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Oculus Touch Packaging Images

Boxes look rather snazzy in keeping with the Rift design. These are developer versions so might differ from the consumer version but I doubt it. Also, they are shipping out multiple units to developers which could be viewed as encouraging that they h...


Has anyone tried this game yet?It has oculus tag on its store page.

Any VR roller-coasters out there?

Hi CommunitySo, mum tried the Rift over the weekend (im taking it on Tour at the moment  ) ... much to her not wanting to ... she yelled out "You are such a Hitler" when the T-Rex came close to her and I told her to keep the headset on. So ...being ...

LZoltowski by Volunteer Moderator
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Eyes dialated

I went in for an eye check up and they dialated my eyes, I cant see anything close up. Cant read a single thing on my cell phone. I decided to see how bad it would be in the rift and to my amazement, I can see everything perfect! I am on Big Screen n...

Overview of CV1 vs Vive polls

There has been so much discussion and guesswork about how the CV1 was selling compared to the Vive. I thought id try to gather up various poll results and other indicators around the web. You can see what i dug up below. All of them have various bias...

ziphnor by Level 5
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Oculus DK2 on HP zBook G2 15" w Quadro K2100M

Hi - can anyone confirm or not this is a known working setup and if so what is their specific configuration.The zBook is running Nvidia v368.39 and I've followed instructions to set the graphics pipeline to use this chipset.

Register my OR CV1

Hi,i saw in some setup-videos that i can automaticly register the OR CV1.I have one question:I orderd it as a "guest".When i now use the register-thing in the setup, where is the OR registerd?Is it registered in my (this) user-account (which uses a o...

Australia , Ordered 7th Jan, still waiting

God Im glad i got a vive. Should I cancel. Ive been thinking about it for awhile. The vive plays most of the oculus store stuff as ive also got a dk2 ive been using before the vive. I think the oculus might be better because the vive is so heavy and ...

System requirements

Hi, I have desktop PC with AMD Phenom II X6 1055T processor 2.8 GHz 6 GB RAM 64bit system and Laptop with i3 CPU 2.27 GHz 64bit 4GB RAM both with Windows 7 64bit OS I have been unable to install the software. I get a notice that my system does not me...

gdav by Level 2
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rift headphones broken

dear oculus community - I just got my rift yesterday and when I put it on today for another mind blowing experience the left headphone felt loose so on inspection it seems the two tiny wires that were connected to 3 silver metal looking rods that loo...

Does screen resolution affect Oculus performance?

Ok bear with me here!Obviously my oculus is running 2 screens, each one is 1200 x 1080 . . . . .that's fine.Often when i'm in the rift though, the game may be showing a full screen representation of what i;m seeing. I can change the resolution of tha...

Hey Oculus- What about Enterprise and Government markets!

Hello Oculus fans,Oculus seems to believe that the consumer market is the only one that exists!Maybe they should think of the Enterprise and Government Markets too? And offer some support that way. Trying to build a consumer market with a minimum $10...

when will rift be available to other countries?

hey im in israel and have been interested in rift for a long time but cant get my hands on it because they dont ship to here  i dont think im alone in the frustration since they dont ship to many other countries as well which isnt too fair.. when wi...

Tried this in support - perhaps here might be better.

A couple of times today whilst I was playing Elite Dangerous, I heard the Windows 10 USB connected/disconnected sound and Oculus Home appeared on my Rift. When I looked Elite was still playing on my PC screen. Oculus Home reported that the headset ha...

PaulusW by Level 3
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VR A2 Graphics Project

For my A-level graphic design course, I have decided to design a machine to make VR more immersive, by invoking certain sensations, such as falling, motion etc. I require a client, someone who knows enough about the VR and gaming market (even experie...

Resolved! DK2 built in Orientation sensor drifting

Hi,I am using DK2 with Oculus Home 1.3, without the external camera sensor.I read that the external camera sensor would track position but also help with tracking orientation.But I assume even without the camera sensor, DK2's built in gyro and mageto...


I need a new computer chair and have been eye balling the roto vr chair....only thing that is stopping me at the moment from ordering is the price, with all the options added onto the chair (which I feel you need for this type of chair) the all in pr...

DLC1 by Level 5
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Kickstarter backers

Hello, does anyone here that was a backer from kickstart and filled the survey at the time they asked for still didn't received your CV1? or its just me?

CHE by Level 3
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Investment Opportunities for VR/AR Startups and Developers

Hello,InvestVR is a company that represents a group of investors who are committed and interesting in funding VR and AR projects.We are currently open to new submissions through our website, and wish to speak to talented developers...

Oculus Touch and preorder update...?

Just got an email saying all pre-orders have been shipped and that new orders will ship within 2-4 business days. Also looks like we won't get any update on the touch controllers until October 5-7th as that'll be their Oculus Conn3ct (or OC3 as they ...

TazX14 by Level 4
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