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Why all te negativity about the rift? (vs Vive)

Hello everyone,Since my budget is going to be reserved for a VR headset next month, I did some research (like all of you probably have done  ) for HTC vive vs Oculus Rift. From what I have seen from most of the reviews, the rift got burned down as a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Is my Note 4 bricked?

I've kept kit kat on my note 4 for all the obvious reasons. Yesterday, for some unexplained reason, it updated. Now the phone starts up, then shuts off EVERY time. I use my note 4 specifically for the innovator edition. I have a 5, and consumer versi...

Demo @ Bestbuy

Sad day today. I drove an hour to get to a BestBuy to try out Oculus Rift. Setup the appointment, showed up 30 min. early, and nobody's home. So I schedule another and wait, for a total of 2 hours and go eat and come back and still nobody from 1500-1...

Rift owner 3 months giving vr analysis

I love my rift! I wanted vr all my life. I'm 63. Vr will make it but ar will be bigger. Here why: Most people that have dreamed about having vr probably will accept easily the limits of its current technology. My son is 29. He said it's ok but is cur...

inovator by Level 12
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Is the future of VR console?

Hmm after all the issues with the sensor after update 1.7 I1st reported on the 12th, Oculus finally have a fix forthe issue on the 29th. This got me to wondering how difficult it must be to supportan advance piece of kit with so many moving parts (fi...

TC1999 by Level 5
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Oculus Touch Development Kit unboxing

Looks like the Touch controllers are pretty much good to go... right down to the packaging. Reckon we'll see Touch orders open up sooner than some of us may think!Credit: XplosivduX

Assetto Corsa Help

I have a logitech G27 and CV1 and the lastest steam update, how do I map Ctrl-space to a button on the wheel and how do I start playing when all I can see is the curved menu? do I still need a keyboard and mouse or can I do it all from the wheel? I h...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Using HTV Vive only software on Rift

There are plenty of games on Steam that list only Vive support. As the Vive uses OpenVR how come they don't work on the Rift? Is It possibly to get them to work, it seems a shame we getting HMD specific games especially as the Vive has software to al...

Resolved! Anyone get confirmation for OC3?

I submitted my application for Oculus Connect 3 several weeks ago, and the website says we'll get a response by end of August, but it's now September 5th, that September 9th deadline for the early bird discount is fast approaching, and I haven't reci...

How to connect 360 Tour to the Oculus rift

Hi Guys. I'm new here and i would appreciate your help. I have created 360 tour for house. with easy pano: krpano: one is working for cardboard. but client wants to connect this presentat...

Developer Showcase - CastleStorm VR Tips & Tricks

CastleStorm VR is out now on both Rift and Gear VR. Continuing our Developer Showcase week, the good folks at Zen Studios have produced a Tips and Tricks guide to help players get started. CastleStorm VR Strategies• One of your main tools for attack ...

New Releases on Rift and Gear VR for September 1st

There's a lot available this week for both Rift and Gear VR! tl;drRiftDamaged CoreSolitaire VR by TrippZEN SPLASH VRSDV VR ExperienceBallancedGear VRHypercadeWrath of LokiMr Cat’s AdventureCityVRTo the Homeland360 Photos Featured Destination - Venice...


I am trying to view 3d blu ray on bigscreen all I get is a black screen audio is fine I have all the right gear a external blu ray writer can see movie on my monitor but can't view in big screen or vd please advise

Anybody got into Alpha of 'V'? [+first impression]

I signed up for the alpha (or beta) of the dashboard 'V' after reading about it on roadtovr. Yesterday the alpha invite came via mail. I wasn't able to test it yet but I will as soon as I get home.Here's the homepage of the project

Kuraika by Level 5
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Any word on NextVR ???

After years of following, I finally purchased my Rift this week. Now, I'm not much of a gamer at all and am more interested in VR movies, live music and sports. NextVR seems like such an awesome tool available on the GEAR, it was purchased and is bei...

Facts vs Fiction: Cybersickness

The topic of "motion sickness" has been addressed at great length on this forum. However, those discussions are impressively scrambled. People try to provide definitions for motion sickness, from Dictionary entries to medical journals. Some people tr...

Zenbane by Level 15
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360 Video

Easy question - but does Oculus Rift (not Gear VR) fully support 360 video? And what is the process like to access 360 videos? Can you use YouTube? I found out that the Vive does not, so I figured I'd ask.Thanks.

laptop ready rift

hey found this interesting, looks like well have ability to use rift on laptops very soon 