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Oculus Home Features

Howdy people,Just wondering if anyone knows what features Oculus has planned for Oculus Home in the future? The one thing I really would like is a way to communicate with your friends via OH....Cheers

Has this been tried to reduce motion sickness?

To allow for smooth navigation, has any developer tried to have something like 2 thin 3D models, like thin rectangular shapes attached to the torso, that bend out from the torso a bit so they're not right in your face, which go up far enough to be in...

Thane_ by Heroic Explorer
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Oculus sneakers/trainers

Do you think Oculus should sell sneakers (usa) = trainers (uk) with LED's built in?That way your head, hands and feet could be tracked!


There were so many games, so many that I installed and bought on the steam store that were for the rift and now all of a sudden arent? WTF

Bekatsa by Honored Guest
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Possible 4-Sensor setup question.

Hey all. I'm currently setting up a new office, with plenty of space for maximum room scaling and I currently have a third sensor on order, but I'm considering a 4th.This question somewhat applies to both a 3-sensor and 4-sensor setup, but I'm curiou...

Wall Mount for less than £2

Well I got my third sensor today so while I'm still waiting for santa to let me touch myself I thought I'd set these up in preparation. SODIAL(R) Car Windshield Suction Cup Mount Holder for Mobius Action Cam Car Key Camera Black

elboffor by Consultant
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What about floor tracking?

Everyone is focussing on 360 "horizontal" tracking.IMHO, we should also be trying to achieve tracking down to the floor across the whole play area (if you drop your gun for instance)Mounting the sensors high and angled down solves this issue, however...

Msi titan pro

Hi there, has anyone had any experience with using the rift on a msi titan pro gaming notebook? Does it run well on this or is it a no go?many thanks

hezza81 by Honored Guest
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where is Netflix

Bought this Occulus rift early this month from Best buy, site shows Netflix ad, best buy said it was there, my gear VR has it. So where is it??

thekjun1 by Sightseer
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Resolved! Hi new user resolution query

Recently received Samsung gear with my new 7 edgeImpressed with a few of the apps but all the videos I have looked at are such bad quality that I could not be bothered to view worse than standard definition Do I need to make a some adjustments?

Topman53 by Honored Guest
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Second sensor cable

I just opened my touch box, and I am confused..I thought they said that there would be an extension cable delivered along with the touch and the second sensor but it's not there, or were they talking about when you buy a third sensor?

Oculus home and friends list.

Hi cyber I was wondering is there any inside info about any future home updates that will allow us to directly contact via messages or even voice speak to friends within our friend list on oculus home?? It stands to reason that if you have a friends ...

XlordB by Adventurer
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Misleading recommended requirements

HiReally need some helpful advice.i bought a rift from Amazon and a laptop from ebuyer, the laptop cost £1100.i followed the recommended requirements from the Oculus website but have now discovered that they aren't correct for laptops. The laptop ive...

Selling my games/apps

Unfortunately I no longer have my Rift, had to return it, medical reasons. So, I bought games/Apps, VR-Covers (never used, showing up today), WIDMO Cover(10 minutes use). Is there a way to sell the games/apps? I will sell for very very cheap! The gam...

tom899 by Explorer
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Oculus Touch UK delivery

Has anyone in the UK had there ordered shipped yet? I preordered the first day and have yet to recieve any shipping info

Which shipping company is being used?

Hi, I got my email informing me that my rift has been shipped today, I have my tracking number, but there's nothing to tell me which shipping company is being used. Where should I go with my tracking number to see the delivery status?Thanks in advanc...

Psycosm by Explorer
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Damn Im happy i went with oculus.

So happy i dont have to deal with steam VR on a daily level. holy hell...I wanted to try out the lab from steam ( been told it was awesome ) but so far all i can make steam do is crash! isnt that just wounderful  first you get the depressing popup w...

kogermax by Expert Protege
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Steam and Touch

Does steam have problems with Touch controllers? Steam worked perfectly fine for me but I haven't used it since getting touch and now I'm seeing posts of people saying that since they installed touch the scale is way off and they are in the middle of...

falken76 by Expert Consultant
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How is your home now?

Hello everyone! Send pictures, how your setup looks like.Here is my "computer sanctuary": it is now limited by the four sensors at the corners.It is not nice but practical and it does not take up so much space.


Unable to connect Oculus Touch

As the title says, I can not connect my Touches. In Settings > Devices > configure rift the is no option for Oculus Touch. I also ran full set up and in the position part I could see both sensors so they are working, but other than that it was just l...

SUPER HOT issues/bugs?

After the first 3 or 4 shootouts, there is the pyramid with "Grab" written. I do that, and I get a text "Are you ready to play?", then a gun appear, which I can grab, then the "Are you ready to play" disappear and all is just white, except the gun. N...

Unable to purchase the Touch launch bundle

So I'm unable to purchase the Touch launch bundle from the store. I opened a ticket with Oculus support about it four days ago but still haven't gotten a response.If I try to purchase it (from the desktop, inside Home or through a browser) I just get...

Now with touch, three best demos for newbs

Im now curious, ive been desensitized to VR since touch came out and forgot what its like to experience VR for the first time. Most of the people I demo to range from 25yrs-45yrs, non gamers. If you were to suggest 3 titles to blow a person's (non ga...

Oculus Home - personalization

When I'm at home I like to pick up a few things to arrange them and occasionally throw a few cushions here and there... I see there are some in VR home but they're not where I want them! How about giving us 'touch' users the ability to personalise ou...

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