in the magic forest?

is there any app that lets you spend time in different 3D landscapes, lively ones (with moving things and sounds, even some music), like in the magic forest from the short movie Lost. i was really enjoying the fantasy forest... before the action star...

b3lun by Level 3
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What? The Rift came with a Mic that is inside of it?!

Wow, I'm sure this is old news to everyone but me. I just learned that the Rift has a built in Mic. I could have talked to those people in that VR social chat program where I was looking around at everything like an idiot while people were asking me ...

falken76 by Level 13
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Does your touch controller "clack"?

Working on the assumption that only people with problems make their vices heard, I thought I'd conduct a poll to see what the extent of this issue is.Please take a moment to to record you touches condition below, feel free to post when to his started...

elboffor by Level 12
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no sound in the Lab

I went into my sound settings on my pc but I have no sound in steam. what am I doing wrong?

ky4jw by Level 4
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It must be said, but they are awfully good. (Rift headphones)

The Rift headphones.I am far from an "audiophile" but still picky when it comes to sound. If you get a MP3 player or similar today it comes with earplugs which in general sound like something you won at a tombola at the Chinese dollar store. I love b...

Promo Codes

We recently purchased a Rift as well as Touch controllers and were told that there were promo codes for free downloads however, I do not know where to locate these promo codes. Where do we find them?

rtwood3 by Level 2
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Give us snap turn in room scale games please devs!

I wonder if I'm alone in this :I'm getting used to teleporting. What I DON'T understand is room scale games tending to have no snap turn on the analog stick. Like Vanishing Realms or Call of the Starseed. Like...I get it, you can physically turn but ...

I still get surprised how good VR is

I've been using the Rift since May, and there are still many moments when I get surprised just how convincing and good VR can be. I'd say I'm quite used to VR now... I use it often, especially since Touch controllers came out. But even with quite a b...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Comment connecter la manette x360 ?

Bonjourçà fait un petit moment que je n'ai pas joué à l'oculus. dans les paramétrè "devices" tout est ok, sauf la manette x360.En fait je sais plus comment la connecter, j’appuie sur le bouton du dongle, il clignote, en suite je clique sur le logo ce...

Zarro by Level 2
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About separating where i'm looking vs where i'm walking.

Hi. So to break the ice here I just bought a Rift today (well ok yesterday but it's still the same day for me. That's irrelevant) my comma key doesn't work on this keyboard and I haven't played too many games yet. The most experience I have is with E...

Tygron by Level 2
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what were oculus thinking (cord length)

oculus got so much right with the design or rift and touch imo..... but wow, what were they thinking when they came up with the cable length. Mostly an issue with the hmd, tho the cameras are stingy too.I play in a smallish area 7' wide, 5' deep, and...

Image Snapping and Tracking Issues

Is anyone else experiencing what I can only refer to as "Image snapping issues" with their headset? Meaning, as I move about my play space, I am seeing the image pop or "snap" into place. My image will move as if I teleported a few inches... except I...

Right Controller losing tracking

I've started to notice my right touch controller losing tracking. I'm not sure what triggers it exactly, but jumping into dead and buried might be one of them (or could be coincidence). The only way I can solve the issue is to restart Oculus home or ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can VR Fitness Training be a Thing?

With at least two sports related VR companies starting up and a number of VR fintess bike style designs in the works, or operation at Chinese VR Arcades, I would like the communities opinion on the prospect of VR fitness.The clossest example in the r...

Resolved! Second Sensor

In set up, I am being asked to connect a second sensor, which I do not have. I cannot proceed otherwise. Any thought on how to move this along?

OJD by Level 2
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Touch Control battery issue life

I haven't had any issues at all since Touch release day, while just playing Arizona Sunshine my right controller started jittering as if it was suffering a frame rate problem. I paused the game and saw on the pause screen that the right hand touches ...

Best way to use voice comms

Hey everyone,I just got a new rift. I'm starting to build my library. I do often play with friends on TS. I prefer PTT as I detest voice activation.What is the best solution for that? I've considered removing the earphones on the rift, then wearing m...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Guardian edging

HiJust wondered if it is possible to hide or disable the guardian blue edging lines.I recieved a set of the touch controllers for Christmas,but have only just had the chance to set them up today.I bought the Rift primarily for use with my flight simu...

CV1 Could Be Wireless Faster Than We Think

I was watching a video on youtube of these guys unboxing the Oculus Rift CV1 and they showed that the hdmi/usb 3.0 is not hard wired into the headset so that got me thinking.What if Oculus had plans to in the future make a wireless mini usb 3.0/hdmi ...