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ASW... now what? On? Off? How does it work? I don't get it....

Hello Here is what I undertand, about ASW, correct me if I'm wrong:(GC=GraphicCard)ASW ENABLED: 1. If your GC gets it over 45FPS, you'll get 90FPS. 2. If your GC can't reach or fails 45FPS, ASW forces to 45FPS.ASW DISABLED (ctrl-1 switching) 3. You ...

blacky75 by Level 3
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Paypal issue

HiI am trying to buy the Oculus Touch but i constantly getting the message ''There has been a technical error. Try a different payment method'' but I bought the headset with the same Paypal account and now it doesnt work for some reason. Is this a pr...

Cancelled Touch

Sadly with the holiday season, a new baby, an excited 2 year old looking forward to santa coming, I've cancelled (still trying too) my pre-order. Looking forward to hearing the reports 

Techy111 by Level 15
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its just a novelty

Having spent a month using the Rift I can say Its just a novelty at the moment. The graphics are HORRIBLE its uncomfortable your contently having to re adjust it. I don't get sim sickness which is nice but maybe when the fov is 220 degrees and the vi...

Hdmi only

Hey guys I tried searching this up but couldn't find an answer.I am purchasing a metabox p650rs-g laptop for use with the oculus rift and touch. The specs are fine..However I was just wondering if it's possible to run the oculus and shut off the lapt...

Look what Oculus has made me do to my garage a few weeks and a few English pounds on fitting out my garage and creating the VR room.Hope the next 2 weeks go fast and thank you Oculus for giving me the strength to build my first man cave Edit. Got the 120" mi...

VRsteve by Level 5
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The HTC Vive "monopoly" ?

Hey remember back when it was announced that there are several organizations joining the HTC movement? Well here are the first 23 that are joining the Vive X program: Vive X site has been updated ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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My Oculus Touch has shipped!!!

Wednesday I got an email saying my Oculus Touch would ship soon. About an hour after than I got an email from fedex saying a package from Oculus was on its way to me. Then I got an SMS from Fedex saying my package should arrive today!!!This calls for...

zboson by Level 9
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OSVR now available on Steam

OSVR now available on Steam'm not sure exactly what this means or how interesting this is. Does this mean I can use Revive to play Chronos with an OSVR headset? Could I play Elite Dangerous with the HDK2 through SteamV...

zboson by Level 9
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Something wrong with the Oculus website

If I go to the oculus website and am already logged in (due to cookies), when I try to go to "My Orders" I get a redirect error. If I clear the browser history, and have to login first, if I then select My Orders, it works. Then close the browser, go...

oh so easy...

Here's the rub people, I have owned the Rift for roughly 4 monthsWhilst I am not an IT idiot, I am definitely not an IT guru.Today after something like a 3 week break I switched on the Rift and.. yet again, I am faced with a blank HMD, blinking yello...

Black Friday : Logitech steering wheels (UK deal)

Hi all.dont know if this helps any U.K. Rifters looking for steering wheels but currys/PC world:G29 or G920 : £129.99with shifter : £159.99

Where is Isabella Santiago?

I will come to 1 Hacker Way to find her if she's there. Is she there, or is she not there?Are you abusing me?Are you using me?I will extract the truth out of you.It seems highly suspicious given the circumstances and things offered to her from me.Be ...

computer hardware problem help needed

So I accidently pressed the psu switch on the back of the my computer, now my computer doesn't turn on.Instead of the sending it for repairs, is there anything I can do to fix it, like resetting jumpers?

New Releases on Rift and Gear VR for November 10th

New releases for November 10th on Rift and Gear VR! GAMES That Dragon, Cancer: I’m Sorry Guys, It’s Not GoodThis immersive, narrative experience retells a pivotal moment in the Green family’s journey: when they receive news that their 4-year-old son,...

Aerofly FS2 Flight Simulator: Flying Over San Francisco I finally got around to taking a quick flight in Aerofly FS2 Flight Simulator. Overall this was a good experience in VR, but I have to admit that after reading the developers description for the game and ...

Elite Dangerous, not sure how this works

So I've been lurking around the frontier elite vr forums trying to pick up some tips and tricks for the vr experience (setting wise). One thing I saw someone suggest is to set supersampling in game to .65 (I was normally running at 1.0) and to bump r...

Aekero by Level 7
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Are there any Oculus demo stores in Canada ?

Hi Canadian I really wanna try the Rift before buying it , but I couldn't find any demo store anywhere in Winnipeg - Canada .Will Bestbuy Canada demo the Rift , or somewhere else I could try ?Thanks

pvanvu by Level 2
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Oculus Home

For the love of god, if you're going to force your store on me despite it's complete USELESSNESS during actual use of the headset at LEAST let me minimize it to the system tray!

smeezer by Level 2
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