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Movie Meta-data standard

I think there are a lot of confusion about the "Movie Meta-data" of photo/video VR files, from both side of content-creator and player-developers.------------------------------------------------A lot of different specs--------------------------------...

Clodo by Protege
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Do I need to remove the batteries to power off Touch?

Last week I changed my Touch controllers batteries, because they ran out. This week I haven't used it at all, but today as soon I grabbed them to play a little bit of Bullet Train, the batteries were empty again. What?! I didn't use them the whole we...

Mr_Wilde by Heroic Explorer
  • 6 replies
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My small review of Cosmic Trip (Early Access - Oculus Touch)

Thanks to my generous friend, I've got a key of the latest Cosmic Trip build that was used at Connect 3. I've had the chance to play it few months ago on the HTC Vive at some VR event, and I was impressed by the quality already, so I was really happy...

Mr_Wilde by Heroic Explorer
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What are you excited for with touch?

I know there's some sort of painting program, and there are a couple games that come with it, but is there anything that screams "wow I've got to have them!" other than the fact that it provides another level of immersion?I'm on the fence right now, ...

Aekero by Heroic Explorer
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how to stop hackers, a drm idea for oculus

a lot of game hackers use the memory address of in game actions that the character can either do or have happen to them in the memory address for action A, one memory address for action B.then by finding those memory addresses, the hacker ca...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Kickstarter backer - no touch reservation

I supported Oculus through kickstarter, and purchased a DK2 as well. I was excited and happy to get my CV1 for being a loyal Oculus supporter. When Oculus delivered the CV1, they said that my place in line with the touch was RESERVED:"We've reserved ...

jaimi by Expert Protege
  • 12 replies
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The Oculus Rift for industry and science

I work in private scientific research. Most of our projects are for oil companies. We have many years of experience in building 3D applications long before there were big commercial engines for this. In fact we have a VR room using HMDs we built for ...

zboson by Superstar
  • 12 replies
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Is life the Matrix? life a computer simulation? Elon Musk seems to think so. Personally I think he is smoking something funny. The laws of physics are not necessarily complicated t...

zboson by Superstar
  • 52 replies
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Configure oculus to my graphics card?? Help

Newbie question I know games have graphic settings but is there someplace I need to go inside the oculus app to configure everything to run optimal with my setup? Thanks in advance

wizzzard by Honored Guest
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how to rerun demo

How do i rerun demo after installation I cant find it anywhere what is it called too?

Euthanize by Honored Guest
  • 1 replies
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couple of touch questions.. sorry if covered already

1) the 2 free games, VR sports and The unspoken (i think they are the only 2 freebies)Are these time limited freebies like EVE V or are they permanent like lucky's tale?2) if we buy touch, and set for full room, will all vive VR motion games work on ...

dont judge me lol..need help

So, the wife loves the Rift. Is there a way to get youtube 360 videos onto the rift? I saw some cool pinguin experience things, and I know she would dig it. anyone know?

When will we have official ASW implementation?

So that we don't have to edit the registry ourselves and attempt to get it working. I've tried to get it working and have been successful but now it doesn't appear to be working. I've decided just to wait until we have official implementation and I'm...

Jay535 by Protege
  • 7 replies
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Great support from oculus

So oculus installed an update on my Note 7 that essentially crippled gear vr with the note 7. No warning, no explanation nada. So now companies can reach over the internet and disable products with relative impunity. So when my car fails to start, my...

rajdarge by Honored Guest
  • 15 replies
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