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Q3 + Q2 games

Hi, new to this forum, couple questions: when is the estimated release date for Quest 3?What are some new good games for Quest 2? Thanks, rh

Resolved! Why all the secrecy?

Why all the secrecy about the rerelease of the Quest 2. It's been a month and supposedly all that was being done was adding a silicone shield. Just give us a date and we will wait patiently.

Resolved! Facebook Remote Work VR App Cross Platform to hear that this remote working application will be cross platform, so that PC, mobileVR and Standalone will be able to conne...


Star Trek Bridge Crew

I really loved this game. What happened? Where are we now? I feel slighted because I paid for it, and now, while it seems there are more ppl playing it, more often and for reasons unbeknownst to me, i get kicked from most lobbies. Then when i dont ge...

email ....fake or not

Hi all, I have received this email supposedly from Oculus. Can anyone tell me if it is legit or not, many thanks in advance. Here`s the email address and the email. Quest 2 Silicone Cover order #361134xxxxxx744. We are unable ...

Bare menu for client presentations

Hello there. I am using Quest for several client presentations. I am very interested in finding out how I could possibly customize the menu to reduce the push suggestions or just have the browser open on startup. I would like my clients to get to my ...

azilker by Level 2
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Resolved! Linking two headsets together with one user

Hello,I am paralysed from the shoulders down and am unable to move my arms and hands.Is it possible to link two VR headsets together, with one headset being worn by someone using the controls in the game and the other headset worn by myself watching ...

I guess I'm just a bitter old man.

I just heard prices of the Nvidia 3000 series are going down faster than anywhere else in Germany. Meaning closer to the list price where it should be anyhow. Even before the pandemic etc. we had supply problems. If this is the way it's going to be t...

New Organic Cotton VR Cover & Leather VR Cover

We had the organic cotton bamboo Oculus Rift DK1 / DK2 VR Cover already a few months ago and are happy to have them back. We also offer organic Gear VR Cover versions that work for both Note 4 and Galaxy S6 Gear VRs now. If you look for a hygiene sol...

vrcover by Level 3
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Just came to ask.

Why has no one started a class action against Facebook for systematic and aggressive distribution practices designed solely to render older products obsolete.No one expects facebook to support older devices, but when they refuse to provide offline in...

Uploading gameplay to FB Group

Does the Quest 2 continue to upload to a FB group even after I’ve turned it off but initiated upload before doing so? And how long would it typically take to see it pop up in the group?Curious to see if anyone knows. TIA!

My First Impressions of the Oculus Rift

First I have to say, I'm not quite as impressed as I thought I would be. However, I had been looking at everything about the Rift so I was quite hyped about it. It doesn't mean that I don't like it so far though.When I put them on, I thought for myse...

KaTsuoo1 by Level 3
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Quest Owners Find Way Round Ban Have to state some surprise that the banning issue was such a big issue. Had been lead to believe originally that this was not an issue and only a few had been blocked from ...


How and when did you get into vr?

Maybe it just me but I think it would be interesting to hear about when you first thought about vr and how you got into it. For me it started around the days of the dinosaurs. I asked my brother about 45 years ago who is a computor tech, With the pow...


The PokerStars Gameroom is completely OVERRUN WITH CHILDREN! CURSING, GETTING UP IN PEOPLES FACES, BULLYING,Why is there no policing of these rooms? There in the Lobby, the rooms, EVERYWHERE, YOU CANT ENJOY PLAYING AND GETTING THE VR EXPERIENCE WITH ...

Ps2 vr specs revealed!

A huge closed door submit took place for psvr developers and the link below tells of the specs coming out. It was also mentioned that many of the triple x ps games may have a vr option. If that happens it may be tough for me to play other things on m...

Onward to the VR Metaverse!

Just wondering how the VR Metaverse could work?At the moment we have disparate game engines, 3D api's and platforms, file formats and code bases.The closest we have to a metaverse is the internet, disparate pages and server technologies all working w...

Arowx by Level 3
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