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Interesting article on ROVR and WizDish had not heard of ROVR and the WizDish (which is a bit of a silly name) until reading this article. It looks like you can order a WizDis...

zboson by Level 9
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Oh no, not again - Ewwww, this humble pie tastes bad

Hello,We were so excited to be processing your Touch order for shipping, that we hit send too soon. The email we sent earlier today stated that your Touch purchase ships today. We are actually processing your Touch order as of today, and will be ship...

Greyman by Level 9
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Official play space sizes are outlined now

So, I guess the rift isn't getting a massive room scale setup like I hoped. Hopefully there will be success with larger than what's recommended.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Help with Space Jones VR,

Hello Everyone, I am trying to see if anyone can help me understand what's happening with my copy of Space Jones VR. I purchased this game a long time ago, but nothing has ever allowed me to play it. I was told by support to uninstall it, then reinst...

Casting VR games?

Hi Chaps,I've recently started casting on twitch, at the moment The Division, Overwatch and some playthoughs, and I did think of doing the odd VR cast, but, I am not sure how it would work?I mean, twitch is as much about interacting with viewers (esp...

Absolutely love this guy's views on VR and 3D

Really thought some of you might enjoy the hell out of this guys videos about VR and 3D. They echo a lot of people feelings i think, but he goes over some issues and has a great idea for solving the motion sickness problem, which i think should come ...

Thane_ by Level 7
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Resolved! Store Credits 100.00

I received !00 bucks in store credit, Every time I go to use them It keeps prompting me to enter a credit or debit card yada yada. Is it only on certain games I have to use them on or is anything up for grabs.

Not enough software available

Where can we go outside oculus to get software. It's taking way too long to get new content. We've had the same tired boring games for eons and they don't run any sales for the overpriced stuff like Eve Valkyrie. I want to see something new. Are ther...

website orders section still down?

After three days I still cant access my orders on the oculus website. Tell me the site cannot be reached. With some folks getting emails saying their touch order got cancelled I like to make sure I can go look and see the order is still there. Can we...

Oculus Rift Black Out (and orange little light)

Hi EveryoneI have just installed Oculus on Windows 10 (Bootcamp) everything goes ok (Graphic card NVIDIA 780 recognition and validation, USB and HDMI detection...till I reach that part in the set up where I am invited to follow intructions in VR: bas...

Oculus Medium parametric part design?

Will Oculus Medium allow parametric part design?Can we import STL or OBJ or SCAD files into Oculus medium and make parametric changes to the models?Does it allow STL or OBJ file export?

My (mini) Touch review

In case you need one more perspective, I've decided to share my experience demoing the Touch. And to a lesser extent, demoing the CV1 (because I only own the DK2). This is just my little anecdote from a 20 minute Touch demo of The Climb, so don't exp...

m0bius by Level 4
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Oculus runtime 0.8 on 2012 Retina Macbook Pro... with eGPU!!

Yep. :lol: it works! I have managed to scrape together the functionality I lost when the runtime updated from 0.6 to 0.7, introducing the new Direct Driver mode that broke compatibility with most laptops.I have my Rift DK2 connected to a GPU on a PCI...

r00x by Level 5
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How to store my Oculus Rift

Hey everyone, I'm really hopeing to make the initial investment in the Rift last and i was wondering if owners/Oculus staff could critique my storing solution. rift is not in direct sunlight, but i do know i...

velane by Level 2
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Second Sensor?

My room is moderate in size for my rift. I ordered the touch and know it is coming with a sensor. My first sensor is fine where it sits but i'm going to need about 20 feet of cable to wrap the cord around my room assuming it connects with USB. Any id...

Bekatsa by Level 2
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Shameless expression of admiration for this forum

OK so I've recently signed up to Corsair's forum on account of my cooler being on the fritz and getting a slightly slow response to my ticket request and commentsNow I don't visit many forums because it involves reading posts from people....I mean re...

leap motion - poor man's touch emulator

I just got my hands on leap motion controller (ebay ~$23).I plan to use it in alt-space to see how wonderful it feels to have hands in a game.I will 3d print myself a chest plate tonight for mounting the leap motion controller.

Handpass VR? HTC Vive only but I think it's not really realistic as there is zero resistance. You can have totally the wrong foundation and it will still work. Foundation as in foot and body positio...

Best Place to buy Oculus Touch and maybe Rift too

Hello guys,I'm considering buying the whole set. I don't own anything yet. Today I was at Bestbuy store and the Oculus Rift guy told me if we buy the touch there will not just be 2 free games, but there will also be 2 more free games. Dead and Buried...

Resolution and ASW

Hi all. I recently purchased a Rift and I am on the fence about whether I am going to keep it. So, I wanted to increase the Resolution and disable ASW to see if I was any happier with it. However, no matter what I do, I cannot get the Resolution to i...