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used redeem code but says games not valid ?

just gor redeem code for the two games given when oculus touch is purchased i put the codes in and the games show up in not installed folder but they say not valid and wont install help pls

Elite: Dangerous runs at exactly 37.5 fps

Okay, running top shelf system. 2x GTX 970's and a 4ghz I7 processor. With the latest updates, Elite seems to seamlessly transition to the rift in direct mode. However, it's always exactly half of 75fps. I've tried numerous combinations of in game se...

Touch - Bundled Software

Earlier this week, i received a processing email, along with another one that provided an activation code for the two bundled games, VR Sports and the Unspoken.In preparation for receipt of the Touch, i had dutifully followed the instructions to ente...

Greyman by Level 9
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Oculus rift Best Buy demo

Hi everyone, I picked up a rift the other day and preordered touch and am waiting on a monitor delivery for my new system so I can install the rift. While waiting for the monitor, I made a appt. to try the rift at BB today. First impressions are it w...

Color banding in dark games.

So edge of nowhere finally came on sale  yay and everything!But holy crap the color banding is crazy :S it is everywhere in this lovely dark game, even the menu looks horrible! sure if i disable ASW it helps alittle but it doesnt remove it, not even...

Oculus touch help please

I have had a email from oculus saying my touch preorder is on hold but I have authenticated it with the bank but the order still says it's on hold what do I do? Please help asap


Ho can I contact company for a refund ? I see no phone, no email nothing ?ARTHUR

The Furious Angels - the first Oculus Rift gaming guild!

The Furious AngelsHey guys! My gaming guild just went live with our new website, as we shift focus towards games that have Oculus Rift support! A little bit of info:The Furious Angels have been around for almost 10 years now as an online community in...

Tbone by Level 4
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Resolved! new driver/firmware release to coincide with touch launch?

so i have yet to install oculus home or the drivers into my existinf win10was thinking about maybe setting it up this weekend before touch, but if theres new drivers and or firmware, might just wait to make it clean as possiblecan anyone confirm if t...

PSVR sales are less than HALF of what was predicted

Originally, analysts (and forum trolls) were predicting PSVR sales of over 2 million for 2016. With only a month left in the year, the reality is that sales will likely fall under 1 million.Citing a lack of dedicated evangelism from Sony, interactive...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Will sli help in VR gaming?

I want to use super sampling 2.0 but my current gtx 970 can't handle it. Should I grab gtx 1080 for $600 now or wait for gtx 1080 ti? It is said 1080 ti will be about 30% more powerful than 1080 and it will cost about $700-800. Would current gtx 1080...

shin777 by Level 4
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Amazon and Best Buy Have Not Received Touch Stock from Oculus

I pre-ordered from Amazon, Best Buy, and Oculus because I didn't want to be stuck with the company hit with a delay.I spoke with a Best Buy manager a few weeks ago who told me it's standard procedure for their warehouses to receive stock over a month...

Tbone by Level 4
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What am I allowed to release on the Oculus Store?

I have created a VR experience in unity that potrays the ending scene of the movie End of Evangelion. I do not plan to charge for it, but I am wondering if I am even allowed to release something like this, due to it containing copyrighted elements.

HTC Vive Reviews Thread

Here's a thread for HTC Vive reviews (please post any you find) as the official launch is hours away. Note: If you're not interested in the Vive on the Oculus forums then don't click the topic or read it.Cramgaming.com

VR Arcade & Public Demo Kiosk Designs

Hey Forum,I am still obsessed with thinking about set ups and rigs for VR gaming experiences intended to be public "demo kiosks" or actual VR Arcade exhibits.As of right now.....There are five areas of interest I am focused on;1) Seated VR with gamep...

cubytes by Level 4
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Foot controlers?

have Been watching trailers for touch... and have been wondering why no controlers for feet are part of this.. Like a simple controler where thumbstick controls where put at the feet..?. Sorry if im posting wrong, not a discussion type..

Marstor by Level 2
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White dots everywhere?

Hi, I've just setup the rift for the first time and I've noticed that when I look at something black, like the floor in the setup screen, and focus/look at the lenses I can see white dots everywhere... I had a search but couldn't see anyone else refe...

So tired reinstalling Oculus software !!

Every 3 or 4 days I have to reinstall Oculus software because of some runtime error.. What am I doing wrong? It gets very old.. 1.5 gig is an big download for my slow internet here. Any ideas? or is there a way that I can store the download on my pc ...

ky4jw by Level 4
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SteamVR update adds haptics for Touch

Found this on reddit a few minutes ago. Link to reddit thread: post about update:

Anonymous by Not applicable
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A couple of Debug Tool questions

Hi,2 quick questions:1, when using the debug tool to view my fps in the Rift, is it possible to have the HUD displayed on my computers monitor so I can capture what it looks like for a video I'm making?2, would anyone here say that the below statemen...

DemonicGuestVR now on Oculus Store

Thanks to Oculus for release!DemonicGuestVR is a short horror experience for VR, although in Early access at the moment as regular content is being added and also touch controller support will be added soon, We aim to have it so you can eventually ch...