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Oculus Quest 3 and PSVR 2 coming in 2022

Looks like we have some reliable news from a reliable source: The supply chain for Quest's lenses. Important Take-Aways:Both Facebook and Sony's next-generation VR headsets will launch in 2022, based on supply chain orders for lenses.These new lenses...

Zenbane by Level 15
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So, My oculus has been having trouble tracking my controllers lately and I haven't been able to fix it. My batteries meet the requirements for oculus and I have good lighting in my general play space. it happens quite often. every 30 seconds to a min...

Factory reset

If I factory reset will I lose all my games? Will it delete my account? Or will I just lose progress

Random Return

I made a request to return my quest controller and get a replacement, and it all went well, now a few weeks later, they send me an unrelated email about replacing "Your Oculus Product", and I never made any other return requests. Why did it authorize...

Oculus Support is a Joke

I've been in an ongoing "support" ticket for almost a month now (request 2471690) and even after "escalated" not only has my problem not been resolved but the support tech just keeps answering with the same response and asking the same questions when...

Valve Knuckles + Oculus Quest (1 & 2)

Last month a video was posted showing exactly how to pair the Knuckles with the Oculus Quest. It should work with both Quest 1 and 2. The benefit here is having the awesome power of a wireless HMD coupled with Lighthouse Tracking. You will need Open ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Rift S + Guest 2

Hi.I have Rift s and now i bougt guest 2.I was wondering if i can use both headsets and play games i already bought on oculus and steam? And do i have to link my oculus account to my facebook account? Or can i have differet account but still play sam...

pbv77 by Level 2
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Becoming a reseller

Hi,I own a company selling VR products and would like to become a reseller for Oculus. Does anyone know how to go about this? I've already contacted a few times but haven't gotten a response.Thanks!

which headset is most suitable ?

I am keen to get a VR headset so I can do “virtual tours” BUT I have Progressive MS and can’t walk at all or use my left arm/hand. I am looking to find out if there is a VR device that I could use with one hand and while sitting down to get 360° view...

Gift of a game I already have

Hello to all, I received a game as a gift but I already have it.I could not find any information on what I can do as I am worried to redeem the gift. What should I do? Wait for the date to expire and my friend to get a refund? Thank you in advance! C...


Mis-advertisement Well, I think we finally have a case of mis-advertisement with Facebook, still selling Oculus Quest 2 and other products and telling you how good it is to be able to stream live with your friends on FB.Finally, I get a message sayin...

Where is Facebook Horizon

Does anyone have any news on the Facebook Horizon project?It looked really promising a year ago, and I signed up for the closed Beta, but haven't heard a thing since then. Even the official page still only has the same announcement videos, on it with...

Quest 2 Propels VR Headset Usage On Steam To All-Time-High

Insightful new article posted by Heaney, In May 2.31% of Steam gamers used a virtual reality headset, a new all-time-high. The market share landscape hasn’t much changed since last month. Facebook continues to hold roughly 60%, while HTC & Valve hold...

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Zenbane by Level 15
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How to redeem gift if you tried several times

Hello, my friend bought 2 games as a gift and when I got it one of the game redeemed and installed perfectly but another game isn't even visible. I tried several times to redeem gift but it dosn't work. When I press in email "redeem gift" then come t...

Run Your Own Arcade on a Quest!

Launch of a brand new experience on SteamVR that will allow players to interact with virtual creations of real amusement games, and also collect, layout and operate their own arcade populated with these games and shared with other players.Here is a a...


Resolved! MAX resolution of 360 stereo mp4

HelloI am making a 3 minute art piece in stereo 360 top/bottom format. Its for the Oculus Rift and its my first experience of this world. I would like to know the maximum resolution that I can play back inside the Rift. My empirical experiments sugge...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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new to quest

i try to use my googles but i fi8nd i need some other cables like zoolo cable but dont know where to get the cabels for mu goggle

Oculus PCVR gets full 120hz today

Posted by Zuckerberg just 25 minutes ago: Looking forward to trying this out this evening! Also note, regarding any rumors that Oculus PCVR is dead... this news has over 21,000 Likes and over 16,000 comments.

Zenbane by Level 15
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Elite strap with battery

Can anyone help me i wanna get a oculus quest 2 elite strap and carrying case can you help me to keep it long lasting and won't break or get damaged thanks.

Question to those who have an understanding of electronics

This may seem like a dumb question but I have an inkling of bear knowledge on how electronics can work. I know when wires don't make direct contact with each other they can burn the air so to speak and plastic near the contacts. So my question is by ...

aguy10 by Level 7
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