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Done With Oculus

I might stick around if you guys had not required a FB account for this to work. I just bought this Rift S a couple months ago, but I will be selling it immediately after getting my taxes back. I will purchasing a new VR headset not Oculus. I detest ...

ghs22 by Level 4
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Possibly New Controller Design Leaked?

I just saw this on reddit: ( ) No, that's not me, I don't photograph in portrait mode! Or put my face in it and have to blur it out.  (I also don't believe in leaks. But i...

IgqaJlb.jpeg 4wRsRGz.jpeg
kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Pokerstars VR avatar

In pokerstars VR I see people use a yellow head avatar that has mute tape across the mouth, where is that setting located?

Any good VR chairs on the market?

I have the cord on my headset mounted to the celling with a pulleysystem so the cord getting in my way is not a problem. I have been playing smashbox arena every nightfor the past week and thought it would be really nice playing a game like thissitti...

zork2001 by Level 7
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Good Chair for VR

It's time for the really important issues - what chair would you recommend?For the purposes of this discussion I am not looking at any sort of powered or vibrating etc chair.Just a regular swivelly chair but which is very comfy and ideal for longer V...

Ashles by Level 4
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Reaction time and reaction accuracy

Hi, all, I try to use oculus for research purpose.Then, I would like to measure reaction accuracy and reaction time by controllers.I am planning to use Unity. I would like to know what is a good software to measure reaction time and reaction accuracy...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Render Resolution and Oculus Link

I am trying to understand the relationship between the Oculus App render resolution, what Link does with it and what the headset receives. From what I have read so far, increasing the render resolution from its default of 1x improves headset image qu...

Facebook Launches Smart Glasses

Facebook finally reveals their Ray-Ban Stories video, image and phone supported Smart Glasses. Direct competitors to the Snapchat Spectacles2 - let battle commence!


Quill being replaced with Quill By Smoothstep

Quill has been an amazing art tool for Oculus headsets for many years. However things are changing a bit. Ownership of Quill has transferred from Oculus to Smoothstep, the company of Quill's creator Inigo Quilez. The new Quill (called Quill By Smooth...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Oculus Quest 2 Discreet Shipping?

If I order something from the Oculus Store will the box it ships in have the Oculus logo on it or anything that suggests it's from Oculus? I'm living in America if that matters at all.

VR on subscription basis would it be better?

Hypothetical question would a subscription based vr model be better for the oculus quest? I could think of better pricing plan that would actually would work better then pay for title basis. Hear me out, do you play some games only once, but would be...

Does a swivel chair work for most 360 VR games?

I really have problems standing sometimes and I'm now thinking about purchasing a swivel chair for 360 VR. But does 360 VR work using a swivel chair and will I have to alter height or something?

Resolved! Question Re: 256Gig vs 128Gig Models

So... I am looking to purchase one of these Oculus VR devices. My question is: Is there a "performance" advantage to the 256 ghz model vs the 128 ghz model OR... is the difference only in the "storage" capacity to store games? I can't seem to find th...

Set for Classroom use

Greetings! I am a college professor who is applying for a grant to purchase a set of VR headsets for my entire class--so 30 headsets total. I like what I am seeing with Oculus, particularly that it pairs with Google Earth, which is mainly what I want...

Grupo Telegram para Jugadores Hispanos

Bueno para todos los Españoles e Hispanohablantes, acabo de crear un grupo para charlar sobre Realidad Virtual y juntarnos para jugar, animaos a entrar t. me/JugamosVR ponedlo todo junto, un saludo!

The elite strap fiasco

I purchased my elite strap from the beginning. Based on many of them breaking I expected the same. Sure enough one month ago it developed a big crack. I put tape around it to hold it together. I put tape on the unbroken side to reinforce it. I had no...

Buy Oculus!!

Hi all.We are the biggest foodtech in Brazil and we want to buy 20 Oculus devices to start the pilot with Horizon Workrooms, however, it's impossible to deliver the devices in Brazil. Can anybody help me?

syvana1 by Level 2
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Latest Large Space VR Experience

Another example of Artainment about to break onto the scene in Canada, with a VR experience called 'The Infinite' - covering some 25,000sq.,ft., and produced by Felix and Paul Studios, in conjunction with TIME magazine. The fully immersive VR experie...

I'm bored

When I think of the oculus it reminds me of a remake but not copyrighted of the movie ready player one with the oases

Oculus says update my USb drivers

BẠN ĐÃ TỪNG NGHE ĐẾN PHƯƠNG PHÁP DÙNG NGHỆ ĐEN TRỊ NÁM CHƯA?Nghệ luôn là một bài thuốc quý trong việc điều trị một số bệnh trong y học cổ truyền cũng như trong các nghiên cứu khoa học khác,… Nghệ là loại cây thực vật thuộc họ gừng. Như chúng ta chỉ t...

Elder Scrolls VI speculation

It was confirmed yesterday that the next Elder Scrolls Game (VI) will in fact be an XBox exclusive. This isn't too surprising considering that Microsoft closed its acquisition of ZeniMax (the parent company to Bethesda) recently.

Zenbane by Level 15
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